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Candy Tv Friday Update On Twist of Fate 7th December 2018

Abhi and pragya arguing. abhi says you would have done workout to stay match. she says she does exercise even as hiking his house stairs and says she is slim and trim. abhi says you could’t walk for a ways. pragya runs and asks him to seize her. commando and goons come to raghuveer ji’s house and asks him to tell where is abhi and pragya. raghuveer ji says he doesn’t recognise. commando threatens him. abhi lifts her and walks looking at her. most important phir bhi plays at the same time as they have an emotional eye lock. commando asks him to inform and promises to go away him. raghuveer ji thinks to inform commando and then alert abhi and pragya. he tells them that they were here, however they’ve gone from here very far. he says they love each different lots and asks him why he wants to kill them. commands hits him with his gun.

He faints and falls down. pragya and abhi are about to kiss. pragya spots snake and gets scared. abhi also sees snake and they run far. abhi slips and falls. pragya says i advised you to stroll slowly and scolds him for purchasing hurt. she asks him to hold his leg straight.

Abhi thinks about Raghuveer ji’s words. Pragya says what is he thinking and scolds him. She tries to help him get up. Main Phir Bhi song plays……They walk slowly in the jungle. Abhi says even you have to walk slowly now. Pragya asks him to come and says she will search way. She says we shall sit for sometime in the temple. She checks his wound and says blood is coming out and hopes it stops soon. She says she will bring something to stop his blood. Abhi asks her not to go and stay with him, and says please. Pragya says ok, and says lets go inside. She gives him water to drink and prays to God. Abhi feels pain.

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Pragya asks him to sit and goes to get help. Sarla gets Pragya’s dream and cries. Beeji says they are together, nothing can happen to them. Pragya searches for the medicinal tulsi leaves to apply on his wound. Tanu sees Abhi’s pic on her mobile and thinks Abhi must have realized his mistake. Aaliya asks what happened? Tanu says she is talking to Abhi and making him realize his mistakes. She says now he must have realized my value. Aaliya asks her to get consciousness.

Abhi thinks about Pragya’s words and of Raghuveer ji’s words too. He thinks he shall marry Pragya now, and thinks even Baba was saying same. He shall not wait any longer about people or logic. He thinks to marry her without wasting even a second and thinks may be even God wants this, and that’s why he brought us here.

Commando telling goons that he will not forgive them if they do mistakes. Nikhil asks them to share info with him and says he don’t want anyone’s interference. Pujari ji comes to the temple with his daughter. Abhi asks can you get me married. Pujari ji says where is the girl? Pujari’s daughter asks if this is a love marriage. Abhi says yes and says she is coming. Pujari’s daughter asks if she knows about your plan and surprise. Abhi says no and says this will be his life’s biggest happiness. Raghuveer ji thinks Abhi and Pragya might have stayed in jungle temple to get married. He thinks to go and alert them. Pujari ji’s daughter make arrangements of their marriage and decorates the temple.

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Pragya comes and says she will apply neem and tulsi. She says she
will bandage his wound and asks if he is feeling fine. Abhi asks until when you will care for me. Pragya says it depends on you, and says if you ask me then I can care for you all life. Abhi says even I can care for you all life. Pragya says you are not my secretary. Abhi signs her towards the havan kund. Pragya is surprised and emotional. Pragya notices the decoration then and asks how did you do this decoration alone, and asks why? Abhi says question is wrong and asks her to ask for whom. Pragya asks whom.

Abhi says for you. Pragya smiles. The flower petals fall on them due to the wind. Allah Wariyan plays…..Abhi says you are special to me, and says he wants to spend rest of his life with her. He says you have taught me simplicity and says I can stay without taking breath, but can’t live without you. He asks can you treat me with love and marry me for life. He asks her not to see where are they, but think about love. He asks her to tell if she wants to spend her love with mad guy, who fights with her, complains to her like a child. He promises to take care of her and asks if you will handle me all life. Allah Wariyan plays……pragya smiles and hugs him.

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Pragya says if I stay as your wife even for a day, then it will be my life and agrees to marry him. Abhi gets happy and hugs her. He lifts her and swirls. Pujari’s daughter comes and asks Abhi and Pragya to come as her Baba have done all arrangements. Abhi says they will get ready and tells Pragya that they will wear clothes gifted by Raghuveer.

Someone comes and gives a parcel to Tanu. Tanu asks him to wait for her orders. She opens the parcel and sees Abhi and her pics. She tells Abhi that she wants to spare his life as she loves him. Aaliya comes and asks her to understand, asks why did you bring engagement pics. She says Abhi will marry Pragya and has left you. Tanu says Abhi will be hers only and if he tries to unite with Pragya then she will not leave both. Aaliya is shocked.

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