One corner Hitmaker,Patapa Amisty Lost Tw!ns After W!Fe Successfully Del!vered

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One Corner hitmaker Patapaa Amisty has lost a set of twins after wife’s successful delivery.
Justice Amoah a.k.a Patapaa after flaunting his heavily-endowed girlfriend on social media, it has been revealed that he has lost a set of twins with the same lady who we all thought was Patapaa’s new catch but unknowingly, he has been dating the girl for a very long time and both of them even have bab!es together.

Patapaa whose bosom friend is Kumawood actor Yaw Adu also known as Sunsum made this shocking revelation about his friend on popular social media platform, Instagram.

According to Sumsum, the girl delivered a beautiful set of twins for Patapaa but unfortunately, the babies have passed on??. He sends his condolence to Patapaa on his loss and later posted a photo of Patapaa and his girl.

“I’m so sorry for your loss patapaa.
Patapaa looses first born of twins after wife’s successful delivery…I’m Deeply sorry my Brother ?????”

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