Tanu’s turn comes. Dadi says she was waiting for her turn and asks her to knead the flour. Tanu asks what? Dadi says it is dare for you. They go to kitchen. Next turn is of King. He chooses truth. Pragya says I think you shall choose dare. King says sorry to abhi and says dare.

Abhi thinks you found out again what I was going to do. He says this is cheating and says King have to say truth as he has chosen truth. He asks are you ready for the truth. King says I am ready. Abhi asks him about Kiara’s age. King says honestly, I don’t remember her years as I never counted the years, although we have celebrated together. Pragya smiles. Tarun spins bottle again. It points towards Pragya.

Abhi asks truth or dare? Pragya says truth, but no questions regarding Kiara. She says I meant questions shall be asked about the person present here. Abhi asks do you love your husband? King thinks Abhi wants to know if Pragya loves me. Pragya recalls Abhi telling that he is her husband and says I love my husband a lot. King thinks Pragya talked about her ex husband.

He says lets move on. Next Abhi’s turn comes. King asks truth or dare? Abhi says dare. King says you have to win to save the game’s reputation and calls Bahadur. Abhi says I will not accept defeat. Bahadur brings chillies. Abhi eats it. Pragya feels the pain and thinks I won’t become weak. Neha appreciates him. King goes to check on Tanu along with Pragya. Abhi thinks I won the game, but lost.

King stops Aaliya and asks her to hold on. Aaliya stops. Abhi drinks much water as he eats the chillies. Pragya brings honey and asks him to eat, but he refuses. Pragya says I don’t want you to give excuse of your health. Abhi says I will not change my decision. He says tomorrow is challenge’s first day, may be last. King warns Aaliya and asks her not to take Pragya’s name next time.

Aaliya asks what do you want to say. King says Sunny told something to Kiara and when she questioned me, I have no answer to give to my daughter. Aaliya says she didn’t do anything. King says you tried to harm Purab whom you love.

Aaliya says I tried to inform you about pragya. King says I will not give warning next time, whatever I have to ask Pragya, I will ask her. Pragya comes home and asks Servant about Sunny and Kiara.

Servant says they slept. King recalls Aaliya’s words and thinks shall I inform Pragya or not, what Aaliya said. He thinks until Pragya tells me about her past, I will not let her. He thinks I will not disturb Pragya’s life until I get sure of my feelings. He says I am tired and needs to sleep. King recalls Kiara’s words and thinks may be she is acting to be sleep. He thinks to talk to her and lighten his heart. Abhi and Pragya think about each other. Jab tak Jahan me….plays…

Abhi telling that he loves Kiara very much and loves her Mamma also, but she is very stubborn and not letting Kiara with him. Pragya thinks you can prove easily that she is your daughter, but how to let her go. Abhi thinks Kiara will love him much as he is her Papa.

King comes to Kiara’s room and thinks I have been acting to be your real father and I don’t want you to meet your real dad, as I am fake, but my love is not fake. Kiara holds his hand in sleep. King thinks if your real father came to you then don’t know what will I do? He thinks he is used to her and can’t imagine life without her.

He thinks Pragya made him leave all bad habits and asks how she will make him leave his habit to have her. Abhi says if Kiara loves me. Disha hears him and says she loves you

very much. Abhi says Pragya don’t let me meet Kiara. Disha asks if something happened? Abhi asks her to tell whose daughter is Kiara? Purab says yours. Abhi says Pragya don’t accept his and said that Kiara is king’s daughter.

Purab asks why she will say this? Abhi tells about Pragya’s challenge to prove that Kiara is his daughter else forget her. He tells that he challenged her as she said that Kiara is King’s daughter so he challenged her, so she accepted his challenge. Purab says she did give challenge to us also. Disha says I want to hear Maasi from her mouth. Abhi asks purab to help him.

Purab says we will do our best to unite kiara and you. Abhi says I have to prove that Kiara is my daughter or not of King’s daughter. He says he wants Kiara to be with him, wants her to spend time with him, sleep and wake up with her.

Disha thinks if Pragya di will come here. Abhi hugs Purab. Purab says who knows that Kiara might come home, and you both sleep together. Abhi hugs him and leaves. Disha thinks don’t know what Pragya di might be thinking.

Pragya thinks Sunny is like Disha and you are like me, and thinks you look like your Papa too. He wants to snatch you from me, but you are my reflection and nobody can separate us. She says when I fought for my husband then why will I lose for my daughter.

Next day, Abhi asks Sunny how is he looking? Sunny says you asked many times. He says you are looking cute today. Abhi says he is going to meet Kiara. Purab stops car at King’s house. Abhi hides on the back seat and covers himself with bedsheet.

Pragya says kids are getting late and opens the back door, but Purab asks her to sit from the other door. Kiara sits in the car. Pragya tries to check. Purab says it is just bedsheet. Pragya asks about the test preparation. Sunny says good. Pragya says she is sending Kiara with him as he told. Sunny says Papa told and then chuck…Purab says bak bak.

They leave. Pragya thinks Purab is behaving strangely today. Purab tells Kiara that there is a surprise. Abhi removes the bedsheet from his face, and hugs Kiara. Kiara gets happy. Pragya finds Kiara’s maths notes and thinks to go to school and give to her.

Kiara tells Abhi that she is scared of her maths exam. Abhi says it is very easy and says if you don’t wake up early then will get late. Kiara says she fears that she will be left alone if she fails and all her friends will go to next class.

Abhi recalls and a fb is shown, he tells Pragya that if his concert fails then he will lose all the contracts. Pragya asks him to think about his fans and perform for them. She asks him to concentrate on performance. Abhi tells himself the same. He gets nervous again and asks her to kiss on his forehead. Pragya kisses him. Abhi asks him to think about the performance and not about the result. He says you are best.

Kiara says Mamma said the same thing today and asks do you know my Mamma? Abhi says yes, and says I know her very well. Kiara asks do you know my Dada also? Abhi says yes. Kiara says then you might be knowing my real father also and tells that Sunny told her. Sunny says I heard mom and dad talking. Abhi looks on. Purab stops the car.

Sunny asks Purab to bring pencil for him. Abhi wishes them best of luck. Kiara says today is test and tomorrow is exam. Abhi asks her to go. Kiara hugs Abhi. Abhi asks her to go. He thinks something and tells Purab that he brought Kiara to school, now this school will take me to Kiara, I will win from Pragya. Pragya is on the way and thinks she should have check her bag.