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Mahama Yussif, originally trained as an Agricultural Engineer is the CEO of Harmony Trends, the clothing company that designed the beautiful white lace-patterned long sleeve shirt worn by the President during this year’s independence anniversary celebrations in Tamale on 6th March, 2019.

For the first time in history, the national independence parade was held in Tamale, the capital city of the northern region of Ghana.

Coincidentally, the CEO of Harmony Trends has a history with the city of Tamale. Mahama Yussif was born some 36 years ago but lived all his life in Tamale since age 5.

He attended the Tamale Technology University and later proceeded to KNUST and GIMPA. He subsequently spent a decade working for companies such as Olam, Instant Money Transfer and Afric Xpress in the area of logistics and business development.

All this while Mr. Yussif was nursing his God-given talent and deep interest in fashion design during the period he worked in the corporate environment. On several occasions, Mr. Yussif designed clothing for family and friends for free.

One day he decided to quit his corporate job and go into full-time clothing business because he got fed up with white collar world and decided to establish Harmony Trends. The rest as they say is history. Just about a decade old, Harmony Trends has grown into a prominent fashion business providing bespoke clothing for all ages and sexes specializing in kaftans, corporate branded shirts, casual shirts and suits.

Asked how he feels to have clothed the president for the very unique and conspicuous Independence Day celebrations, Mr. Yussif had this to say, “I feel very elated and proud that the first gentleman of the land is a patron of the HT Brand”.

He added that a lot of prominent people home and abroad patronize the HT brand and that makes people to think our pieces are expensive but that is not so. “We are very affordable yet top quality and unique. We are able to create for each client a unique signature style that can’t be repeated for the next”, he said.

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