Jhanvi says to Adi that i wanted to know what design you want for your office?

Adi says on call that if you want to know about me then you should talk to Kaka, he knows me truly well. Jhanvi thinks he is talking with her and says but i think you should tell about it.

Adi says to caller that hold on, he says to Jhanvi that what is your problem? i am talking to caller and you are just blabbering nonstop, Jhanvi mouths sorry, he leaves.

Jhanvi says atleast i got to know that Kaka will help me to solve this problem.

Jhanvi comes in Kaka’s office. Jhanvi says i know you are busy but i want your 5minutes, he says sit down and tell me.

Jhanvi sits and says my mom says we should take help from elders when we are confused, Kaka says she is right but you are bright kid, what help you need? Jhanvi says my mind is not working, we learned to make interior designs which gives you peace and which you like but Adi is my problem, She says to Kaka that Adi is like red signal on road so how will i know what he likes?

Adi comes there and hears it standing behind Jhanvi, Jhanvi says he is always frowning and is like there is nothing to make him happy, he always one frowning expression on his face, he looks arrogant, Adi fumes in anger hearing it, he glares Jhanvi who didnt see him there.

Jhanvi says to Kaka that Adi doesnt allow anyone to understand him, Adi is hearing all this.

Jhanvi says i never saw him smile, he always has blank expression, he doesnt let me talk so how will i know what gives him peace so i will design room like he wants? your room has soothing colors like your calm personality but Adi has no colors.

Adi leaves. Kaka says Adi has not problems in his life, we are a happy family, personality changes with time. Jhanvi says we should have happiness more with time, how to bring smile back?

Kaka says we should show them past which made them happy, make them recall their memorable moments, Jhanvi asks can i use something to make Adi remember his moments?

Kaka says go to store room and find things related to adi’s past, Jhanvi says elders are always helpful, thank you.

Binni and Chinni says to Nisha that we didn’t see movie for so much time, can we go watch movie? Nisha smiles and says lets go.

Jhanvi comes in store room and says why store rooms are always in dust? its like this is kitchen for ants and cockroaches.

Jhanvi finds Adi’s pictures, she says Adi was like cool person? he used to play guitar? his eyes are shining in pictures, but they are blank and dull now.

Jhanvi is about to see his picture with Nisha but it mistakenly falls from her hand.

Jhanvi says surely something happened to make his life sad but i will give him reason to smile again.

Nisha brings Chinni and Binni to hall and says you will see live movie today, Binni says what is live movie? Nisha gives them popcorn and says live movie will start soon.

Binni says your movie will be full of drama which will have tears and spice too. Nisha looks at time and smirks.

Jhanvi brings Adi’s old photos in her office and says how Adi changed so much?

Jhanvi sees Adi coming there, she tries to hide photos, he hides it under magazine, she acts like calling Survi. Adi comes there, she says yes?

Adi says you can have personal calls. Jhanvi stealthily takes his photos on phone, Adi says follow company rules and concentrate on your work.

Adi looks at her table but doesnt see his photos, he leaves. Survi calls Jhanvi, Jhanvi takes call and says i am busy in office, no personal call, she ends call.

Jhanvi looks adi’s old handsome photos and his current stern photo and sighs sadly.

Adi comes home and sees all guest in party to honor Kaka.

Marwari community owner says we have seen Dharmesh opening small store and going to become successful, its our honor that he wants to join marwari community board.

Adi looks at Nisha and thinks Nisha cant do anything without reason, she must have some plan behind this party.

Kaka says to guests that whatever i am, all credit goes to my elder brother(baba), his thinking and blessing was behind this company, he hugs baba. Nisha is looking at gate.

Adi says to Baba that Marwari community is honoring Kaka. Community head applies tilak to Kaka.

He lifts Turban and is about to honor Kaka by making him wear turban.. but police inspector comes there and shouts Mr. Dharmesh Jindal, all are stunned to see police, Nisha smirks.

