For the early parts of today, Caleb university has been on fire, the university student has been rioting around school.

Candy TV gathered that the riot was as an effect of an earlier rule set by the University which did not go well with the student. The rule read “being found with the opposite sex after 7pm and before 8am is an offence”

A student of the said university, which happens to be a member of our WhatsApp Channel, has given us an insight, as to what is causing the ongoing riot.

According to our source, there was a dinner party in the school, after which a boy and a girl was seen allegedly cleaning the cafeteria around past 9 thereby breaking the 7pm rule.

The offenders where set to be punished which didn’t go down well with some students, hence the riot,

Below is clips of the riot shared on Twitter, where two students have allegedly been shot by the police