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Candy Tv Thursday Update On Twist of Fate 6th December 2018

Damru and other goons knocking on the door closely. pragya sees the goons and identifies them. abhi asks raghuveer if there’s any again door or if they are able to run from terrace. raghuveer says no and asks pragya to lie at the mattress, and abhi to cover beneath the bed. he goes to open the door. he opens the door. damru asks in which became he, as they had been knocking at the door due to the fact that 2 hours. raghuveer ji says he became within the toilet. killer/commando tells that they may be on the lookout for a couple and asks him to inform, and says they’re injured. raghuveer says they’re now not right here. commando says if i found them then i can kill you first and then them. abhi and pragya argue.

Abhi says i can lie down at the mattress and worried approximately her safety. pragya says if goon asks him then he’s going to tell that his daughter is snoozing.

Commando asks goons to look the house for abhi and pragya. he is going to kitchen and sees many dishes. he asks who made this? raghuveer ji says his daughter has made this. commando says she should have made kheer too. damru comes there and gets happy seeing kheer. commando asks him to head and says he’ll come after eating kheer. he tastes it and says it is right.

Abhi tells pragya that nobody came here until now and says he is frightened of cockroach. pragya asks him to be silent, near his eyes and suppose something proper. she asks him to consider themselves. damru and other goons don’t see absolutely everyone. commando asks them to test in upstairs room. raghuveer ji tells that his daughter is slumbering in upstairs room. damru asks him to move from his way. raghuveer ji says he’s going to name police. they arrive to room. raghuveer says his daughter is napping on bed. commando says if she made meals. raghuveer ji says no, different daughter made it. he says this daughter is ill and asks them to transport from her, as her daughter’s illness is contagious. damru says we can see her face. raghuveer ji tells that she has tb.

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Commando asks then why you are not affected. Raghuveer ji says he stays far from her. Pragya coughs. Commando asks Damru to check her face. Damru says he has small kids. Commando orders him to see her. Damru takes the blanket from the bottom and says her clothes is something else. Raghuveer ji says she is my daughter. Pragya asks God to save Raghuveer ji. Raghuveer ji says my daughter have many illness. Commando says I will find out what you are hiding.

Commando asks Damru to see her face. Raghuveer says until you are here in this room, you are more prone to get infected. Raghuveer asks him to stand silent else he will kill him. Other goons check under the bed. Abhi hides himself with blanket. Damru is about to check Pragya’s face. Pragya thinks don’t see my face. Just then someone knocks on the door.

Commando going to check who have come. Damru is about to see Pragya’s face. Raghuveer asks if they have children. Damru says we will tell him that we have seen her face and goes out. Commando asks if you have seen her face. Damru says she is someone else. Commando gets Nikhil’s call and tells him that time is wasted here. Nikhil scolds him and asks him to search them. Commando asks them to come and they leave. Abhi comes out from bed. Pragya says we are saved today. Abhi says thank god, there were no cockroach. Pragya says we have been saved from goons now. Abhi says cockroach is worst like that zombie and disgusting. Pragya smiles. She shouts and falls on him. Abhi says how to take this love story forward. Pragya says you can’t do this? She says you were thanking God
in car and asks him to leave her hand. Abhi says if I leave you then you will run to your baba. Pragya says whenever I will go, then I will go far then return to you.

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Dadi, Sarla and Beeji come back home. Tanu asks them why did they make her unconscious? Dadi says we are doubtful on you. Tanu says if you will kill me, and says whom I will marry by kidnapping Abhi. Aaliya comes. Dadi tells Aaliya that Tanu has locked Janki and Dasi in room all night. Aaliya says they had made her unconscious and locked her in room, and that’s why Tanu did this in self defense. Dadi says we are doubtful on her that she is behind Abhi and Pragya’s kidnapping. Aaliya says it is a doubt and asks if you have proof that Tanu is behind the kidnapping. She says if anyone raises finger on Tanu then I will tell that Sarla did Abhi’s kidnapping. Dadi says you can’t do this. Aaliya says Sarla must have thought to kidnap Abhi as her daughter lost him. She says if anyone raises finger on Tanu then I will not spare Sarla.

Raghuveer ji gives stuff to Pragya and asks them to be careful while travelling. He asks Abhi not to do same mistake as him. Pragya asks what? Abhi says men talk. Raghuveer says daughter don’t go empty handed from here and goes to get gift. Raghuveer ji thinks to give saree to Pragya and thinks what I will tell her. He gets emotional and thinks why he is feeling connected with her. Abhi comes and says we are going. Raghuveer ji asks him never to lose Pragya, and says he did a mistake by leaving his wife. He asks him to follow his heart and don’t let past come in future. Abhi says even I used to think like this, but was always confused, but now I know what I shall do. He hugs him with a thanks.

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Raghuveer gives saree to Pragya. Pragya asks why you are giving me baba. Raghuveer ji says even Abhi needs marriage clothes and gives clothes to him. Abhi thanks him. Raghuveer ji packs the stuff in the bag. Pragya says we will leave. Damru asks the goon about the illness. Goon says such patient cough and vomit. Commando tells that he is thinking where they can go. Damru says how can any person have two diseases together. Commando says yes, and asks did you see her face. Damru says I didn’t see her face and was afraid to see her face. Commando says you will not be saved from my bullet now. Nikhil calls Commando. Commando says he found them. Abhi and Pragya see goons. Abhi asks her to run faster. Commando says I will kill you all later, but first will kill them. Abhi asks Pragya to run more faster. Pragya gets tired and says she can’t run much. Abhi says you got tired so soon.

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