Tuesday Update On iron Lady 9th October 2018

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Candy Tv Tuesday Update On iron Lady 9th October 2018
Iron Lady

Indu telling to Zara to tell the truth about what she did.Zara tries to explain to her and Rishi says to Zara no need to plead in front of her she’s a child she will understanding who’s faking looking at Sweta and who’s true.

Sweta says Indu is her daughter and she knows that her mom is right at her place and if she can go at any extent for her whether the others find it right or wrong.

She tells Indu to come with her upstairs for dinner when the border of her sari stuck in a furniture and the nod she made for the sleeping pills opens and all the pills fall down.

She’s shock and Rishi picks written by Anju it up saying are these the pills which you supposed to have taken may be it get out from your stomach.

He asks an explanation from Sweta but Khan covers up for Sweta saying Rishi always mistakes in understanding a person it was given by the doc to Sweta.

He also tells Sweta to tell the truth to Rishi.Zara says no one will talk now she calls Indu and promises that no one can come in between her and her mom.

Khan is happy while Zara is giving a look to Rishi who’s desperates.
Khan says he knows his wife well,Rishi could have played with her emotions but Zara will never go beyond limit she’ll always respect him.He opens his arm and says Zara place is here he hugs Zara who’s feeling awkward while she’s checking the shirt button which she got in the clinic if it matches that of Khan and she notices the button belongs to him while he keeps flattering her with close his eyes when he tells zara to go upstairs with him as he’ll feeling so bad for Zara wound he’ll do the dressing written by Anju and Zara goes with him she keeps giving an awkward looks to Rishi who’s looking lots disturb.

Rishi says that God himself was not able to understand a woman heart he’s merely a human being.

Sweta tells Indu no one can snatch her from her mom.

Upstairs in Zara and Mallick room,mallick is sitting on the floor and tells Zara that he feels so bad for her wound while doing the dressing and he feels like…he’s cleaning the wound with some disinfectant and hurts zara more.After dressing the wound he lied on Zara laps and asks her if she’s still pure zara tells her now that she knows herself what she’s searching for since a long time how can she cheat the one she loves.

Zara has flashback Rishi telling her that the terrorist is Khan and how she shot him at his leg.Zara shows him the button and asks if it belongs to him he snatches it rudely from Zara asking her,where she found it.

She says it was lying on the floor.
Zara asks him if he’s a pure true person he reflects well and begins with his psycho laugh and Zara also is laughing. Sweta is feeding Indu, the latter asks why Rishi is doing all these and Sweta says because Rishi wants written by anju to leave them, She says if Rishi cannot be a good father why he he deecided to be a father.

Zara receives a message of Rishi as he wants to talk with her but she does not answer,He’s feeling restless and sends her an another message Zara does not answer as she keeps on avoiding his message due to Khan sitting next to her.

Rishi decides to call her and Khan says he wants to see her phone and he’s leaving with her phone.Zara bow at his feet as if pleading him not to go because he’s very angry.

Zara holds and press the point she shot him until it begins to bleed.It is paining and he tells her to leave him.

Zara saying to MK that she was continuously calling for him as he was screaming.

MK says to Meher this is known as true love,and to get angry with his Mrs.Zara asks Sweta if MK will be fine?Sweta says soon.

Rishi,Munna, Vanraj and Radhe enters SN with Savita tied in a sack.The others ask what are they carrying in and Rishi says it is wood for the coming winter.Indur says very nice and goes to touch the sack and says it is vey smooth to touch.Munna pushes hiom away.

Rishi says no fight between father and son is needed and to take Savita inside may be she’s having breathing problem.

sweta prescribes some medicines written by Anju for Khan and Meher and Zara take him upstairs.He holds Zara shoulder and gives rishi who’s drunk a threatening look while Zara also keeps looking at Rishi who’s drunk.
Rishi in his drunk state goes upstairs aftersometime and he collides into an obstacle in the dark he says what is this when Zara pulls him in a corner.

He says why in a flirty manner.Zara asks where he was as she was searching for him.Zara tells rishi that he was right the terrorist is indeed Khan.

Rishi says finally she accepted so he ,tries to kiss Zara who challenges him to try and she moves away he bumps into the wall.Zara is leaving and holding her hands he says that in reward for helping her to discover Khan he wants to see Zara in thr red suits she bought on occasion of Karwachauth.Rishi leaves and Zara smiles she slowly goes in her room and finds all her clothes torn.

She thinks who must have…and smiles thinking it is Indu.
Zara tries to sew it she has lots of flashback of herself and Rishi.
The next morning Kutumbh is doing the morning prayer and hears Munna talking about Savita with Rishi all the four men are sleeping in the hall.

