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Candy Tv Tuesday Update On Twist of Fate 4th December 2018

Pragya wonders what is going to appear. damru asks them to come back down else. abhi searches for the keys and tries to start the car. damru asks his man to convey petrol. pragya tells abhi that he left for purchasing petrol. abhi says he’s searching ignition wire. pragya says they’re throwing petrol and asks him to start the automobile. abhi gets ignition cord and starts offevolved the twine. he says vehicle will fly now. damru asks how did the automobile begin with petrol.. abhi tries to begin car again. damru tells his goons that lovers are destined t give up like this and says history is witness, laughs.

Settlement killer wondering that for the primary time, his sufferers will die via themselves and then he’s going to go home. damru and his goons are about to light the auto on fireplace, but just then automobile starts and abhi and pragya control to escape.

Tanu thinks to call Nikhil and asks if Abhi and Pragya are dead. Mitali hears her and gets shocked. Contract killer come to the place and asks Damru where is Abhi and Pragya. Damru says suddenly car started and they escaped. Contract killer challenge them to catch them after scolding them. Pragya thanks the person leaving the car there. Abhi says I had found the car there and started it too. Pragya says he is her hero to save her and says she is not afraid to die, but afraid to lose him. Abhi is about to romance with her and their car meets with an

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Mitali asks Tanu, why is she planning to kill Abhi and Pragya. She asks what Abhi and Pragya have done to you and says you have stoop so low, says I didn’t know that you are so cheap. Tanu asks her to listen. Mitali says I will tell truth to everyone. Tanu says you will not tell anyone and asks her to forget. Mitali says today I have seen your naagin avatar and will not let anything happen to Abhi. She says Abhi is jaan of everyone and says Abhi has done favors on you and asks how she can forget. Tanu scares her and keeps knife on her neck. She says when I can get Abhi and Pragya killed, then why can’t you. She threatens her keeping knife on her neck. Mitali gets scared and tells that she will not tell anyone. Tanu asks her to go and bring hot milk for her. Pragya and Abhi gets injured.

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Pragya asks him to open his eyes. Abhi asks since when we are here? Pragya says we had an accident and says goons must be searching us, and asks can he walk? Abhi says I am a superman and can walk holding you. He says I won’t let anything happen to you. They walk inside the jungle. Abhi faints and falls down. She asks him to get up and walk. She says she will bring water for him. She finds small pond and tries to get water, but she couldn’t hold water in her hands. She tries to get water repeatedly. Pragya finally gets something and takes water for Abhi. The goons come to the place along with contract killer and see then car. Damru says this is the same car in which they have eloped. It seems that they have a bad accident. Contract killer says he will search them. He sees foot prints and says they are injured and we will catch them fast.

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Damru asks how did you know that they are hurt and couldn’t walk. Contract killer asks them to see their foot prints and says they are near. He lie down on the ground and says he can hear the voice. Pragya brings water and asks Abhi to drink water.

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