She says she has decided to tell Sid the truth. Raj says he’s happy about that and when she tells Sid the truth, all of them can live together in peace because Sid will be able to turn Krutika’s life for the better.

Krutika is leaving a club, but sees her car has developed a flat tyre. She tries to get a taxi, but none stops for her. She sees some hoodlums and tries to run away, but they chase after her and she falls down. They surround her and she begs for help.

A Man in a Motorcycle comes to her rescue. He fights the Men off, then offers her a ride without saying a word and without allowing her see his face.

In the morning, Sid is waiting by DD’s door. She comes out and politely asks him what he’s doing there? He says he wanted to apologise to her for what happened. DD says she’s not upset and he could have just come to her.

She says she is fond of him as he makes her daughter happy, but she needs to see him making an effort to better himself and she wants to be able to trust him. She pats him on the cheek, and tells him to get some rest, as she can see he hasn’t slept the whole night.

Simran calls Sid and asks if he’s upset with her like his father is? Sid says he’s not upset, and asks her if his dad is troubling her and laughs. She says he does not say anything at all.

Simran then points out that he sounds happy. Sid says he’s really happy, and for the first time, he feels like he had 2 Mothers; DD explained something to him for the first time without shouting!

Simran invites Sid to the house later. He says he will come with Roshni. She begs him to come alone, as she wants him to meet someone. He says we will meet at a hotel, and not at Prashanth’s house. She says okay, and thinks hope Brother and Sister meet well.

The Police Inspector comes to DD’s Office to check the CCTV footage.They check, and sees Kesar getting out of the Cabin, but also discovers that some parts are missing.

The Inspector says he believes the Culprit is someone close to DD, and they will hold Kesar for questioning till they have another lead.

The Police Inspector sees the CCTV footage where Kesar is guarding the locker and going out, and then the screening going blank. He says he will have to arrest Kesar and interrogate him.

DD tells the Police Inspector that Kesar will never do that to her. The Inspector says he wants to interrogate her staff. DD tells him not to interrogate any of her family members.

Sid tells DD to allow the Inspector interrogate everyone, so there will be no doubt. The Police Inspector says he is right. Rajveer thinks Sid is trying to be oversmart, but he has not left any evidence of theft at all!

Simran is nervous as she waits for Sid’s visit. Raj tells her to calm down because Sid is a good boy that they have raised well. He asks if Krutika is going to be there? Simran says she told Krutika to be around. Sid arrives and hugs his Mother.

He jokes that he hasn’t seen her in a few days and she gave his love to someone else. She panics and tries to explain, but Sid says she gave his love to his Dad. Simran relaxes and they laugh. Sid sees food on the table and asks if he can have some kheer/sweet dish?

Simran feeds him some. Sid asks for the person they were going to introduce him to? They tell him to be patient. It’s late and Krutika still hasn’t come.

Roshni calls Sid on the phone to inform him that DD asked everyone to be home early. Sid tells her he will be on his way. He explains to his Mum and Dad that he has to go.

He tells them about the theft at DD’s store. He gets outside and the bike that brings Krutika home almost runs into him. Sid tells her that she and her boyfriend could have ran into pedestrians walking on the road, and asks her to tell her boyfriend to drive carefully and avoid accidents.

She pokes him in the chest and he tells her not to touch him! She tries to hit him, but he holds her hand and tells her she has overstayed her welcome so it’s time for her to leave! He turns around and walks out of the gate.

Krutika is upset saying Sid thinks he can make her leave when it’s also her house!
When Sid gets home he meets everyone gathered. They ask DD what’s going on? DD asks them, all what they think of Resham’s look today? Roshni says she looks the same as always.

DD says Resham looks the same, but she has been fooling everyone! She pulls Resham by her ear and Resham complains that it hurts. DD says the earrings are a part of the set stolen from her Office!

Resham opens her mouth in shock. DD says it’s kesar and Resham that are behind the robbery! Resham breaks down. DD goes to Kesar and says if anyone had come to her and said it was Kesar behind the robbery, she would never have believed them!

She asks if he’s happy and satisfied? She says he has lost the trust she had in him, and now she has no choice, than to call the Police! Grandmother reminds DD that Kesar is her brother-in-law!

DD says he was like her brother and she didn’t expect such from him! Kesar is in tears, saying she has to believe him, he didn’t do anything, she has looked after him so well, and he wouldn’t do that to her.

Sid begs DD on Kesar’s behalf. DD asks if she should ignore what she can see with her own eyes; Resham is wearing the earrings as they speak! Resham tells DD that she didn’t steal it, a salesman brought the earrings to the house, and told her they were fake, so she bought them and even tried to convince Samaira to buy some as well.

She calls Samaira to tell DD about the salesman and the fake jewelry. Samaira remembers how Resham insulted her about her husband also living off DD’s Money! Samaira tells Resham that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about!

Resham tells DD that she didn’t do it and Kesar too is innocent. Roshni begs DD not to involve the Police. DD tells Kesar to return it all and she won’t call the Police!

Kesar cries and says he can’t return what he didn’t steal. He falls at her feet crying. DD says the Police will handle the case then! She walks away.

Roshni and Mona sympathises with Resham and Resham says she doesn’t need their sympathy! She tells Kesar that she always told him not to run around DD and now, see where it got them; in one second, DD called him a traitor and a thief! Resham and Kesar go to their room.

Pratima suggests Bablu talks to DD on Kesar and Resham’s behalf. Sid says it’s not a good idea and the only person that can reason with DD is Roshni.

Roshni gets into DD’s room and sees her speaking to the Police on phone. DD sees Roshni in her room and tells her not to bother because what Kesar has done is serious, and she will be wasting her breath if she wants to talk about Kesar because he has really betrayed her!

Roshni says she understands her Mother’s position, but does she really think Kesar could have done something like this? DD says Roshni is too young to understand. She walks towards the door.

Roshni tells herself that DD will never take what she says seriously because DD will never change! DD hears her and turns around.

DD goes downstairs to inform everyone she won’t be handing Kesar over to the Police, but she doesn’t want Kesar and Resham in her house any longer because they will remind her of what her own family did to her!

Kesar says he will obey her like he has all his life, and he only wishes she understands how loyal he has been to her. DD says he was loyal, but not anymore! DD leaves the living room.

Rajveer tells himself another job is done! Krutika comes home and asks Simran and Raj why they are getting angry, and tells them that her coming late is not a big deal! Raj says Sid left his important work, and came here to meet her; He even waited for her, but she’s so arrogant at that!

Krutika says she saw Sid on her way out. Simran asks if she said anything to him? Krutika says she could have told him everything. She tells them to make a decision, her or Sid!

Raj warns her that if any harm comes to his family, he won’t spare her! Simran says she wants to talk to her. Raj pulls Simran by her hand and says Krutika has to learn that every family has its norms and values that are applicable to all.

He takes Simran away. DD peeps from upstairs as Kesar and Resham hug everyone before leaving. Everyone looks at them with sympathy. Mona hugs him and begs him to take care of Resham.