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Candy Tv Monday Update On Begusarai 1st October 2018

komal says i am seeing this primary time. after today i want this. she lits the joint. she sees mitlesh in balcony. she goes to him and says aren’t you sleepy? he says dont you sleep? you’re constantly observed here. she says i used to be thinking about that passed off inside the house. i got here here to loosen up. mitlesh says whilst someone has pointed a gun in your youngsters you can’t live calm. komal says look at the moon. it’s miles too vibrant however while solar shines this wont be enough. however that moon’s life is not vanished. mitlesh says i dont understand what you’re announcing. she says sit right here you’ll apprehend the entirety. i think i’ve an answer in your troubles. she shows him the joint. he says i don’t need it. she says those are not for faint of coronary heart. he’s taking the joint from her and smokes. he smokes it and coughs it, he says what’s in it. she says this may kill your problems. he’s faint.

Next morning, maya asks poonam how you feel now? Poonam says a bit weak. Is there something you wanna tell me? Maya recalls badi amma asked her not to say anything. Mayas says no just wanted to see you. Let me bring you breakfast. poonam says what is it? Maya says something should not be discussed. Poonam says you are my sister. Maya tells Poonam everything. Poonam says so much happened and I was unaware. Maya says i have to go make breakfast.

Bindya saves the candle in temple from blowing but it does. Poonam stops her from lighting it.
Bindya lits the candle the in temple. Poonam comes and stops her.

Komal wakes Mitlesh up. She says you slept well? He says what you made me smoke? She says amrit. Did you like it? He says yes that is why I was asking. All the worries vanished for some time. But it doesn’t change the reality. Truth is that bindya is still in this house and I cant do anything. Komal says there is only one king of forest, lion. You have to win from bindya. He says I will not let her end this war unless she loses. Komal says I am with you.
Bindya says you are shot go to your room. Poonam says I am asking something from God. Bindya says I left you alive. What else do you want? Poonam syas I don’t want anything for me. I want it for a friend. I have lost her somehwere. Will you help me finding her? Bindya says your friend is dead. I am a dead living. You will only get hatred from me. Go from here. Poonam says I wont go. I will bring my pal back. You have killed dadda. what will you get by doing this now? Bindya says you helped me out so I left you. now go and live with Lakhan and don’t interfere in my business. Poonam says okay, talking to your doesn’t mean anything. You are not the bindya i knew.

She was epitome of justice. She save Guddi. She did so much for priyom. You wanted priyom to have justice? When you are hurting his family. His soul must be ached. I pray that you realize this is all worng. Bindya turns bacl she is in tears.

Bindya comes to her room. Komal comes and says regretting decision of revenge? If poonam didn’t come how would i know this bindya has heart of wax.

You start melting every time. Any one can manpulate you. Bindya says enough.
Bindya says don’t have this misunderstanding. My heart is not a wax. Its a tornado. I can’t kill them together. I will kill them slowly. Komal says how can I trust you? WHen you came in this hosue, you changed yourself. Then what happened? Why are you quite? Bindya says thee tahurs have played with my life twice. Komal says welcome that bindya again.

Lakhan is looking for poonam. Poonam comes in, Lakhan helps her in getting in. She says it hurts? You promised me to take care of yourself? She says I didn’t. he says then do it now. poonam says you made me forget my pain. He says why are you crying? Did bindya say something? She says i tried to convince her but she doesn’t want to listen. He says I cant get her either. I hope its not too late when she realized. Poonam says she has good in her still. He says how you know? She says i have seen it. She is my friend. And I believe i can birng her back. No one will be with me in this except for you. Will you be with me? He says before asking I decided, yes. One more chance.

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