Wednesday Update On Iron Lady 10th October 2018

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Candy Tv Wednesday Update On Iron Lady 10th October 2018
Iron Lady 

The police van Indur is firting with Meher,while Rishi is sad thinking about Indu words. Munna asks Rishi why is he quiet and he says because of Indu.Munna tells him all what is happening is because of Sweta she’s using Indu.

Once people written by Anju thought Rishi is wrong but Munna tells him he’s right and he’s only goal is he wants to give a proper mom to Indu.Munna tells Rishi to smile as this is what suits him.
Rishi tells him thanks.Munna says how Savita and Kanhaiyalal dumped him.
Indur tells Meher to begin a play and Kutumbh gets angry begins to strangle Radhe indirectly and also cursing him.Munna asks what is she doing??
The van suddenly begins to lose stability and control and it stops.

Rishi with Munna gets down together as they are handcuffed together asking the policeman crying what happened?He says that the van driver was drinking cold drink with alcohol so he ran away.

Munna and rishi tell him to drive the van he says he has no license and he knows that they will also run away.Munna tells him they are not fraud to sit at the back they will drive.Rishi drives the van and Munna sits next to him.

at the back they begin to fall on each other as the due to brake failure,and thr horn is not working so Munna uses the saxophone.
The lawyer asks Indu if she wants to end all her relationship with Rishi.She nods yes.Zara standing at the door is shock.The lawyer says to Indu if her mom wants to divorce her father?? She gets angry and threatens the lawyer,who says he understands written by anju that she does not wants to hear anything against Sweta.
The lawyer asks Indu her mom name and Zara says Indira Sharma.

Indu gives Zara a disgusting look while Zara herself is surprise on what she says.the lawyer asks Zara if she’s her mom and Indu shouts at Zara and asks who’s Indira as she heard about her before?She tells the lawyer her mom is Sweta.
The lawyer tells her she can try how much she wants but w/o her mom approval she’ll not succeed.

Indu says the lawyer is not taking the case because of Zara.She threatens Zara before leaving.

Indu says the lawyer will teach her the law now(She herself is the law who’ll teach her) indu sees the lawyer board with his name hanging and she breaks it with slingshot.

The lawyer sees it and wants to report her to the police.Zara stops him and they have a heated discussion,he suggests to zara to raise her daughter well.Zara tells her she’s a police inspector and is here get bail for Rishi who’s behind the bar for kidnapping.The lawyer head shakes but fortunately returns back.Zara asks him she’ll explain him to come with her inside.
Indu says to Seher that Zara will not utter a word especially to Sweta as she threatened her.

in the police station the inspector are making Munna and the others cleaning the station while Rishi is sitting.Some ladies under the veils arrive and Mmunna tells Rishi to see how they are lucky.rishi says not to invite some more probs.Kutumbh says to Munna that’s is the result he’s giving his mother in her old days.
The lady under the veil pinches Munna he says to stop as he’s here due to Savita whom he loved.He adds he knows he’s unable to resist and her to control herself.
kutumbh tells Munna it is time to eat when indur arrives with his two bombs in and they keep playing hide and seek.Indur acts as a little child.

At home Sweta is doing the dressing of Khan and he’s feeling lots of pain,he wants a strong pain killer as he needs to go searching for Zara who’s late.
Sweta says she’s wrong for what she she did only to get Indu love.Sweta says what if Zara resembles Indira and Indu from behind asks who’s Indira?
Sweta hugs her and asks where she heard it and she says Zara told her.Sweta says she was their tenant and she’s her mother.Sweta asks Indu to call her mom.Indu admits that her mom name is Sweta and calls her.Sweta tells her she brought some crackers for her to go and play.

Khan seizing the opportunity tells Sweta what if Zara succeed he cannot bear that her little sis loses her husband.Sweta and Khan hug.

Zara coming in the police station with lawyer to bail them.Indur is sitting in the inspector chair and Zara asks him what is he doing with the dynamite in his hands.She asks him where are the others?
Indur indicates her there they are…They are hiding in the jail.

Zara makes him believe that she’s her Babli and he’s her bunty then he gives her the dynamite.Zara tells the others written by anju to come out and handles the bail paper to the inspector who tells them not to get arrested again.

Kanhaiyalal is still searching for Savita and Munna feels someone pinching him,he asks who’s under the veil and Savita lifts her veil.Munna is happy and takes Savita away.

The inspector and Zara tells everyone to go.Mallick calls to know about Meher and zara says she’s is coming home with her.
rishi asks about Indu with Zara who tells her she’s well and not to worry.Rishi says he feels like someone is seperating his daughter from him.Zara has flashback of Indu at the lawyer place and tells him that Indu is their daughter and not to worry.
Zara wishes rishi and he wishes her for Diwali.Zara tells him that she’s wearing the red dress and he did not say a word.Rishi says she made the suit looks more beautiful by wearing it.He put a tikka on her using her own kohl.

In CC Sweta Indu Seher and Mallick are celebrating with crackers and rockets.Indu says to Mallick she wants to light a rocket with Sweta and the Rockets goes in the room of Rishi,Sweta is shocked and Runs upstairs followed by Khan and The two girls.

