Shaurya sees Mahek wincing in pain, Shaurya says Mahek please sit down and have water, you are not totally fine.

Shaurya says to customers that see that is Kanta, she is always angry and ready to explode, becaus of her restraining order, i have to say all this live on mic.

Mahek is in pain and asks Nehal to bring water, Nehal goes to bring it.

Mahek goes in kitchen of food truck, she tries to lift cylinder, Shaurya says take care of yourself Mahek, Jeevan look after your daughter, Mahek rolls his eyes.

Shaurya thinks that i will see till when they can keep me away from her. In evening, Shaurya asks Mahek if she took medicine?

Kanta says what is this drama? Jeevan says this is happening because of your restraining order, he is saying everything on mic now.

Customer says this is like hindi movie. Mohit says to Sonal we have sold a lot because of this drama.

Mahek tries to message Shaurya to stop it but Kanta takes her phone and constipate it.

Shaurya says on mic that Sharma family if you keep me away from my Mahek then you will get live Shaurya streaming for free.

Kanta says to Mahek that come with me, you wont come to food truck from tomorrow, she drags Mahek, Mahek sadly looks at Shaurya and leaves. Jeevan says to Shaurya that are you good now?

Mahek’s only dream was to work on this truck and you took that away too, what kind of love do you have? he leaves, Shaurya looks on. Kanta brings Mahek to home.

Kanta says to PD that Shaurya has gone mad, he kept saying everything on mic whole day, PD says what has happened to him? Shaurya comes out of Mahek’s house and shouts Mahek come out.

Ravi says i wont spare him today. Sharma family comes out and asks Shaurya to leave.

Ravi calls police. Shaurya says i just want to talk to Mahek, Mahek says what are you doing? i am begging you to leave, dont do this, Kanta says why are you begging him? let police come, i will get him arrested today.

Shaurya says i dont care, not even God can stop me from meeting my Mahek, you all can try too.

Shaurya comes close to Mahek, Mahek says dont come near, police is going to arrest you.

Police comes there, Kanta says he has broken restraining order, he has come near Mahek, arrest him. Mahek asks Shaurya to move back please.

Policeman measures distance between Mahek and Shaurya and its more than 50feet because Mahek has stealthily moved away from him to save him.

Shaurya sees it and says Mahek you dont have to say anything, your footsteps have said your message, i havent told you what i wanted but i am going to say it soon, he leaves.

Sharma family is in house, PD says to Kanta that you will keep Mahek locked in house because of that Shaurya Khanna?

Kanta says he will try everything to come near Mahek but i wont allow it, Pd says you are not stopping Shaurya but giving pain to Mahek.

In the morning, Mansi says to family that there is pooja going on outside in society, let go there.

They all come out and see media there, Jeevan says what is this drama now? Sharma family comes on street, media is recording them.

Sharma family starts doing pooja. Shaurya comes there with band playing music.

Media captures him and says Shaurya Khanna is here, Mahek gets tensed. Kanta asks to call police, he is going to cross 50feets limits, Shaurya says i am 50feets away from her, you can measure if you want.

Jeevan says if he drags Mahek’s name with him today then i am going to beat him infront of media only.

Shaurya says to media that I want to tell everyone secret behind success of my restaurant ‘white chilies’, and i want to say it infront of Sharma family because they have big hand in making my restaurant success especially Mahek Sharma.

Shaurya says whatever recipes our restaurant, all unique and delicious dishes that we use to lure people is not mine, they all originally belong to Mahek’s mother Meera Sharma, Mahek is stunned to hear him confess it, media says you mean you bought those recipes from Sharma family?

Shaurya says no i stole those recipes, i promised wedding, cheated this family by winning their hearts then i stole recipes but i couldnt bring magic in those dishes, i stole her recipes but i couldnt stole Mahek’s hand magic maybe thats why Mahek’s taste is still hit and Shaurya is still flop.

Shaurya says to media that i was living in my ego but Mahek has broken by arrogance, Mahek is reason behind my restaurant’s success, Meera Sharma and Sharma family is behind its success and for Mahek’s late mother, i want to do something.

Shaurya says to honor Meera Sharma and her recipes, I have taken permission from municipal corporation, from now this street of old Delhi will be on Meera Sharma’s name.

It will be called ‘Meera Sharma Road’, it will be dedicated to her, Mahek looks on as Shaurya unveils slate which shows street dedicated to her mom and is unable to believe his act, she gets teary eyed.

Shaurya says this is my repentance, if possible then forgive me Mahek, Mahek silently weeps.

Kanta holds Mahek’s hand and drags her away from there, all are sad seeing it, Kanta takes Mahek into the house, Shaurya looks on.

In house, Nehal says to Kanta that you still think Shaurya is villain? cant you see what he did today? now we live on Meera Sharma road.

Jeevan tries to talk to Kanta but Kanta says Meera brought me in this house, she taught me everything about this family and she left Mahek with me so I am going to protect Mahek from Shaurya, like cheetah cant hide his teeth, sameway Shaurya cant hide his true face from me, i know his evil face.

At night, Mahek comes on street and looks at board which reads Meera Sharma road, she recalls Shaurya’s confession, how he agreed in front of the world that he stole Mahek’s recipes, how he dedicated this road to her mother.

Sonal comes there and says lets have dinner, all are waiting for you. Mahek looks down, Sonal asks if she is missing her mother?

Mahek nods and hugs her tightly, Sonal consoles her, Mahek cries and says how can i be miffed with Shaurya? he is doing things for me which i couldnt even dream of, how can i be angry?

Sonal says who is asking you to be angry? whom you are fighting against? fighting against yourself? Mahek looks on and thinks.

Shaurya comes to Sharma house, he knocks on door. Jeevan opens door, Shaurya says dont ask me come inside. All family members gather there. Kanta asks what have you come for?

Shaurya says to keep you away from me, he shows her letter and says you people filed application to change location of food truck and now its approved, you can shift food truck next week, Jeevan takes letter from him and Ravi reads it, he is stunned to see its true.

Shaurya turns to Mahek and says i told you that i can change myself for you, the habits you didnt like about me, you wont see those in me anymore.

Shaurya says to family that PD asked me to become deserving of Mahek and i told her that i want to bring happiness in Mahek’s life without being part of it, i am going to leave her life, i wont be seen near her till Mahek calls me back herself in her life.

Kanta says if your drama for today has ended then leave, we have work.

Shaurya turns to leave, he sadly looks at Mahek, Mahek looks away, Shaurya passesby her and leaves, Mahek sees him going and is agitated. Mahek looks at Kanta glaring at her and gets tensed.

Kanta calls someone and says we will do what you want but do this work for me, she ends call. Jeevan says dont repeat this madness.

Kanta says Shaurya is mad, if we remain silent then Mahek will go back to him and this time her heart will not only break but she will fully breakdown, let me do what i am doing.