Candy Tv Saturday Update On Twist of Fate 8th December 2018

Pragya guarantees to take care of him even after infant is born to them. pandit ji asks them to take sixth spherical. purab says there’s no person here. he sees goon there and calls him. he stops the automobile and catches the goon. goon tells that he is a laborer and stays in a nearby village. purab slaps him and asks where is my bhai and bhabhi. goon says he doesn’t realize. inspector threatens him to place him in prison.

He is of the same opinion to inform and says that they are getting married at the mountain. abhi and pragya completes the round. abhi makes her wear mangalsutra.

Raghuveer ji senses goon presence, but he hides. abhi fills her maang with sindoor. tanu watches this on mobile and is angry. she says this sindoor is mine. abhi and pragya seems at every different smilingly. tanu receives irritated. aaliya comes there. tanu says she can now not depart them. aaliya is taken aback to look abhi and pragya getting married in a temple. she asks tanu to relax. tanu says i can no longer leave your brother. aaliya says sufficient is sufficient and slaps him. she says there is a restrict for madness too.

Commando and the goons see the temple. Commando says I told that you are run, but can’t hide. I will not leave you both. Nikhil asked me to stop your marriage. I will kill you both and asks his goons to shoot the moment they see them. Abhi says you may kiss your bride now. Pragya gets shy.

Abhi says baba is here. He says now you will do all work without taking money and have become wife from secretary.

Raghuveer ji blesses Pragya and says you will find me at your side whenever you need a father. He says he is feeling as if he has done his elder daughter’s kanyadaan. Abhi asks him to bless him too. Just then he sees goon recording them and catches him. He asks who are you? Goon says they are coming here and will kill you.

Purab gets happy thinking they are getting married. He says I am coming di and thinks I am the lucky one to see their love story, and thinks even Bulbul must be happy and thinks to call Dadi. He gets Sarla’s call and she tells that she is feeling happy now. He tells that Abhi and Pragya are together and happy and says he is going there. Goon thinks to escape before Commando sees him with the police.

Goon asks driver to stop the jeep and says temple is here. He runs and escapes.

Purab says how we will search the temple. Abhi ties the goon hands. Goon says you will be killed. Raghuveer ji asks Abhi to take Pragya from there and says they are dangerous goons. Abhi says he ran enough and will not run now, will face the goons and beat them. Raghuveer ji reminds him of his promise to take care of pragya and asks him to go.

Abhi and Pragya leave from there. Aaliya puts the water on the pics to set off the fire and asks what you were going to do and says all family members are here. Tanu says I have killed many people to get him, but Pragya ruined her happiness.

Aaliya says what you will do? Will you kill yourself. Tanu says she will kill Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya says have you gone mad. Tanu says she ordered Nikhil to kill Abhi and Pragya both, and called her back so that she can’t stop their murder. She says now your brother have to die. Aaliya is shocked.

Abhi and Pragya are running away from goons. Commando asks goon to catch them alive. Abhi and Pragya have a laugh as they fool the goons. Purab and Inspector hear the gun sound. Inspector asks driver to take jeep there. Purab prays for their safety. The same goon who escaped from jeep sees Abhi and Pragya and points gun at them. Abhi makes him unconscious and run with Pragya. Pragya says they shall go back and hide in the temple.

Commando and goons come there and see the unconscious goon. He says he will make their dead more painful. Abhi and Pragya take shelter in the hut. Abhi gets closer to her. Pragya asks him to see the situation and says goons are after us. Abhi says we shall have suhaagraat here. He sings song. Pragya asks him not to make sound.

They hear goon coming there. Damru asks goon to go inside and check. Abhi tells Pragya that the goons are afraid of dogs and says they shall bark. Damru and the other goon get scared.

Commando comes and asks them to check inside. Goon says we heard jungle dogs voice. Commando slaps him and says they are inside and fooling you both. They break the door.

Raghuveer ji, Pujari ji and his daughter see abhi and Pragya in the hut from far and thinks how to help them. Raghuveer ji asks if he has mobile with it. Pujari says no. Pragya prays to God to save them and let them stay together for a day atleast.

They break and open the door and comes inside. Goons hold Abhi and says I didn’t think we will meet like this and says you made me so tired and made me dog. He says he is not bad guy at heart, but he made him angry. He says he didn’t sleep since 3 days and will take revenge now.

He will give them more painful death. He says I came to know that you got married, and thought to give gift then thought what you will do with the gift as you will die same day. He asks if your family will have your marriage anniversary or death anniversary, and that’s why thought to bury you inside. They laugh. He asks Abhi to come.

Pragya peeps out. Commando asks her to come out. Purab and Police reach temple. Raghuveer ji asks them to save Abhi and Pragya and says they are in the hut.

Commando asks Pragya to come infront and says wife shall die first. Abhi makes her turn and asks goon to kill him first else he will not leave him. Commando says ok, I will kill you. Pragya asks him to kill her. Commando aims to shoot. Abhi asks Pragya to move back and says he will die first.

Pragya says you are not my boss now. Abhi says I am your husband and says he will die. Commando says he will kill them together and says this is Indian husband and wife. He asks Damru what you would have done if you and your wife are in this situation. Damru laughs and says he would have push her infront. Abhi asks Pragya to run when he asks her. Damru asks Commando to kill them both.


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