Jhanvi says Ali why you are lying, Ali says you didnt give me money. Adi comes there and asks did you get money Ali? Ali says no, i would have signed paper.

Jhanvi says he said that we will sign receipts later, Adi says no one has proof to say who is lying so i will call police.

Adi acts like calling police but Ali says dont call police, i will tell everything, i took money from Jhanvi but i had helplessness and used it.

Adi ends call and says to Ali that you have do payment to your workers Ali, we gave you payment, Jhanvi says Ali did wrong but he had some problem.

We should give him second chance, why did you lie Ali? Ali says my daughter is ill, she is not getting fine, my all savings were gone, i didnt have money, to make my daughter fine, i tried to get money by cheating.

Nisha comes to Binni’s teacher house with big gifts. Teacher says today is not my birthday.

Nisha says teachers are like God, my daughter have everything but not your blessing, give her blessings so she should’nt have to work hard, she should work smart in life, we should take shortcuts to success.

Jhanvi says to Ali that never take shortcuts, you did mistake, if you want money then do overtime. She gives him cheque from her money and says use it to treat your daughter.

Ali says i wont cheat anyone from now on, Jhanvi says your daughter will be fine, Adi looks at Jhanvi surprised with her gentleness.

Nisha says to Binni;s teacher that i will give you more gifts if you want but just make my Binni handle exam, bless her in exam so she should have to work hard.

Jhanvi says to Ali that always work and God will be with you, you will get wrong paths but choose hardworking path and trust your abilities. Ali thanks her and says you didnt fire me.

Jhanvi says someone said that our employees are like family and we take care of them, we show them right path and give them second chance.

Ali leaves. Kaka gets happy with Jhanvi and says you are so mature, God bless you, Kaka says to Adi that its good police didnt come here.

Adi says police would’nt come here, i know Jhanvi wont lie, i completely trust her so it was clear that Ali was lying, someone said that we can choose tricky way to bring truth out, right Jhanvi? she nods.

Adi comes out of office. Jhanvi comes behind and thanks him, Adi says dont keep blind faith, you should have paperwork of cash.

Jhanvi says you gave me 2lacs for raw materials, you should make me sign for them too, Adi sighs and says okay, Jhanvi goes, Adi shakes his head.

Chinni says to Binni that you should study for your exam. Adi comes there. Binni says i am tired, i wont study. Chinni says if you dont study then how will you pass exams? Binni says you can pass without working hard, you shouldnt work hard, you can get help from teacher.

Adi comes there and says this is wrong Binni. Binni says if it was wrong then why mom would say that to teacher? Adi asks what mom said to you? Binni looks on.

Nisha is calling her friend and says our party will be rocking. Adi comes there and takes phone from Nisha, ends call and throws it away.

Nisha says why you are acting like MCP husband that dominate their wives? Adi says you dont think teaching wrong things to kids? you like freedom right? Nisha says i am their mother, why would i spoil their future.

Adi says you went to Binni’s class teacher to give her gifts, you taught Binni shortcut? you cant become good wife and daughter in law but atleast be good mother, you are teaching wrong things to kids, Binni has become stubborn.

I thought you are mother and just spoil them with affection but you have not spared even your kids too, you have no limits, what kind of mother are you? Nisha says i think you are finished.

Adi grabs her and says i am gonna finish today, it was just about me but my kids are involved, i wont let you hurt my family, i will push you away from my kids and family, you know what?

I am gonna divorce you. Nisha is shocked, but then smirks, she laughs on him and says finally you have guts to talk about divorce, i used to say you should be man and now you look like real man but you are very nice person, you are like family man.

I have respected you, you tried a lot to tell Kaki and Kaka about divorce, you even wrote letter to tell them but your bad luck makes you unsuccessful, i felt bad that my husband doesnt have guts, i am so happy that my poor husband who couldn’t do anything but today showed guts, i will help you now.

