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Candy Tv Reports: Rick Ross Victorious In 50 Cent Lawsuit Over "In Da Club" Remix

A judge has reportedly rebuffed 50 Cent’s lawsuit against Rick Ross for remixing “In Da Club.”

50 Cent and Rick Ross have been at loggerhead for about a decade and at this point and it doesn’t look like it’ll end in the near future.

In 2015, Fif sued Rick Ross for using the “In Da Club” beat on his Renzel Remixes mixtape without taking permission. Unfortunately, it looks like the judge wasn’t siding with Fif.

According to TMZ reports, a federal judge has dismissed 50 Cent’s lawsuit against Rick Ross over the “In Da Club” remix on Renzel Remixes mixtape, . Rick Ross’ attorney said the judge’s decision was based on the fact that 50 Cent didn’t have a valid argument.

The judge said that because 50 Cent doesn’t own the copyright or the master recordings so there wasn’t much base behind his argument.

The master recording belongs to Shady/Aftermath Records.

The lawsuit that Fif filed in 2015 was seemingly a retaliation against Rozay. 50 Cent was hit with a $7M judgment that he had to pay to Rick Ross’ baby mother, Lastonia Leviston, for leaking her sex tape online.

50 Cent and Rick Ross’ beef hasn’t died down either since it started 10 years ago. Earlier this year, 50 Cent mocked Rick Ross when he was hospitalized with pneumonia earlier this year. A few months later, Fif was spotted partying it up with Leviston while the two were in Miami. Ultimately, Rick Ross’ win seems to be a case of karma for Fif.

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