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Police assessments for simonika. she continues to be in truck and thinks what to do. she thinks she will be able to kill pragya, purab and abhi together at some stage in dussera. dadi asks abhi and pragya, why they’re gazing every other. pragya says she desires to talk to him for a while. dadi says in case you keep on fighting then whilst you will love. abhi says i just love dadi and not you. pragya says even she loves dadi.

Dadi says you shall question me whom i love. she kisses each of them and says i like you each. she says in case you hold on fighting then love will boom extra and now i will depart this international peacefully. abhi says bakwas talk and asks in which she will go. he says you need to contend with grand youngsters. dadi says she isn’t always that antique and acts like antique granny. they snort. pragya says i desired to tell you. abhi says i will tell you some thing and takes her.

Aaliya comes to room and tells tanu that she has been calling her and she or he is right here. she tells that the attacker become simonika, who is dushyant’s spouse whom they had employed to kill pragya. tanu says we will be calm and cope with the scenario and goes to sleep. aaliya thinks tanu is right.

Sangram getting simonika’s call and asks her not to thank him for saving her. simonika says i’m no longer a fool to trust you and tells that i remember that you desired to be with disha and romance together with her and that’s why stayed returned. she asks what they’re doing. sangram says abhi and pragya romancing and are happy. abhi takes pragya to terrace and sits at the railing.

He says today he wants to live, just we both under the open sky, where I don’t sing anything, but you make me hear a poetry etc. He asks her to say. Pragya signs at her nose. Abhi says you would have told me that you are on mute mode and tells that it is a star’s effect and tells that they teach us to love, and says whenever she feels lonely, she watches the star. Abhi says Dadi said that mummy papa are

a stars in the sky. Simonika asks him to give her info about their every move. She asks him to be there. Sangram says he will do what he thinks right and calls himself Sangram Singh Chautala. Disha hears him. Sangram starts talking in different accent. Disha says you are caught Sangram. Simonika thinks this day is wrong. Disha throws water on Sangram, his make up and fake moustache comes out. Disha says you have fooled everyone. Sangram says I love you very much and have done Servant’s work and stayed in their quarters. Disha shouts Dadi.
Pragya says their star is looking at them and asks do you believe on broken star. Abhi says no.

Pragya says I do believe and says I got my rockstar. She says she wants to tell him something. Abhi thinks I will not listen to her story. He sees broken star and tells Pragya. Pragya asks him to wish anything. Abhi prays that he shall get little Pragya. Pragya prays that his wishes shall be fulfilled. He is about to tell her, but she asks him not to tell anything else wish will not be fulfilled. She asks what did you asked. Abhi refuses to tell. They argue shyly.

Sangram tells Disha that he loves her and Simonika will kill everyone, and he won’t let her die. He tries to take her forcibly. Disha shouts calling Dadi. Dadi, Dasi, Tai ji and Mitali come there. Sangram takes the knife and keeps on Disha’s neck. Bubbly and Servants come and beat him. Pragya and Abhi fall on the terrace. Humko pyaar hai is qadar plays….Abhi kisses on her forehead. Pragya hears the sound coming from downstairs and tells Abhi. Abhi says Robin might be cleaning the utensils.

Pragya says no, and tells that they shall go and check and asks him to come. Abhi goes behind her. Mitali and others beat him and play with him. Disha tells Pragya that Sangram was staying in their house as Rama and was helping Simonika.

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