Wednesday Update On This Is Fate 13th February 2019

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Karan calls Preeta a dumbo who alert Sherlin as well. The fellow prisoners call that girlfriends never listen. Karan denies her being his girlfriend and asks Shrishti about Preeta. Shrishti cries that Preeta went home, and will ever get scolded by Maa. Karan tells Shrishti to go home, even the environment isn’t good here.
Sarla tells Bee ji that Kareena called them names out of her hatred. Preeta returns home, and tells Sarla they couldn’t find the CCTV footage. Sarla tells Preeta that no one would have trusted her in Luthra house anyway. She scolds Preeta why she did all this. Bee ji says the all know about Sherlin’s reality. Sarla says she could have shared with her about Sherlin. Preeta says she spot Sherlin there by herself. Sarla insists she isn’t a spy. Did she even realize
that Karan is in jail because of her? Preeta behaved really insensibly this time. Karan’s career is at stake and only because of Preeta. Preeta apologizes Sarla, but Sarla jerks her away and says she needs to think a way to get Karan out. Preeta cries hugging Dadi and curses herself being responsible for everyone’s worry.

Sherlin finds her room in dark and wonders if Prithvi didn’t arrive before her. Prithvi welcomes her by sprinkle of rose petals from the fan and hugs her. He appreciates Sherlin’s acting, and narrates her about bribing the Club Security officer. There was a bell at the door, Prithvi says he ordered Champaign. Sherlin goes out with her purse to get the order, but it was Rakhi and Rishab. They inquire if Sherlin was going somewhere? Sherlin says she was alone and disturbed because of all the events so decided to go out. Sherlin invites them inside, and was worried what if Prithvi comes out of the room. Prithvi decides to go outside and spots Rishab and Rakhi. Rakhi apologizes Sherlin from herself and her family. Rishab tells Rakhi it’s ok, but Rakhi says it wasn’t deliberate. Sherlin requests her not to repeat all this. She never dreamt of any such thing, but there are misunderstandings between families. It was Preeta who blamed her. She was also hurt because of Rishab, every girl wish her fiancé trusts her. Sherlin watches Prithvi peek through the door and signals him to go away and continues that she is happy to not have wasted the bills. Rakhi insists on Rishab who finally says a sorry. Sherlin cheers and goes to get water. There was a bell at the door, Rakhi sends Rishab to open the door. The delivery boy hands him a Champaign bottle. Rishab wonders what’s Sherlin celebrating that she ordered Champaign bottle.
In the jail, Karan was disturbed about Preeta’s suffering. He thinks he was so careless that someone stuffed his pockets with the drugs, and Preeta doesn’t deserve the blame. He thinks Sherlin blamed Preeta being cunning, and wish he was outside. The other prisoners ask if it’s his first chance of love, and insists they can’t be betrayed. No matter he denies but they can sense his concern for both the sisters. Karan says they talk so much about her that he can see her everywhere now. Preeta comes to the jail, Karan laughs that he has actually begun to see her now. Preeta complains that he is enjoying in there. Karan comes to apologize Preeta as she must be really hurt. Preeta says she was only worried to get him out and here, he is taking comedy classes. Preeta says she brought Besan Ke Laddu. Karan says he can’t have them, he only takes sweet when sad; they work as an energy booster but right now the energy supply is sufficient. Preeta insists on him to have a bite. Karan hold her hand and asks if she felt really bad when blamed by everyone? Preeta asks if he knows? Karan says he is also sad because of this. Preeta says she is helpless, and when Karan’s isn’t around the things don’t get better again.

She says she told everyone about Sherlin’s boyfriend; but Sherlin brought some proofs and she was proven a liar. Karan promises to make everyone apologize Preeta once released. Preeta cries blaming herself, its because of her that Karan is in jail. Karan cups her face in his hands to cheer her up.

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