Shaurya comes home. Karona dresses Shaurya’s wounds and cries, she says do you even care for me? Shaurya says ofcourse i care for you, Karona says then you would have thought how much it hurt to see you wounded, you keep getting beaten.

I want you and Mahek become one too but this is not the way to show love, how dare Kanta make my son get beaten by goons? Shaurya asks her to not be angry, i promise to not get beaten again ever.

Vicky says yes we will beat them next time, Shaurya wipes Karona’s tears and says why you are crying? i didnt spend time in gym for nothing, i need strong body with strong heart to win heart of girl like Mahek, this is time for happiness.

I am bringing daughter in law for you that you like so much, you dont have to cry, its time to make others cry by becoming mother in law, tomorrow is Mehndi, will you go there with Shagun? Karona emotionally looks at him and says okay i will go there, Shaurya smiles at her and lies head in her lap, Karona silently cries.

At night, Mahek looks at Meera Sharma road and recalls how Shaurya dedicated this street to her mother, how he confessed his love, how he proposed her, she silently cries and recalls Kanta’s threats, she recalls Shaurya kissing her, ruke na ruken naina plays.

She recalls Shaurya getting beaten brutally for her and even then coming for sangeet, she breakdowns and holds pillar so tight that it starts bleeding her hand, she whispers Shaurya..

I am sorry, i am not able to want you even if i want you and i cant stop my family, i am sorry, i am sorry that i am giving you so much pain, i am sorry, she cries inconsolably.

In morning, Karona checks Shaurya’s fever and says you have 104 degree temperature, you will rest now, dont argue, Shaurya says i am fine, just go to Mahek’s house and give her shagun otherwise i will not rest, Karona says you are so stubborn, let me put cold cloth on your head.

PD asks Jeevan and Ravi to stay at home today, yesterday was sangeet so this means today will be mehndi, Kanta says but.. Karona comes there with Shagun, PD says i knew today is mehndi, come inside mother in law, she hugs Karona.

Karona says to Mahek that i have brought wedding shagun for you, Mahek gets tensed. Kanta says to Karona that you came here with shagun before too, dont you remember what happened after that? or you want Mahek to cry again to fulfill your bratty son’s demands?

Look we dont want to marry Mahek to your son, he wont understand but i hope you understand so stop this drama and leave from here, Karona looks at Mahek, Kanta takes shagun from her and throws it away, all are stunned, Karona says to Kanta that there are many flaws in my son and maybe he cant be forgiven.

I have always seen him working and not loving anyone but today even after getting beaten so badly, he was just thinking about Mahek and i realized that my son has learned to love and only.

Mahek has taught him, its God’s will to make Shaurya learn how to love by being with you people and what you did? you learned to hate him, to take revenge from him, he is crying in pain today because of your lesson but he was still thinking about Mahek and Mahek only.

Kanta says i dont trust him, Karona says i am not his biological mother but i have raised him like you have raised Mahek so i thought you would understand my emotions, i have left him at home when he has 102degree fever just because he wanted me to come here,

Karona’s voice breaks telling about Shaurya’s health, Karona says i am sad that you saw his hatred but you couldnt see his love for Mahek, i am folding my hands and begging you to not come inbetween their love.

Let Shaurya and Mahek become one, Kanta folds her hands and says you can leave, Karona says my son has chosen right path, he is thinking about fulfilling promise he gave to Mahek, she looks at shagun thrown on ground, she looks at Kanta who glares at her, Karona leaves.

Mahek is pacing around in her room, she is worried, she recalls Karona’s words, Nehal sees her tensed and says you are dying to talk to him so call him, she calls Shaurya, Mahek says cut it, i dont to talk. Nehal calls Shaurya, Shaurya takes call and asks Nehal how is she?

She says i am fine but your would be wife is so tensed and has lost blood when she got to know about your health, Nehal asks Mahek to talk to him, Mahek says no, Nehal says you both are stubborn, she gives phone to Mahek and leaves.

Shaurya says on call hello.. Mahek? are you there Mahek? Mahek just keep looking at screen in helplessness, she hugs mobile and silently sobs while Shaurya smiles. Mahek composes herself and takes call, she asks how are you? Shaurya moves and winces in pain,.

Mahek gets tensed and asks what happened? Shaurya says my breathing stopped but now i talked to you so my breathing is normal, Mahek says you are crazy, see what you have done to yourself you fool. Shaurya fills water glass, Mahek fills water glass too, Shaurya says atleast you talking to me because of my condition, they both drink water.

Mahek says this is no joke, Shaurya winces in pain, Mahek asks if he is fine? Shaurya says you are my strength, if you are with me then i can fight anyone, i can face whole world, thats why i am asking you to not be miffed with me now, be with me please, you have started crying just because i got beaten, what if those goons had killed me?

Mahek says i am cutting call, you are talking rubbish, Shaurya says please dont call, Mahek says please eat medicine and sleep Shaurya, please agree with me.

Shaurya says okay but i have one condition, till i dont get sleep, you will have to stay on line with me, Mahek gets emotional hearing it, both get silent.

