The inspector tells jai approximately the development and jai recollects the clean call vicky were given.. he tells the inspector that he cannot inform bani.. the three sisters are out to save with krishna .. someone is looking them.. ganga and rishi are traveling inside the vehicle with a girl and she or he is calling them approximately the own family…ganga is indignant.. jai comes home and sees his percent with meera on the table. the servant tells him that dadi was moving the stuff round and left it there..

There may be a name and veer alternatives it up… the inspector tells him something.. veer is taken aback to pay attention it… jai calls bani and scolds her for being out when he advised her not to.. bani says i can move home.. a person faucets on her back. she screams and drops her cellular phone.. jai receives down concerned and runs.. its baba..

Bani is glad to look him.. bani scolds him for scaring her and going away like that… jai reaches there and is relieved… bani senses that something is bothering jai.. the buying is executed and they go home.. jai scolds bani for going buying.. she says i pay attention to the whole thing you he says then why didnt you concentrate this then… she is taken aback why jai is behaving like this…

Rishi – Ganga are having lunch… Ganga is wondering if Rishi has money to pay for lunch or they will have to wash dishes.. the waiter gives him money .. Ganga says how did you get the money.. Rishi gives his ring away and gets the money because they needed the money.. he thinks that he can sell himself for her love..

They are going to be together for only a little time … he wants to live that … Jai is wondering what he can do to keep Bani safe without telling her anything… he is angry why Meera had to come back in their lives.. Veer comes and says why are u taking out your anger on something else ..he asks Jai what the problem is.. Jai tells him he wants to be left alone..

Veer tells Jai that his problems will not get solved like that… he tells Jai that he spoke to the inspector … he told him that Meera has run away and is worried that anybody will find out.

Veer says that I found out everything about Meera and dont worry I have taken care of security arrangements.. and we too will be with Bani and take care of her.. and dont worry I will not let Meera come near Bani.

Jai says I can take care of the family but thanks Veer for being there to help him. Veer tells him that he will feel nice if he accepts him as a part of this family (didnt Jai already ?? ) he says I have realised the importance of people.. i did hughe mistake and lost my father and mom.. now I wont let any thing happen to Bani .. but you have to tell me anything you know about Meera so it will be easier for us to track her..

Jai tells him that Vicky has started getting balnk calls .. he thinks that its Meera trying to call him.. Veer says I dont think Vicky will help Meera… he tells Jai to track the number and then we can follow from there …

The Walias are enjoying the party.. Adi says he will always remember this party. Krishna gives him a mask to wear .. Jai is worried about the masks .. Veer assures him that he has put CC TV cameras everywhere and there are two check posts. Also the servants are plain clothes guards who have constant contact with control room.. Jai is happy with Veer and his arrangements and Veer says dont worry. Jai goes to bring Bani as he thinks she is a little disturbed.

Veer sees Pia and tries to give her the juice but she refuses and walks away. Rano comes and takes the juice from him and gives it to Pia. She finally accepts and Veer is happy. Ganga – Rishi come to some hospital and the front cleark scares Ganga and she holds Rishis hand. Rishi asks for two rooms and Ganga says we want only one. Rishi pulls his hand away and he says why did u take one room. She says we have less money so lets not waste on two rooms.

Rishi opens the window and sees some preparations. The bell boy tells them its New Year Eve celebration and Ganga says we have to go.

Rishi agrees. Jai drops something and Bani tells him to be careful. He says you finally talked. He says sorry for everything.. she says now you see, I will keep holding your hand all the time till you get fed up.. he says I will never get fed up of you.. Bani says I know you are trying to hide something.. he says I just have a feeling that something bad is going to happen and thats why I dont want to let you go anywhere.. She says we shall always be together … Jai promises himself that he will always keep her safe…

Jigs is getting bored at the party.. she thinks I have to plan something else so Bani will become miserable again… Adi asks krishna and Vicky for the surprise item and they tell its Dadi.. she is the biggest item girl in India.. dadi says at midnight there will be bigger item number. Vicky gets another blank call and Krishna tells him to forget the phone. Krishna tells Veer that just as you said I took the phone from Vicky so now he can enjoy. Jai is seeing all this.

He tells Veer that Vicky got another blank call and Veer says I’ll look who it was. Adi is looking for Jai and before he reaches Jai, dadi takes him away. Veer says I got the number and I will give it to security so they can trace the call. Bani comes and tells jai that he can have a drink today as its new year. Jai says I dont want to drink today and I want to stay alert and enjoy the party. Bani tells him she is proud of him.

Ganga-Rishi are at the new year bash (there is hardly anyone there…. )and they keep looking at each other. (Kitni baatein plays in the background… ) Ganga is cold and Rishi offers her his jacket. .. (she is definately falling in love with him now… ) Someone offers Rishi a drink so he will stay warm and he drinks it up..

At the bash Adi is flirting with some Mrs. Malhotra.. Jigs is jealous … …it gets dark and Jigs comes forward and announces that we have a famous guitarist and he will play for us.. and that Aditya.. Adi actually plays it well and Jigs is surprised… Bani tells Jigs to let Adi enjoy like everyone else..

Jigs tells her that its between her and her husband and you keep out.. Jigs announce the star of tonight and its Vicky.. it was he who played the guitar.. Adi decides to do something so the party rocks.. he says I am not so boring.. they start to dance on rock and roll soniye… jai is wondering what is taking Veer so long to find out the phone number… Veer comes and is about to tell him when Vicky takes him away… Some lady is looking at Bani thru the mask.

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