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Candy Tv Tutorial: How To Create A .ehi File For MTN 0.0k Cheat Via Http Injector

Hey Guys, Having Slow Config Setting For The Mtn 0.0k Free Browsing Kindly Read These Full Tutorial Below 👇


Now the tutorial is here, first of all, you need to go to any of the listed sites below and create your own ssh account. 

1. www.createssh.com

2. www.brssh.com

3. www.sshudp.com

4. www.vpnjantit.com

5. www.contassh.com

6. www.fastssh.com

7. www.akashiro.co.id

8. www.freevpn.us

9. www.globalssh.com

10. www.topvpnssh.com

11. www.jetssh.com

12. www.portssh.com

13. www.sshkit.com

14. www.speedssh.com

15. www.buatssh.top

16. www.lindofull.com

17. www.fullssh.com

18. www.lowframe.com

19. www.mytunneling.com

20. www.skyssh.com

21. www.bestvpnssh.com

22. www.dropbear.net

23. www.cloudssh.us

24. www.boostvpn.net

25. www.createssh.com

26. www.vpnjantit.com

27. www.vpnbook.com

28. www.contassh.com

29. www.sshagan.net

30. www.sshudp.com

31. www.serverssh.com

32. www.servervpn.net

33. www.goodssh.com

After you have successfully created one, make sure you referred to down the host, your username and password. for port, use 443 . now import this file and click start.

It will redirect you to an area where you are required to fill in the account you created in advance, after you upload them successfully, it’ll automatically connect.

And You Good To Go Kindly Drop Your Comment For Any Probs

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