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The first few weeks of a relationship determines if the relationship will make head ways or not .

Ask yourself these questions 

What kind of impression did I make on our first date?

This matters a great deal the kind of inpression you made, did you show your intriguing side or you acted  weird ?what you wore on ur first date, is something we cannot miss he’ll look at you and ask himself if you are someone he can actually stay attracted to for a long period of time and if no, he’ll probably keep calling not to come off as rude and then little by little  he’ll just stop calling. 

Did u come too strong on him?

You probably showed too much interest ,mind you there are two people in the relationship and for it to work the two people have to be in it, which means two people have to call ,and also text ,when you come off too strong, calling Everytime, texting everything, he’ll feel choked .don’t overdo it, give him some space get something doing ,so you don’t become a stalker trust me it’s not cute. go to movies with your friends do what you love , and if he likes you I assure you it will work out .

Sadly, we cannot always  get everything we want if he doesn’t want you for you, let him go someone better will come, let the relationship die a natural death. it’s a new relationship after all ,you are just getting to know him. So don’t sweat it life is too short to fall in love with people who don’t want us.

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