You want to divorce me? She rbings out bag and starts packing, she says i will leave tomorrow but what will you say to Kaki and Kaka? they will feel bad, you are breaking this family now.

Adi throws bag away and grabs her hand, he says i wont leave anything on tomorrow, i will do everything today, i wont leave chance for you, he grabs her hand and says i will tell truth to everyone today, i am ready, i hope you are too.

Nisha says to Adi that you wanted family be united and now wants to break it? you are hypocrite. Adi says i wont leave anything for tomorrow, i will do everything today and wont leave chance for you, he holds her hand and says i will tell truth to everyone today, i am ready and hope you are too. Adi drags Nisha out of room. Adi brings Nisha in hall.

Adi says to Kaka that i want to say something, Kaka says congrats you are going to be uncle Adi, Neha is pregnant, Raj is going to be father, there will be more happiness now, Adi smiles.

He looks at Nisha and leaves her hand, Nisha smirks at him for winning again. Nisha hugs Neha and says i am so u never happy for you and Raj, Adi we are going to be uncle and aunt, i am speechless.

Adi you are speechless too? God bless Raj and Neha, i dont want any evil eye cast on them.

Adi thinks that Nisha’s fate saved her today because i cant break my family’s happiness in moments like these but i will soon take action.

Kaki makes everyone eat sweets. Adi hugs Raj and Neha. Kaki says babies grow up so fast, its blessing that we are getting this happiness again, i wont let evil eye cast on my family, we should do pooja for Neha’s baby safety, Nisha says its good idea.

Nisha thinks something, kaki asks why you are silent? Nisha says actually Adi wanted to say something, listen to him.

Kaka asks Adi what he wanted to say? Adi looks on tensed, Nisha says everyone is here, say it Adi. Adi says yes i want to say something, Nisha gets tensed that he might talk about divorce.

Adi says i want to say but its not much important, i wanted to send raj to different city for business but he should remain with Neha, i will say my thing later, he glares at Nisha.

Jhanvi is in balcony and looking at moon. Survi comes there and scares her, Jhanvi says you didnt sleep till now? Survi says we have to arrange Maa’s birthday party, we will arrange dance and cook food, we will do theme party.

Jhanvi says i was thinking to call Adi in party. Survi says that only we three celebrate it, you always say its our personal happiness. Jhanvi says it will remain personal with him, he looks calm and relaxed here than in office, Survi says you never called even your friends but you changed that rule for Adi? why?

Jhanvi says i dont know why. They see Maa walking in sleep and dreaming and talking about red velvet cake, they laugh.

Nisha says to Chinni and Binni that i am going to tell you something which you might not like but you have to be strong, your mother and father will be separate.. Adi comes there and asks them go to sleep, Chinni says mama said you both are separating, are you going somewhere?

Adi glares at Nisha and says to Chinni that mama was saying, you are growing up and will go out with friends now, kids nod and leave. Adi asks Nisha to not do this with kids, Nisha says you want to divorce me, you wanted to tell whole family, you didnt think about kids then, i was just preparing my daughters.

If you care about family so much then why divorcing me? dont divorce me, did you think Kaka and Kaki will able to bear this thing? i dont think so.

Adi says i am tired of your emotional drama, i will do anything to save my family, just watch me, Nisha says i feel jealous that you go against me for your family, i wish you go against your family for me, she gives peck on Adi’s cheek and leaves. Adi tries to control his temper. Adi sadly looks on.

Nisha calls her mom, mom says Adi can divorce you. Nisha says i hate that Adi gives more importance to family than me, i need to teach lesson to Adi, there will tsunami tomorrow.

Its morning, Jhanvi and Survi brings cake for mom, they sing birthday song for her. Maa gets up from bed, she eats cake and ask for gift.

Survi gives her card and it says unlimited hugs. Maa says i keep getting hugs, where is my real gift? Survi says kids hugs are exclusive, Jhanvi says senior people celebrate birthday like this only, you should go to mandir and do pooja, they smirk and leave.

