Wednesday Update On The Promise 10th October 2018

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Candy Tv Wednesday Update On The Promise 10th October 2018
The Promise 

Pia is gonna be shifted to the Mental Asylum and Jigyasa is arrested. Raashi and Ranvir hug, you know his mother went. A servant comes and takes Pia away.. Rohna nahin rohna plays and Jai thinks of the kids one side and Bani the other, Atharva comes to Jai and Krishna goes to Bani..

Karuna is getting a low down at the police station about this strict officer who says she just hits her person and they speak. Karuna says I am not a criminal, the officer then gets told the criminal is someone else, Jigyasa.

They go to take the jewels and Karuna says i will take them, Karuna says i will take care of these afterall your not going to get any of the property. Karuna then says why did you lie about the children kidnapping and asks where did you hide the money, i will take my half. Karuna then says ‘You deserve this’. Jigyasa is told to get up for her photos, Jigyasa number is 420. Karuna then says i will leave you as I Am usually with the winning team, Jigyasa holds her arm. Pia getting up in a room and trying to reach for water.. Bani comes in and helps her out. Rano enters and says dont cry for a person who gave you tears, the people have come to take her to the Mental Asylum let her go. Pia is lead out the Walia Mansion hit.

Pia grabs Bani’s hand, Bani then pulls her hand away from hers. Bani says take her away and she is wheeled off. Daadi is crying saying what sort of name does this household have? Jigyasa killed the children and cries more.. Ranvir and Rashi come down with bags in their hand.. Jai asks where are u going.. and why? Ranvir say we are going to be recognised as killers children.

Jai says leaving wont change relationships, she was my sister, but that doesnt change facts. Jai says i have been hurt alot and then says so what if i was hurt by my wife and sister, I am living with it, should i leave? I should be apologising but Bani gave me dohka i cant leave. Bani tells meera to go to Jai as he is hurt Bani picks up the gloves and ring and rohna plays in the background and they remember the time the children time And then Bani thinks of the time Jai kicked her out the house and then days episode with Jigyasa, how she confessed. She remembers all what Jigs said, ‘yeh kya hain jai bhaiya’. Meera enters Jai’s room, she touches his shoulder and says with what hurt you have then let it out, otherwise it would be hard to go on. Jai says how? everytime i am hurt at the same place, i never thought Jigyasa would be that mean to my children. Bani thinks at the time she was with Jigyasa the time the kids were kidnapped so her plan would fail if the kids were kidnapped and then thinks she was only planning to make Jai see Daksh and her together.

Then the time Bani was kicked out is seen, Bani says the kidnappers killed the children, Jigyasa cant be involved. Jai says why does this happen to me and hugs meera. Bani walks in on them hugging and walks out again. Meera comes out and follows Bani and Bani apologies and then says Jigyasa must be saving someone els Bani says you can tell by her face that she had seen the gloves for the first time.. she had never seen the items and tells her at that time she only wanted Jai to see her and Daksh together nothing about the children and then says we have to tell Jai. Meera says we cant, he would not belive us, he is not in the frame of mind. Bani is adament to tell jai. A warden tells jigyasa that someone has come to meet her. Jigyasa says you must be happy, Bani asks why did you do it? Jigyasa then slowly says i wanted Jai to hate you and i wanted the property. I had three aims in life, to separate you and jai, get the property for myself and to hate you and says i HATE you.. hate the look of you.

I am here in jail leave me alone. Bani then speaks saying i cant belive you, how could you attack your own blood? i feel ashamed talking to you, this is little punishment.. you hurt the brother that loved you Jigyasa smirks..

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