Wednesday Update on Twist Of Fate 13th February 2019

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Pragya thanks Ankit and asks him not to tell anyone, and tells that she will get him good acting assignment. Pragya comes inside. Kids think her as Munni. Pragya says she is her friend. Kids asks where is Munni? Pragya says first they have to get out from there. Chutka says Pinky is outside. Chutki says they shall listen to Pragya Maasi.
Dadi, Dasi, Abhi and others have tea. Purab calls Abhi and asks who is with him. Abhi asks shall I give call to Disha. Purab asks him to come to Police station. Abhi lies that he called him at his friend’s place. Pinky comes there and asks who is she? Pragya says Police came. Pinky keeps knife on Chutka’s neck. Pragya asks him to leave him. He asks Chutki to tie her hands and asks Pragya why she wants to take the kids. Pragya says she can’t tell. Pinky hurts Chutka. Chutki says she is Pragya maasi. Pinky appreciates himself for making Pragya captive and says he will call Raj and get bonus from money. Pragya asks him not to call Raj.

Pragya asking Pinky not to harm the kids. Pinky says he has his phone outside, and says he will call Raj and return. Pragya thinks how to save kids and herself. Sarla tells Beeji that the milk fell down as she thought about Pragya. Beeji asks her to call Pragya and talk to her. Sarla senses she is in danger. Beeji says Pragya has to take care of everyone and Abhi and asks her not to disturb her. Sarla says you asked me to call her, and then saying I am disturbing them. Beeji says you are born wrongly and says you would had born as my daughter. She says she will call Abhi with her phone. Aaliya thanks the beautician after she do Munni’s make up. She thinks how to take her inside Mehra Mansion.
Aaliya calls on landline number. Mitali says who are you? Aaliya says
you don’t recognize my voice. Mitali says I don’t know you. Aaliya gives her intro and asks where is Munni? Mitali says she is going out. Aaliya says I want to know Lawyer Mr. Bhandari will come. Mitali says he is coming at 6 pm. Tanu comes and asks if Munni is ready. Mitali says if she is with you then why did you call. Aaliya says she is asking you about her. Mitali ends the call. Tanu says she will go and check Munni. She comes to Munni and says you are looking as Pragya. She says once you do the work, I will get you meet the kids. Munni thinks Pragya will save her kids. She worries for Pragya and asks God to help her and save the kids.
Pinky tells Pragya that his phone is broken, and he can’t show pics to Raj, but can call him. He asks what is her last wish. Pragya calls him bhaiyya and says she knows that even though he looks stone hearted, but have a soft corner for kids. She says you would remember your kids seeing them. Pinky says I am not yet married. Pragya emotionally blackmails him and says she can’t see their pain and that’s why came to rescue them. She asks if you can see your kids kept captive, and says this world make you stone hearted.

Pinky gets emotional and says world have made this, by calling me Kalu else I would have been married and have kids. He says he is betrayed by people many times. Pragya signs Chutka. Chutka hits on his head and he faints. Pragya asks chutki to open the rope and free her hands

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