Sweta sees the fire spreading in the cupboard of Rishi and Khan brings water to extinguish the fire.Sweta takes out the pictures of Indira and says if Ricky will see he will think she did it intentionally.Indu hears her and wants to see the pictures to know who’s Indira Sharma.

Munna,Rishi Kutumbh and Indur are returning back home with Savita Zara and Meher.

A man sarcastically wishes Munna for Divali.He gets angry and wants to beat him.Kutumbh stops him and accused him for being the cause of all them going behind the bars. She tells them it is written by anju also because of Savita,Kutumbh tells Savita to go home before Kanhaiyalal files an another case.Savita says she’s not Kanhaiyalal wife but he bought her for 25,000Rs from her aunt.K wife’s is somewhere in a village.
Zara suggest to get Munna and Savita married,when Kutumbh asks where to hide Savita.

Munna is extremely happy he hugs Zara saying she’s Indira his sister.Zara is a bit surprised.Savita takes the blessing of her to be in laws.Indur hugs Savita.

A priest passing by suggests to get them marry after 2 days.Indur tells Meher is here he also can marry her now.

They leave.Rishi asks about Indu that they need to tell her the truth.

Zara tells him there’s a way to teach a child and she will not permit Rishi to be more rude with Indu her childhood must be respected.She tells Rishi to first find a place in Indu heart for herself to let her know how much he loves her.Rishi promises to Zara and tells her she’s her Shreematiji and he always adores her being a straightforward person he says now his family will get complete.He tells her that’s why she’s known as Hitler.Zara is still puzzles in her thought but thinks about the word Hitler.

In SN Indu is asking who’s Indira Sharma? Why are they all taking Zara pictures and calls her Indira?Khan is holding an another picture of Indira and Rishi enters he gets angry on seeing Indira pictures partly burnt and asks K what is he doing with the written by anju picture in his hands Khan leaves it and Rishi catches the picture.Rishi asks Sweta for an explanation she says no one is to be blame it happened accidentally.
Indu asking every member in SN who’s Indira but no one answers.Rishi screams enough his child will no more asks who’s Indira,Sweta becomes tense and as Rishi begins to say,Zara interrupts saying that Indira was the tenant of SN.
Indu asks about the pictures then Zara says its her pictures she gave it to K to change the frame.Khan and the others also say yes!!! it is Zara pictures.Indu is not convinced at all as Zara and Sweta both mentioned Indira name.She’s angry and leaves,Munna says to Sweta till when will she hide the truth from Indu she’s Indira daughter and she’ll find the answer of her doubt.
Khan says to Zara it is none of their business to follow him upstairs.Zara leaves continuously looking at Rishi.
Savita asks Munna what is the matter?? What is going on?? Munna says he’ll tell her as now she’ll be the DIL of Sharma’s family it is a long history he’ll tell her they leave.
Rishi is shattered and promises to complete his family by bringing together his wife and daughter.He begins to clean Indira pictures.
Indu is sadly sitting on the floor and crying.Sweta tries to pacify her saying that Indira is the tenant of SN.Indu says She’s not talking with anyone to leave her alone.
Rishi comes and take his pillow and a bed sheet,Sweta asks what is he doing??he says he’s tired carrying the weight of this fake relationship he leaves bidding goodnight to Indu.
Zara takes the pillow and bedsheet of K and handles it to him saying they are not children and she has understood who’s he and their relation is only fake so she can’t spend the night with him as she’s an independent girl.He takes his pillow and says goodnight to Zara who closes the door right away.Zara begins to search for proof from K computer but he deleted all the files.
Khan says that he’s smarter than Zara as he transfered all the files in the cd whichh he’s holding in his hand and deleted all the files.
the preparations for Munna wedding is going on.Vanraj is crying as Munna is getting married and says his heart has broken.Kutumbh is guiding the men in the decorations and Zara asks her to give some works also.Kutumbh tells her to see outside and as she’s going towards the door she sees Ishan and both are happy as well as Kutumbh.He takes Kutumbh blessings.
Munna comes to meet him and says he’s happy that Ishan comes to attend his wedding.
Ishan says how can he missed the wedding of his father as not everybody has this golden chance.(Munna does not understand the sarcastic answer of Ishan).Munna presents savita to Ishan telling this is his new mom and to take her blessing as she’s elder but Ishan passes written by Anju Savita and takes Zara blessings.
Zara feels awkward and tells Ishan to take Savita blessing.Seher runs from inside and hugs Ishan and they have a sweet,cute bro and sis talk.Seher tells Kutumbh to braid her hair,Munna tells Savita to do it as she’s coming as her new mom but Savita refuses saying that she does not know how to braid the hair.Munna takes Savita inside.
Indu brings an another board for the lawyer and tells him that she cannot afford to buy an expensive one.She tells the lawyer to help her to know who’s Indira Sharma whom they continue to talk about in SN.

The lawyer firstly refuses as the consent of her parents is needed but she’s able to fool him and he accepts to help her.

They are at the registrar office to find out about Indira Sharma the tenant.The officer checks the record and tells them Indira was never the tenant but 8 yesrs ago she was the owner of SN.Indu is a bit confuse and she asks for Indira picture if attached to the file.The officer shows it to her with all the details and Indira thumbs print.
The lawyer says to Indu it is very weird what Indira is doing she calls herself Zara and why??

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