Kutumbh says to sweta she’s alone to take care of everything if she has already prepared for Lakshmi pooja. she thinks indur is nowhere to be seen and decides to search for him.In the toilet Indur is reading the newspaper and enters Meher so he tells her to sit.He says he has not drank tea yet when Kutumbh enters and tells him he has found a new way written by Anju to flirt again.

Meher tells Kutumbh not to get angry with Indur as it may affect his health more.Meher and Indur decide to go for a cup of tea downsytairs and Kutumbh follows them.
Indu is shock to see Zara wearing the red suit and she fakes to be sorry for whatever she did and Zara believes her they hug and she puts something in her dress.

She says bye and Zara thinks what a sudden change and feels something is tickling her she’s feeling restless trying to remove what Indu puts in her dress.Indu and Seher are making fun of her.When she’s able to remove the toy like thing she decides to teach them a lesson.She asks Indu about her rude behaviour? Indu says she’ll continue written by Anju to be rude until Zara leaves the house.Zara promises never to leave SN.

Indu says she’s the little hitler of CC and tells to be prepared to fight her as she’ll definitely show her the door threatening Zara with her finger.Zara tells her that if she’s little Hitler,to remember once she herself named Zara the elder Hitler,so she’ll see how Indu will throw her out.
they both accept the challenge and Indu begins to run telling Zara to catch her if she can.

Seher also is running.Zara says they are becoming lots naughty.
Indu enters in a room and locks herself while Zara keeps calling and knocking at the door.Indu expression changes as she looks in the room.
Savita husband brings the police in SN telling that Rishi Munna Vanraj and Radhe kidnapped his wife last night and to arrest them.Zara says there’s no Savita here and asks Rishi who says no.Zara she’s a police inspector to believe her that there’s no Savita here.Indu from inside says here is Savita leaving all and everyone shock.She brings Savita with her outside.She says as always Zara is lying.

savita hubby asking the policemen to arrest Rishi Radhe Vanraj and Munna,for kidnapping his wife.
Zara says no one is here known as Savita,to believe her as she’s a police inspector also and before arresting someone they must be asked if they commited the act Zara asks Munna and Rishi who says they were not able to lift a glass how will they lift…Indu brings Savita outside and says here’s Savita and Zara is lying.
the hubby of Savita says here she’s to arrest them he’s well able to recognise the the four culprits.

Indur suggests Savita hubby to take away Kutumbh in place of Savita and Savita hubby says his wife is young.Kutumbh says to SH that he’s old and has no hair.

whereas she can still dye her hair.SH asks how she did it…
Rishi tries to stop Indu and the latter written by Anju tells him off she understands his motive well he wants to get rid of her and Sweta as he’s having an affair with Zara.from today she refuses to accept Rishi as her father,Sweta has the good reason of saying Rishi should not have any child she’s only daughter of her mom.Zara slaps her saying how could she talked like that with her father.

Indu gives Zara who’s shocked a disgusting look and Sweta comes forward hugging Indu she asks zara how dare she raised her hand on her daughter.Sweta was going to slap Zara and Rishi holds her hand(Zara should have done it)Sweta gives a challenging smile to Rishi and says what type of a father he’s someone else slapped his daughter and instead of thinking of his daughter he’s… Rishi says Written by Anju she’s not someone else.Rishi tells Sweta if she has been the true mom of Indu she would have teached her like Zara instead of advocating for her.Rishi tells Sweta she’s brainwashing Indu against him because she’s feeling unsafe infront of Zara.

Zara tells Sweta to take Indu inside.
Kanhaiyalall says looks what types of a family it is everyone has an extra marital affair going on,and he says to the inspector to arrest Rishi,Munna… Zara says to ask Savita and she nods yes.

Kanhaiyalal says to arrest them and Zara says to the inspector as it is their first offence to please forgive them.The inspector denies as he’s Kanhaiyalal younger bro.The four get arrested and Rishi wants to talk with Zara but knows she’s angry leaves quietly.

Kutumbh tells Kanhaiyalal to take back his case otherwise it will not be fair for him she tries to strangle him,when she releases his neck he’s like suffocating and the inspector asks what happens as Seher was standing next to Kutumbh she says Seher wanted to strangle Kanhaya.The inspector arrests the two ladies also.

Indu who’s watching from the window says why the police leaves Zara she should have been arrested with the others and put behind the bars.Rishi keeps looking at Zara while the police van is moving.
In the van Kutumbh tells Munna because of him she’s going in the jail and says she has not seen Indur.

The police van cannot move and kutumbh says what is happening so they all try to look out.Indur is dancing in front of the police van playing the saxophone and with lots of crackers.The police stops the van and asks him to clear the way he says he’s dancing because of Kutumbh procession.The police decide to arrest him also and Kutumbh says she knows how much he loves her and cannot leave her alone.The constable pushes indur in and he sits next to Seher.kutumbh is.

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