Jhanvi is working in office. Peon comes there with tea, peon says its late, your family must be waiting, Jhanvi says they are, are you going to watch movie?

Peon says i am not married. Jhanvi asks how you find Adi? he says Adi is storm.

Jhanvi says all have seen Adi’s stern side, you want to see his cool side? he says yes, she says then i have to go to him room but you have key, will you give it? peon says no i cant.

Jhanvi says Amitabh Bachan opened door in Dewar movie like this, peon says i cant say no now, she gives her key.

Jhanvi says i am sorry Adi sir, i am crossing my limits, but to make you smile, to make recalls your old happy times, to make you meet your good days again, i have to do this.

Jhanvi is leaving office. She starts her scooty and is not looking forward, she strikes with car. She shouts that you cant see scooty coming? you are driver and dont know how to drive, if it was girl driving car then people would blame her.

She knocks on window, Adi rolls window down, Jhanvi says sir you hit my scooty? Adi says i am sorry, are you okay? she says i am perfectly fine. Jhanvi tries to start her scooty but it doesnt start, adi asks its not working? Jhanvi says dont worry, it will start.

Adi says i think your scooty brokedown, park it, call mechanic tomorrow, i will drop you, its late and not safe. Jhanvi sits in Adi’s car, they leave. Jhanvi looks at Adi and thinks that sir wont be able to ignore me, this is right time to remind him of his past. Jhanvi recalls how Adi used to play guitar. She starts singing raabta song and asks Adi he remembers lyrics? i dont remember it. Adi glares at her but doesnt answer.

Jhanvi starts radio and raabta is playing, Jhanvi says this is my favorite song. Adi recalls flashback, it shows Adi playing and singing raabta song for Nisha at pav bhaji stall, Nisha is disgusted with place and is ignoring Adi, she throws pav away adn says you are good singer but this place is cheap, mosquitoes are biting me, if you want to take me to dates then take me five star hotels but now like these places, i am leaving, flashback ends.

Adi stops radio and says i hate music. Jhanvi says but you and music.. i mean boys like guitars and instruments in college days, did you never like it? Adi doesnt answer her.

Jhanvi sees pav bhaji stall and asks Adi to stop, he asks what happened? she says i am hungry and i want to eat pav bhaji, he says now? Jhanvi says i am hungry. Jhanvi comes out of car and orders from stall. She asks Adi to come out of car, its nice weather, Adi says i am fine inside.

Jhanvi thinks that i have to bring him out of car but how? Jhanvi gets pav bhaji plates. Jhanvi sits in car and says it didnt seem nice that i am eating only so one plate is for you. Adi says no i am fine, Jhanvi says just hold plate. Adi does.

Jhanvi says i always throw pav bhaji on my dress, Adi looks at his car seat and says why dont you eat outside of car? its nice weather, Jhanvi says it wont look good that i eat alone outside, Adi says no problem, i will come out with you, Jhanvi says perfect.

Adi and Jhanvi comes out of car. Jhanvi asks Adi to eat pav bhaji, Adi says no i am fine. One kid comes to Adi and asks him to eat food, he offers him packet of food, Adi says you eat it kid, Jhanvi says take it, kid is giving you gently, Adi takes it, kid leaves.

Adi throws packet away, jhanvi asks why did you do it? Adi says what will you get by making me happy? Jhanvi says i didnt do anything, kid gave it to you. Adi says you think i am fool?

I saw you giving money to kid for him to give that packet to me, i dont understand why you want me to eat street food, Jhanvi says you dont live life, Adi says you think that i havent eaten street food? you have no idea how much street food i used to eat, i have eaten it for a longtime, Jhanvi says then what happened now? why you dont eat it now? why you have stopped enjoying life? Adi glares at her.

Adi asks what will you get? you think i never ate street food? i have ate it so much that you cant even think. Jhanvi asks what is problem now? why you have stopped living now/ Adi looks away.