Adi comes to office and calls Sameer, he says Nisha knew about divorce, i have given enough chances to Nisha, i will divorce her after two days when Neha’s baby pooja is done, he ends call. Adi reads Nisha’s message which says that one husband wanted to throw wife from cliff but he fell himself, i am sure you dont want to fall from cliff, Adi gets angry reading it and kicks chair.

Peon comes there and puts coffee on table but mistakenly throws tea on table, Adi scolds him and says cant you work nicely? clean it and leave. Jhanvi comes there and sees Adi yelling on peon. Peon comes out of room and says to Jhanvi that Adi used to be nice before 7years back but he is really angry today so be careful.

In house, Kaki says to Nisha that Neha is your sister in law but you are arranging pooja for her. Nisha says she is like my sister. Nisha says i am packing gifts to send to relatives to give them news about Neha pregnant, Kaka says take some gifts to office too, Jhanvi says Adi is busy so he wont like me there, Kaki says i will go with you and see how Adi gets angry on you, Nisha says then lets leave. Nisha and kaki leaves with gifts to office.

In office, Jhanvi calls Adi and says i have designed conference room, can you come and check? Adi says i have important meeting. Jhanvi says i just need your 5minutes, Adi says okay i am coming. Adi comes to conference room, Jhanvi is there. Adi is shocked to see decoration in room, there are emojis, fluffy toys and colorful and skull paintings on walls.

Adi looks around and says what is this? Adi sees teddy bears and cute masks on wall, he says this is not playground, this is your creativity? i will take them all down. He throws them away and shouts on Jhanvi that what is this? have you lost it? i feel like you enjoy irritating me, Jhanvi winces with Adi yelling on her.

Adi stops yelling looking at her, Jhanvi says i am sorry sir, she doesnt even look at him and leaves. Adi realizes his mistake and tries to control his anger. Otherside Nisha arrives at office, she gets down from car. In office, Adi comes to Jhanvi’s office.

Jhanvi says i changed everything back. Adi says you did it purposely to bring my anger out? Jhanvi says its good that you are not angry anymore, Adi says how did you know that i was angry? Jhanvi says in all these days, i realized that wont you scold your employees without any reason or being angry, Adi is surprised to see her observation.

Jhanvi says to Adi that today is my mother’s birthday and we have arranged party at house, i wanted to invite you, we would like if you come there, its not grand party, it will be just my family and you only, will you come? Adi looks on and says wish your mother from my side, Jhanvi says will you come?

Adi says get back to work. Survi calls Jhanvi and says cupcake boy is finding you outside your office, Jhanvi says i will see him. Jhanvi comes outside office.

Adi comes to his car too. Nisha comes out of her car, she sees Adi there. Jhanvi sees Nisha there and recalls how she met her when she saved baba.

Jhanvi says to Adi that i have arranged theme party for my mother and i need time to prepare for it so i can go home? Adi says okay, Jhanvi thanks him and leaves. Jhanvi comes out of office and is waiting for cake delivery guy. Nisha comes out of car too.

Adi comes out and calls his peon saying i forgot my car keys in office, bring it, peon brings it. Adi opens his car and is looking at papers. Nisha sees him and hides, she says what is Adi doing here? he should be in meeting.

Jhanvi sees Nisha standing there and recalls how Nisha thanked her when she helped baba. Jhanvi comes to Nisha and says hi, Jhanvi says remember i dropped your baba at home. Nisha says i am sorry, i didnt remember, you helped me a lot, Jhanvi asks is he better now?

Nisha fears that Adi might see her there. Adi gets call from Sameer, Sameer says i have sent divorce papers to you. Jhanvi asks Nisha how she is here? Nisha says i have my husband’s office, i came to meet him, Jhanvi says i work here in near office, Nisha says nice to know, she greets her and leaves.