Friday Update On This Is Fate 15th February 2019

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Preeta walks on the road and comes to a decision to help karan anyway.

In the jail, karan tells the fellow prisoners that his brother became joking, he is still inside the south africa at some point tea. he’s excited to play there.

Preeta thinks she can’t allow karan disadvantaged of his happiness, her profession and the whole thing. she goes into the police station, comes to meet karan however doesn’t say some thing. karan asks if there may be some hurricane outside; what has she executed to herself. he removes a fallen tree from her hair and finds her disillusioned. he says she has been manner sadder for him; and boasts about being karan luthra. preeta starts to cry. karan tells preeta to go domestic and assures dadi and maa that he will soon be out of jail. rishab stated they haven’t eaten something. he shares with preeta that he miss cricket a lot, he will work virtually tough and win the ones worldwide matches.

Preeta blames herself for all his hassle and is going to speak to the inspector. the inspector wasn’t prepared to listen and says he gained’t leave karan on her request now. preeta says she couldn’t communicate the fact earlier as she changed into afraid. she became the only who cope with capsules inside the club, karan wasn’t doing it. she wanted cash and had the medicine, so she went into the membership. the inspector says they observed the pouch from karan’s pocket. preeta says she only found karan wondering no one would be suspicious of him, so she stuffed the percent in his pocket. but she is now guilty. they have to arrest her and depart karan.

Shrishti receives a message from her pal to turn the tv. they watch the information approximately karan’s disqualification. dadi thinks it became the wrong time to send preeta there.

The inspector wasn’t ready to trust Preeta. Shrishti tries Preeta’s call but she doesn’t pick up. Shrishti calls Sameer and says Preeta was insulted by Kareena and she had to leave upset. He says Preeta left around an hour ago. Shrishti tells Sarla that Preeta had left an hour ago. Sarla was worried that Preeta must have returned. Shrishti goes looking for Preeta.

Preeta insists on the inspector to trust her, the inspector says Preeta had been trying hard on Karan’s case since day one. Preeta says she is confessing her crime out of guilt now, as Karan is innocent. The inspector says her confession only depicts love for Karan; and not her guilt. Preeta says there is a marriage hall named after her mother; government has sealed it for non-payment of implemented tax. She did this all because of money for paying the tax. The inspector asks if she is confessing a crime which she never committed.

She should leave the police station, else he will have to send her to jail. Preeta shouts that he must arrest her when she is confessing it. She says he won’t accept her confession because he got a celebrity in jail and will get a promotion because of this case. He has been playing with the case. She can call the media here but he only wants his publicity and promotion. People had gathered in the police station.

The inspector sends Preeta to the locker and orders the release of Karan Luthra. The jailer comes to take Karan outside as the real culprit has been caught. Karan comes out and was shocked to see Preeta sign the confession letter. Karan jerks Preeta hard and asks why she did this all. Shrishti also reach there and create some huge drama there. They were pushed out of the police station, while Preeta locked into the jail.

From Kumkum Bhagya, everyone enjoyed the breakfast. Abhi was angry. Simonika smirks that Mitali must save her children from going near the stage, else they will also be killed. Pragya comes to the table. Abhi blocks the seat and says she can’t sit here, she isn’t Pragya but Munni and can’t sit here. This table is only for the family. She isn’t as simple and innocent as she appears to be, but is a cunning enemy. She is an enemy in disguise; she will no more be a part of their lives, their matters and not even the concert. He leaves the table. Everyone goes behind him. Pragya tells Purab and Disha to take care of Abhi and leaves.

Sarla was worried at home. Shrishti comes home, throws her bag and heads towards the room. Sarla questions her about Preeta. Shrishti says Sarla is responsible for Preeta’s arrest in jail. Sarla cries saying she loves them both, and wanted better for them. They had committed a mistake. Shrishti cries that Preeta respects Sarla a lot and went only because of her. Sarla blamed Preeta and mistrusted her. It was their mistake to have come to live in this house.

At Luthra house, everyone was upset. Kareena asks Sherlin and Kratika to go and prepare something for breakfast. Sherlin thinks she can’t even make a sandwich. Rakhi was crying badly and going outside towards the jail. Karan returns home, everyone hugs him emotionally. Rishab smiles from a distance only and hugs Karan tightly. Kareena asks Karan how he was released.

Rakhi says it doesn’t matter. Karan tells Kareena that police got the real culprit, and Kareena is well aware who it is. He says it’s the same Preeta. Everyone was shocked to hear. Sherlin thinks about going to the kitchen and call Punnu. Kareena says she already blamed Preeta and knew she was the real culprit from the beginning. Karan eyes Kareena as she speaks bitter about Preeta and interrupts that Preeta returned the peace of this house.

She came to police station by herself and forced the police to arrest her, only to save him. Her tears of happiness narrated the whole truth to him. Dadi tells them not to meet Preeta anymore and keep peace in the house. Karan hugs Dadi for her worry.

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