Stonebwoy Is More Influential Than Shatta Wale

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A Bhim Nation fan has shared his opinions about how influential their king, Stonebwoy – the top Skanka is as compared to his rival Shatta Wale.

He said Stonebwoy is influential than Shatta Wale .

In his words, said;

“I am saying that because, OV’s first song want me ft Stonebwoy is bigger than all the songs released by SM militants featuring Shatta Wale. OV is now bigger than all those Militants even with just one song featuring Stonebwoy and she is hot and trending everywhere because of how influential Stonebwoy is. Kelvynbwoy is now a superstar because of how influential Stonebwoy is but the SM Militants are still underground artists even with Shatta Wale. Shatta Wale should just accept the fact that, Stonebwoy is the real music God when it comes to Ghana and African dancehall. Wale is nowhere near Stonebwoy.”

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Another Bhim fan also took to Facebook and wrote:

Shatta wale militants Are All Driving With No Talent. A Farewell To Kelvin Boy Congratulations Boy Despite Living Bhim nation. You Are going Shine Like A Diamond You have prove To GHANAIAN that You Can Make Hits Songs Alone, Organize and Play Your Own Shows Across The City. Humbleness Is They key . You won’t understand But wale Milltant Has a Long Way To Go. There’s no radio station or tv Station That play their songs Or Even talk About Them. Their Just Follow Back. Let Shatta wale stop Giving them Attention Right now You will See they will disappear Like Ghana 2 pack.”

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