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Is he  showing signs that’s he’s interested and likes you? Congrats! You have just won round 1,and now you  can’t let it slide ,you just have to keep him interested.

Be confident: Make an effort to look good,guys like their women confident bold and strong 

Make him feel appreciated: believe me no man wants a woman who doesn’t appreciate his  efforts no matter how little, he sees a dress he likes, buys it for you ,believing it would look great on you ,he gives it to you only for you to give the dress a one over with no smiles and say thank you.  Trust me he’ll never get you anything again, even if the dress is ugly at least smile when you say thank you .try it on let him be the judge of the dress he bought .

Don’t play too hard to get:guys like the chase but when it’s taking too long it gets boring he gets tired and decides to take a chill pill because he thinks you are never going to say yes. You like the guy why give him a tough time ? It’s archaic ! Don’t  do that . He’ll move on, just say yes you already like him .

Don’t be clingy : it makes you look insecure, you get jealous of his female friend, he expects you to get along with them and make them your friends too .why getting jealous of a female friend? get over yourself he knew her before he met you yet he’s dating you so why the jealousy? Be their friends too and your relationship becomes better.

Don’t jump into bed : you don’t have to do what you are not comfortable with don’t make sex become the fire of the relationship,sex is healthy for every relationship but it’s not the purpose of the relationship.Get to know each other and let things progress naturally.

Keep your friends in the loop: Just because you found lust(love),doesn’t mean you should abandon your friends ,You and your friends have a girls night out every Friday and suddenly you cancel on them because of your new boyfriend ,it’s not healthy for you, neither is it healthy for your relationship. Don’t forget your friends have been there before you met him ,don’t make your relationship the centre of your life ,and lose your friends. there is a possibility that he’s not even Mr Right make sure you keep intouch with your friends.

Keep healthy distance :your everyday life shouldn’t be centred on him. Have time together, and time for other interests do what you love. you had a social life before you met him.being together always makes the relationship boring .

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