Thursday Update On This Is Fate 14th February 2019

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Karan assures preeta he is first-rate anyplace he’s best due to the fact preeta is there with him. preeta smiles. karan now asks for an energy booster and eats from preeta’s hand, then gives a chunk into her mouth.

Sherlin asks rishab who turned into there outdoor. rishab brings the champaign bottle. rishab asks if he ordered it. are they right here to rejoice karan’s launch? she reads the receipt and denies having ordered it, then returns the bottle to delivery boy. interior, she tells rakhi to attend to herself and thank you for coming.

Rishab and rakhi leave. prithvi comes outdoor, satisfied that sherlin didn’t cause them to comprehend something. prithvi tells sherlin he reordered the champaign and scolded him for breaking the wonder.

At domestic, preeta was disappointed that sarla continues to be angry along with her. dadi says she will be able to chill out by way of morning. she forbids preeta to go to her proper now and let her temper cool down. she sends preeta to sleep, the whole lot may be first-class the next day.

The following morning, karan comes to fulfill rishab with excitement. rishab stood along with his returned closer to karan. the attorney introduces himself and asks for karan’s signatures on a few papers. he asks rishab if he might be launched. the attorney says they can only fight his case by then. karan explains to rishab that he satisfied preeta to discover a proof in opposition to sherlin. if rishab gained’t communicate to him, he won’t sign any papers; he doesn’t care. rishab tells karan that everybody inside the family is tensed and all and sundry is doomed; doesn’t he care for any of them. he is taking the duty to clean all accusations from karan’s name and see him play once more. karan signs and symptoms the papers.

At home, Dadi watches Shrishti create a mess on floor. Sarla brings a tea outside, Janki tastes the tea saying Bee ji has a lot to do and doesn’t want to have tea. Sarla wonders why Shrishti is staring at her. She stops Shrishti from leaving and asks if they spilt the oil for her to slip. Shrishti says it was their planning. She made Preeta cry a lot since last night. She spilt the oil so that none of them but Preeta helps her; and they have a patch up. Sarla was upset that she isn’t angry without any purpose. Bee ji tells Sarla to go and hug her daughter.

Bee ji comes to Preeta in the room, her swollen eyes are evident she cried all night long. Preeta was upset that Sarla is still angry then looks towards Sarla’s face. Sarla tells Preeta to go to Luthra house and apologize, as she is the reason that their son is in jail. Preeta heads to get ready. Shrishti calls Sarla as a hitler and wonders how Bee ji bear this woman for so many years.

Bee ji sense something wrong going to happen soon. Shrishti goes to speak to Preeta and stops her from leaving; she asks Preeta why she wants to get herself insulted. Everyone especially Kareena and Sherlin are rude. She suggests Preeta to lie to Sarla. Preeta asks if her eyes won’t say the truth. She accepts her mistake.

Sherlin fumes watching Preeta in the Luthra House and asks why she has come over? Preeta says she already told Sherlin not to pose being nice when they are alone. They are both aware whatever she said yesterday is true. Sherlin wasn’t ready to accept any accusations, and minds Preeta to respect her as a daughter in law of the family. Rakhi comes there. Sherlin tells Rakhi she came over just not to make them feel anymore guilty.

Rakhi apologizes Preeta for not being on her side. Preeta holds her hands and apologizes with a cry, she is guilty to call Karan to the Club. Kareena comes from behind and accuses Preeta. Rishab and Mahesh come downstairs discussing the case, Rishab was concerned and asks why Preeta is crying? Soon, there was a news on television that some other cricketer was selected for South Africa tour and Karan was rejected because of drug case.

Rishab was furious and goes outside. Rakhi cries that her son’s career was ruined. Mahesh tries to calm Rakhi down. Kareena doesn’t let Preeta follow Rakhi and tells her to get away from here. Preeta leaves. Sameer was hurt over Kareena’s behavior with Preeta. Sherlin enjoys everything and appreciates Prithvi.

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