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Candy Tv How Can Manchester City Be Stopped?

Manchester City, with Pep as their coach, seem to be running a one horse race at the moment. It is very unlikely that any other team will catch them any time soon or that Manchester City will start losing game after game.

Pep G. learned as a head-coach how important it is to have a strategy and plan that has to be followed continuously, not just for a week or month. That being said, he has built a squad that not only performs as a unit, which has been the main problem of Manchester City before, no, he also picked exactly the right players to have enough options for each positions.

Candy Tv How Can Manchester City Be Stopped?

With the actual team, skill-set and strategy it will be very hard for any team to compete with Manchester City. At least until next season when teams such us Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham will close the gap by adding more players and a larger variety into their teams.

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Internationally, Manchester City is just one of the Big Players, but as soon as they play against teams like Paris PSG, Bayern Munich, Barca or Real their team will have to show that they can adjust from the daily pressure in the EPL to the Champions League, where one bad day can end a dream.

Candy Tv How Can Manchester City Be Stopped?

Nineteen teams tried to prevent Manchester City winning a Premier League game last season. Only six managed it.

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In 2017-18, City earned more English top-flight points than any other team in history and registered more wins and scored more goals than any other Premier League side before them.

They also recorded the most consecutive wins, attempted and completed the most passes in a game and spent the least amount of time behind in matches – a remarkably brief 153 minutes over the whole campaign. That is just 4.5% of their season.

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I think Manchester City is playing great season, but also profits from the fact that the other main opponents are currently in a season to rebuild their squads. Manchester City has done this last year(s) and is a step ahead, but the gap will close and the peak of the league will be a tough race soon again. Especially if teams like Paris try to buy some star players from Manchester (de Bruyne) which will open up big gaps in their squad.

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