Sharma family is in house, PD says to Kanta that you will keep Mahek locked in house because of that Shaurya Khanna? Kanta says he will try everything to come near Mahek but i wont allow it, Pd says you are not stopping Shaurya but giving pain to Mahek.

Kanta says then what should i do? let Shaurya do what he wants? Mahek comes there and says you are doing right Kanta chachi, what if i am not at food truck, i know you are doing all this for my safety, Kanta hugs her and says i trust you that you wont come in Shaurya’s trap.

Sharma family comes to food truck next day. Shaurya comes there and asks how they are? Jeevan says why you show your face in morning? go and look after your restaurant.

Shaurya says to Kanta that i wont break restraining order, but i will do three things. First i will tell Mahek today only what i want to say, what is in my heart, second she will come tomorrow to work at food truck because its her dream and third She is going to come to me herself and will held my hand in front of you.

I am not going to break this restraining limit but i promise you that this try of yours to separate me and Mahek is not going to work, you wont be able to separate us, this is Shaurya’s promise.

Nehal looks at him proudly, Shaurya glares at Kanta and leaves. Nehal sings wada raha sanam hongy na juda hum.

Kanta glares at her. Kanta calls Balwant andasks if Mahek is fine? i will call you in every hour, dont sleep.

Balwant says dont worry, i wont sleep, Kanta ends call and looks on.

PD is watching Mughal-e-Azam movie on TV, Mahek is sitting there. PD sits beside Mahe and smirks.

PD goes and does her make over, she has done makeup and wearing saree.

Mahek says Kanta chachi wont spare us, PD says you cant stay home because of Shaurya’s fear, lets go and watch movie in theater, i want to see my favorite hero before i die, Mahek says what about Balwant?

PD says Balwant is sleeping, Mahek says what if Shaurya comes there? PD says wait. Pd calls Jeevan and asks if he can see Shaurya in restaurant?

Jeevan sees Shaurya near food truck and says yes he is here, PD says okay.

She ends call and says to Mahek that Shaurya is at restaurant, are you coming or should i go alone?

Mahek says no, no i am coming with you, Mahek and PD leaves to go to cinema.

Mahek and Kanta leaves their society, Vicky is there disguised as veggie seller, he sees Mahek and PD leaving, he calls Shaurya and says consignment,i mean Mahek has left, shaurya smirks.

Mahek and PD comes inside cinema and sees no one else in whole theater, Mahek says why its empty? PD says its good,i can concentrate on my hero.

Mahek says it was written outside that all tickets were sold out but there is no one here, who bought those tickets?

Shaurya says from somewhere that I bought them all. Mahek looks around to find him.

Mehak is shocked to listen to shaurya voice over and tries to go out But Shaurya voice over say..the doors are locked please listen to me for a while mehak.

And tells her that he has film to show her ..
She sits …and the films starts, Shaurya shows mehaks journey from first time

To her entry into Indian Super cook as bahu Shaurya says wat he did to her in the name of love and how he ditched her.

And then Shaurya enters the hall and tells thank you for changing me and I wanna ask sorry for everything and was about to say I kanta enters and calls her out to leave shaurya looks at mehak painfully and so does mehak.

Kanta drags mehek out Teri meri song playing Mehak looks at Shaurya lovingly.

Shaurya tells kanta I told u Chachi I’ll meet mehak I’ll meet u mehak , tomorrow at food truck.

The Sharmas are discussing why PD took mehak to theatre But PD taunts Ravi kanta and jeevan telling she don’t know that shaurya would come there and was supporting.

Shaurya that his apologize was genuine mehak come and tells that she has letter to change the location of food truck.

I dont want my family to suffer because of me , I don’t want him see me again, jeevan praise her.

Mehak is thinking abot shaurya while cooking, she remembers how Shaurya saved her while she was stabbed and bleeding and thinks that she should not even show herself that she loves shaurya.

Shaurya is thinking about mehak again song is playing on back ground.

Kanta saying Shaurya will try everything to meet Mahek but I will fail all his plans, Mahek worriedly looks on Shaurya says to Vicky that measure the distance i should maintan from Mahek.

Vicky measures distance between Mahek standing near food truck and shaurya standing in restaurant, Shaurya says there should 51feet distance, one feet extra for Kanta. vicky says its 51feet total.

Shaurya takes mic and says hi Sharma family, Kanta chachi see i am listening to you, Kanta tries to answer him but Mahek says he wants reaction from you, dont do it.

Shaurya says to customers that i will tell you people behind this amazing food truck, he says that is Jeevan who handles finance, say hi, all say hi.

Shaurya says to one customer that please the dish that Mahek cooks is so tasty that i over ate it and got ill, customer orders it.