Thursday Update On Begusarai 11th October 2018

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Candy Tv Thursday Update On Begusarai 11th October 2018

Lakhan starts to leave but Poonam pulls him and hugs him tightly, he lifts her in arms. He makes Poonam sit in jeep, they both lovingly look at each other, Lakhan kisses her forehead, her nose, he kisses on her lips(not shown).

Lakhan and Poonam comes to some isolated place, its all dark, Poonam lights match-stcik, her hand gets burned by it, Lakhan caresses her hand and wipes her finger with his lips, Aang lagade re plays, they come close, Lakhan kisses her neck, Poonam feels emotions. Lakhan takes off her jewelry, he kisses her hands, Poonam hugs him tightly, Lakhan moves her hair and opens her saree’s back dori(string), Lakhan takes off his ,,
he makes Poonam lie, he lies on her and kisses her neck, they make love.

Badi Amma takes out her gun. She is walking in corridor, maya comes there, she points gun at her, Maya asks what are you doing with gun? Badi Amma says danger has not gone, we cant think Choti Amma as weak so we will keep watch on everyone at night, Maya says what about your health? Badi Amma says nothing, will happen, you go to sleep.

Poonam sleeps, Lakhan looks at her and thinks that i wont let this smile fade away, Poonam asks did he say anything? he says nothing, Poonam says i listened your heart thing, Lakhan asks what did she listen? Poonam says that till we are alive, we will love each other like this, we will fight but love strengths after fight, Lakhan says i will pacify you, Poonam says i will give you chance to pacify me, Lakhan says means i have to live in your dominance? she says yes, he tickles her.

Lakhan and Poonam comes back home. Lakhan flirts with Poonam outside house. Komal sees this and gets angry, she break things in her room and says this cant happen, i have been cheated, i put my life at stake for Lakhan and he cheated me, i wont leave him, she loads her gun, Choti Amma comes there and stops her, Komal asks her to move away, Lakhan cheated me, he planned all this with Poonam, he played with my heart, he has to pay for it, Choti Amma says if they know that we are here then they would kill us, Komal says i dont care about my life else i wouldnt be here for your revenge, Choti Amma says you are daughter of my sister, i have to answer her, Lakhan is in power, wait for sometime, Komal says whom you are with? you lived with this family but still against them, Lakhan was my love but he will be my first target now, i swear i will not comeback till i dont kill him, just let me go, she takes gun and leaves.

Komal comes in Haveli with Gun. Badi Amma is walking corridor. Komal comes outside Lakhan and Poonam’s room, she tries to open door but its locked, she says i have to end this game today, its Lakhan’s last night in world.

Komal sees from window that Lakhan and Poonam are sleeping on bed hugging each other, Komal says Lakhan confessed love to me but is loyal to Poonam, he has to pay for all this, she points gun at him but someone hits her on head, she falls down and sees Badi Amma pointing gun at her, she says thief does mistake, i was waiting for you and my gun was waiting for your death too, Badi Amma asks her to leave gun, Komal says dont shoot, i am leaving it, she pushes away Badi Amma and runs from there, Badi Amma says where did she go? Badi Amma calls out to Lakhan and Mitlaish. They come to her and asks what happened? Badi Amma says Komal came in Haveli, she wanted to kill Poonam and Lakhan, Mitlaish asks his goons to capture Haveli, she should not go out of Haveli, Lakhan says i will not leave her today, Badi Amma says be careful, Mitlaish says dont worry, he leaves too.

Lakhan and Mitlaish is searching for Komal. Mitlaish says to Lakhan that if you find her, just point out to me, Lakhan goes to find her, Mitlaish says i wont spare you Komal, even Sarkar wont be able to recognize you.

Mitlaish comes in terrace, he tries to find Komal. he says why did Bindya not come out of her room? she must be asleep.
Lakhan is searching for Komal. he looks around and says she is not here too.
Choti Amma says i tried to make Komal understand but she has gone behind Lakhan, she has gne behind lion, thakurs can kill her. Manjeeta comes to her and shows Mitlaish on terrace and searching for Komal, he says to Lakhan that she is not here, Lakhan says i will search her godown. Mitlaish says to his goons that kill her if you see her.

Choti Amma points gun at Mitlaish, Manjeeta says i request you to surrender, Lakhan and Mitlaish have captured haveli, if you surrender then they might spare Komal, Choti Amma says stop this non-sense if you want to live, Manjeeta says okay, Choti Amma says she was not caught by Mitlaish and Lakhan then where did she go?

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