They see worker scolding kid who works there, he is about to slap kid. Jhanvi and Adi hay.. Jhanvi calls media personnel and says i have seen case of child labor, you come here at pav bhaji stall, she tells her address, call police too.

Worker says to Jhanvi that i am sorry, dont call police, Jhanvi says i will forgive you if you give this kid time to study, and behave nicely with him, worker says i wont raise hand on him and will let him study, he leaves.

Kid thanks Jhanvi, Jhanvi gives him number and says it will be helpful for your studies, go there and you know i didnt call any media person but it helped your case. Adi sees Jhanvi talking lovingly with kid and gifting him things and smiles.

Jhanvi asks worker how much pav bhaji costed? worker says Sir(adi) gave it. Jhanvi is surprised. She sits in car, Adi drives, Raabta song plays. Adi comes to Jhanvi’s house. Jhanvi thanks him for dropping, Adi leaves.

Survi asks where is scooty? Maa says i will make food for you. Jhanvi says i ate outside. Maa says without us? Survi says did you eat gol gappe without me? Jhanvi says no pav bhaji.

Maa nods and leaves. Survi says you were with Adi? Jhanvi says Adi didnt even taste pav bhaji, he used to be music lover, the one who used to play and make music tunes now get irritated hearing them, i feel there is something very wrong with him, like he has fear of something, i dont know what his problem is.

Adi says to Sameer that my problem is Nisha, she is acting sweet like she changed, i cant forgive what she did today but she is playing safe and its more dangerous, i dont know why she is playing safe, Sameer says you play safe too then.

Survi says to Jhanvi that Aid is more nice to you now? Jhanvi says i couldnt do anything today but i will do it tomorrow, i will try to make life good.

Sameer says to Adi that Nisha is hiding her plan from you so it means her plan will fail if you get to know it, i have an idea, put spy camera in your room. Adi says i cant do it, this is beyond my dignity, Sameer says you are not spying her, you are trying to protect your family and there is nothing wrong with that, trust me this is good idea. Adi looks at moon and thinks.

Jhanvi is watching Adi’s pictures on her phone and says tomorrow’s day is important, i want to bring Adi out of his shell, pray that everything happens nicely, Survi smiles.

Its morning, Nisha says to Kaki that please eat something, its not good for your health, Kaki says i dont want to eat anything, Nisha says we need to go to new doctor and see why medicines are not working.

Adi comes there and says he is our family doctor, we dont need to change him, i know why medicines are not working because i found sealed bottle in your drawer kaki, you didnt take any dose.

Kaki says no Nisha is giving me medicine daily, Nisha says you found extra bottle in her drawer, i keep one bottle in my room to give her on time, i am giving her medicine daily but its not working, her health is not getting fine, i will take her to new doctor, Adi says fine, i will go with you both too.

Adi thinks that i am sure Nisha is tempering with Kaki’s medicines, i will have to do what Sameer told me, he leaves.

Nisha looks at medicine bottle which she is giving to kaki which is actually to increase her BP more.

Adi comes in his room, he puts spy camera in vase. He is reluctant and says i cant do this, he takes out camera but recalls Sameer’s words that he has to do it for his family’s sake, there is nothing in it to protect his family. Adi pus spy camera back in vase and leaves.

Jhanvi is in Adi’s office, she has placed Adi’s old happy pictures all around his cabin, raabta plays. all walls are filled with his pictures, Jhanvi says get ready to meet yourself, Adi.

She comes out of his cabin and sees Adi going to his cabin, she looks away.

Adi comes in his office, he looks at his old pictures all around his cabin and is confused, he recalls how he used to play table tennis in office with Raj, how used to tell Raj to keep smiling in life even after losing battles, he recalls how he used to play guitar in office. Adi finds envelope.

He reads note that says you were happy go lucky but you are frowning man now, like all burden of world is on you, if you smile then your world will smile too, please try to be happy, he looks at his pictures and is hurt seeing his doomed life.