Sid tells Kesar not to leave and to give him one more chance to talk to DD. Kesar say he knows DD, and once she has made a final decision, she won’t go back on it.

Roshni hugs him. Kesar says DD once used him against them and he’s sorry.

Sid begs him not to bring it up as it’s all in the past and forgiven. Kesar thanks Roshni for begging DD not to hand him over to the Police.

Resham hugs them and tells Pratima to keep the family together even when people laugh at her, she should always be happy. They give the final hugs. Kesar says hope DD realizes that I am her obedient brother-in-law, and not a thief.

Roshni and everyone start crying. Resham tells Sid to keep the family happy, and leaves with Kesar. DD watches from the balcony upstairs. She is also in tears.

In the morning, at the breakfast table, Grandmother and Mona are unable to touch their food. Roshni begs them to eat. Mona walks away from the table. Samaira is not bothered, she eats her food while talking on the phone.

Roshni goes to the kitchen and asks the help to make something else (khichdi) for her Grandmother. Samaira enters and tells the Maid to make something for her (Sandwich) and not something (Oily paranthas) that will make her as fat as Resham!

Roshni sees her arrogancy, and reminisces what Resham said about Samaira being aware that the Salesman sold her fake jewelry. Roshni asks the Maid if a Salesman came to the house? The Maid says he came to see Resham, and Samaira was with them.

Roshni goes to Samaira and accuses her of knowing very well Resham was telling the truth, but still wanted her to leave the house. Samaira says Resham compared herself to her, so it’s good riddance that she has left the house!

Roshni says Resham was wrong in comparing herself with Samaira, because Resham is better than her; Samaira is a beggar. Samaira says Roshni and her husband are also beggars!

Grandmother cautions Samaira about insulting Sid! Roshni says this is her Mother’s house so she, her husband and her Children can live in it! Samaira sees Mona entering the Kitchen and changes her tune. She asks Roshni why she got Aunt Resham get kicked out of the house?

Roshni is confused at her change in behaviour. Samaira says Roshni can have her and her husband kicked out too just as she got uncle Bablu kicked out the other time. She says Sid is the one who is a fraud.

Roshni gets upset and slaps Samaira. Mona asks Roshni why she is slapping her daughter in front of her!

Roshni asks her if she didn’t hear what Samaira said? Mona says she heard everything and it’s obvious Roshni doesn’t want them to stay in the house!

Grandmother asks Mona to listen to the whole story first. Mona asks her not to utter anything and walks away with Samaira. Roshni tries to stop her, but she couldn’t.

Grandmother asks Roshni to calm down and says Mona is irked over kicking her brother out, soon everything will be alright.

At the Office, Rajveer introduces a Man, Mr. Singh, to DD and says he’s a big Dubai jewelry supplier and can help her take the jewelry to their Client in such a short notice.

DD remembers Gafur and thinks he’s the only one that can do such a job in very little time, but he’s in jail. She tells Rajveer since he’s recommending his friend, she can trust him. Rajveer says he will go to Dubai himself and get the stones.

Sid comes to Office and sees Rajveer and his Supplier friend. Sid tells Bablu that there is something wrong; all the problems happening are connected, and that someone known is behind all this, and he has to find out.

Sid goes to Rajveer and says they have to be very careful now. He asks if he is sure about the Man he brought to DD? Rajveer says he knows how to run a business! Sid says he’s only worried about his family’s safety.

Rajveer says he has done business with him before in Dubai and he’s trustable. Rajveer goes aside to call Garfur and arrange to have a meeting with him today.

Sid tells Kesar that someone is behind all this. He says he has to go now as Rajveer has found a new Supplier and says when he couldn’t get insurance for his own business and save it, how will he protect DD’s business? Kesar thanks him for letting him stay in his Chawl. Sid says it’s his home and he can stay whenever he likes.

Roshni sadly reminisces Mona saying she does not want her and her daughter to stay here, so she will move out. She tells Sid that Mona who bought her up since childhood is doubting her and gets sad. He cheers her up and brings her out to a roadside stall to feed her pani puri. He sees Rajveer talking to Ghafoor.

Rajveer tells Ghafoor that Sid will create problem. Ghafoor says he is just DD’s puppet and couldn’t do anything when we trapped him, but his main target should be DD. Rajveer smiles.

Sid walks towards Rajveer, but clashes with a balloon vendor who apologizes to him. Rajveer walks by then. Balloon vendor clashes wit Ghafoor by mistake and apologizes, but Ghafoor starts scolding him. Sid intervenes, and Ghafoor leaves from there.

Sid thinks why was that Man looking at him wierdly? Roshni says forget that and takes him from there.

Roshni sees Mona ignoring her and gets sad. Sid feeds her sweet curd. She asks why? He says she is going to apologize to Mona. Roshni asks why should she? He says she did not do any mistake, but she has to do it to calm Mona down. She gets into Mona’s room. Mona asks why is she here?

Roshni apologizes to her. She says she does not have to. Roshni says she brought her up and She’s like her Mother.

She does sit ups and apologizes repeatedly. Mona forgives and hugs her. Roshni gets happy. Sid gets happy seeing them united.

Sid meets Bablu and gets passport endorsed to go to Dubai and check the truth about the Supplier. Bablu says he is feeling bad for Resham and Kesar.

Sid says how will he convince DD to get them back? Just then, a robber snatches their passport bag and runs. Sid follows and catches him.

Robber throws the bag in a drain. Bablu says the passports are damaged, and how will they go to Dubai now?

Krutika throws Sid’s clothes on the floor and tries to burn them. Simran and Raj stops her and Raj asks how dare she burn his Son’s clothes! She says she is staying in this room, and she doesn’t want to see Sid’s clothes here and asks Raj if he is so worried about his Son, then why has he left his son in his in-law’s home like a dog and says soon, he will be like a laundryman’s dog!

DD calls Bablu, Rajveer and Sid, and says that she has decided to give the power of attorney to Rajveer so that he can do business in Dubai easily. Rajveer thanks her. DD says even Sid will have POA. Sid thanks her and says he cannot go though, as he does not have passport.

She reminds him of meeting him the first time in a flight, and asks what happened to it? Bablu says he said it has gone for renewal. Sid says yes! DD says it is a bad timing! Rajveer thinks that is what he wanted!

DD takes Rajveer to brief him about the job. Sid sadly tells Bablu that DD believed him for the first time, but he cannot prove himself. He says he is fed up of telling lies and wants to tell her the truth.

Sid enters his room sadly. Roshni asks what he wants to say. He says nothing. She says she can read her husband’s mind and asks if he sad as he cannot go to Dubai. Sid says DD trusted him for the first time and he cannot prove himself now.

She cheers him and jokes that in Dubai there will be belly dancers and he will not him him go there alone.

He jokes that she is neither smart nor s*xy and he is very smart, so girls will throng on him in Dubai. She gets angry and starts beating him with pillow. They both get romantic and get intimate. Serial’s title song…..plays in the background.

Sidat office sees DD busy preparing power of attorney. Kesar calls him, Sid asks if he got any info about Dubai supplier, Kesar asks him to come to a hotel right now.

Rajveer comes to DD’s office and asks her to prepare POA soon as his flight is getting delayed. DD asks her to wait for 10 min more.