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Kind of old but still working activate your MTN sim to receive the 5oomb free without a paying anything.


  1. DOWNLOAD – “MYMTN” APP On Playstore
  2. Download and install after successfully installed launch the app
  3. Select your country NIGERIAN insert your number an OTP would be sent to you
Candy Tv How To Activate The Free 500mb On Your MTN Sim

Fill in the OTP Number is the OTP Space provided in the app, then click PROCEED

After clicking On “Proceed”, wait in the app for at least 30 seconds but keep refreshing the app. A notification will come up in the app saying;

“You have been rewarded with 500MB For free, Click To Activate”.

Click this notification and another notification in the same app will come up saying;

“SUCCESS, You have been rewarded with 500MB”

A message will be sent to you saying;

Dear Customer, Your Free 500MB data activation was successful. Expires 02/03/2019. Enjoy, and tell your friends about it.

Dial *559*4# to check your 500mb data balance.



“Mr. Arnold Bempong, congratulations, your wife is four weeks pregnant,” the doctor told them with smiles. He remembered vividly the look on his wife’s face. She jumped for joy at the news and then suddenly had a sullen look on her face.
“What’s wrong Amanda, aren’t you happy?”
“I am. I was just surprised. I’m so happy my love” she lied and kissed him but he wasn’t convinced.

He soon brushed away that thought and began making plans for their baby, buying clothes, baby cot, arranging a room for their child and others. He never found out the reason for her sad look that fateful day until their child, their daughter was born. He remembered throughout her pregnancy, she often had abdominal cramps, dizzy spells and back pains.

“My love are you okay? We really need to go to the hospital, please. These pains you’ve been getting is becoming frequent.” He would tell her often
“No Arnold I’m okay. The doctor gave me some medicines, he said I will be fine if I take them regularly and rest a lot”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes sure” she would answer with her captivating smile…..


“Sir, dinner is ready” Grace, his cook and daughter’s Nanny, said from behind the door, jolting him out of his thoughts. He sighed. He had thought of the past again. He put the picture frame back in his desk and walked out to the dining table. READ MORE…

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