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Every Saturday night is confession nights on our WhatsApp Channel and this last Saturday was no different, we always have a shocker, a young lady said last week she let a married man in his late 50’s give her head, and that it was the best she has ever gotten and she was just shaking, see screenshot below;

Candy Tv Last Week I Let A Man In His 50's Give Me Head, It Was The Best I've Received

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“If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you”
“I do mind you asking, but just so you know, I am not too young to be doing what I am doing. I would show you an ID but I don’t have pockets,” she teased, as she turned around showing Tunde her bare ass. Tunde didn’t ask for her age again or bother about it, he was sure the management of the club was responsible enough to not hire an underage for this type of job. She told him to take off his jacket and when he did, his work card, his credit card, and a couple of hundred dollar bills fell from his jacket pocket.

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