Mahek hugs dupatta that Shaurya gave her from Karona’s side, she silently weeps, Shaurya takes bridal dupatta and hugs it, they both are in pain.. dard dilon ke kam hojaty.. mein or tum gar hum hojaty plays.

Shaurya looks at Chura that Mahek left with him and kisses it, Mahek looks at bangles that Shaurya gave her, Shaurya takes medicine and lies in bed with phone attached to his hear, Mahek tries to control her crying, Shaurya falls asleep.

All are tensed in Sharma house. Sonal asks Nehal what is time? Nehal says its 7PM, Sonal says where is Shaurya? why he hasnt come till now? Storm starts, Ravi says why is there thunder storm coming and bolt of lightening when weather is fine?

Nehal says even storm has come but when will brother in law(Shaurya) coming? Mahek says he is not going to come here and he shouldnt, he is sick and should be resting in his house, its better for him.

Shaurya comes outside Mahek’s house with Vicky, he says on mic that Mahek Sharma come out, where are you? Sharma family is stunned to hear him, Nehal and Sonal gets elated.

Shaurya comes outside Mahek’s house and asks her to come out, Sharma family gets tensed hearing him. Mahek says Shaurya? One neighbor asks Shaurya if its Mehndi today?

Shaurya says see Mahek whole world knows its our mehndi, did you forget Mahek? i am waiting for you, come outside.

Mahek looks on. Kanta comes to Mahek and says come with me, Mahek says where? Kanta drags her inside house. Kanta pushes Mahek in her room and glares at her, Kanta brings paint there and draws line there, Shaurya is asking Mahek to come out, he says i am waiting for you, come out please.

Kanta draws boundary outside Mahek’s room and says if Mahek cares for me and my respect then she will not cross this line(Laxman rekha) and if she crosses this line then it will mean she wants Shaurya and not my love and upbringing.

Mahek pleads to not do this, Kanta says listen to me if you cross this line then your and relation will end.

Jeevan says this is madness Kanta, PD says till when you will stop Mahek with these foolish things Kanta?

Kanta says i cant stop that Shaurya but i can give orders to my kids, i am testing my kids if they care for me or not, she says to Mahek that if you cross this line then i am dead for her, she leaves from there, Mahek is torn hearing all this, her head spins with Kanta’s words. Family sadly looks at Mahek, Mahek goes in her room dejectedly.

Sonal comes to Shaurya and says dont put Mahek in this dilemma, please postpone this function and dont ask Mahek to come out.

Shaurya says no Mahek has to come out. Sonal says dont put Mahek in this exam, you dont put her in this situation, Shaurya says I am not taking her test, its Kanta who is taking her test, i have just loved her, its either Kanta winning today or our love will break every rock that is in our love’s way. Shaurya calls tattoo artist Rick and asks him to come.

Shaurya says to Mahek that today is our love’s test, its okay even if you dont apply my name’s mehndi on your hands but I am going to put your name on my chest today infront of everyone. Kanta comes on street and sees Shaurya taking off his shirt.

Mahek comes to room’s window and sees Shaurya on street, tattoo maker comes there and says Shaurya you are injured so much, did you have accident? Shaurya says something like that, Shaurya asks to create tattoo on my chest.

Vicky says you have wound on chest, you cant have tattoo there, you will bleed, you are totally broken, you cant have this tattoo, shaurya says they are my inner pain, these outer wounds are nothing.

Vicky says to Sharma family that please call Mahek and stop Shaurya, he has fever and he is going for this madness, please call Mahek, he shouts for Mahek’s name, Kanta says dont shout, Mahek is not going to come.

Mahek sees from window that Shaurya’s wound on chest bleeding, tattoo artists starts tattooing Mahek’s name on Shaurya’s chest, Shaurya flinches in pain, Mahek is unable to see him getting so much pain, she extends her hand as if to reach him, Shaurya clenches his jaw in pain,

Mahek cries seeing his pain, she close her eyes, Shaurya screams in pain, Mahek says please dont do this Shaurya, she begs him to stop but he doesn’t listen.

Shaurya says you may not put my name’s mehndi on your hands but i have put your name on my heart forever, i love you, tattoo maker engraves Mahek’s name on Shaurya’s chest, Shaurya looks at Mahek and says I love you Mahek, Mahek cries seeing all this.

Shaurya feels dizzy with pain, Mahek is unable to bear it, she runs out of her room, crosses boundary which Kanta created, she runs downstairs, she mistakenly throws vase on her way and her foot gets injured, her foot bleeds but Mahake doesnt stop, she comes out, Ravi tries to stop her but Mahek runs to Shaurya.

She pulls him close and hugs him tightly, She caresses his neck and cries in his arms, Shaurya smiles feeling her warmth in his arms, Kaun tuhje yun pyar karega jaise mei karti hun plays..

Sonal sees Mahek’s foot bleeding, she says Mahek your foot.. family sees Mahek not caring about her foot. Mahek says to Shaurya that see I have come, she breaks hug and looks at tattoo on his chest, she caresses it and lovingly gazes at him.

she says you won Shaurya, you won, your stubbornness won, Shaurya cups her face, she leans in his hand and sobs, Kaun tujhe yun pyar jaise mei karta hun plays..

Shaurya intensely looks in Mahek’s eyes, she smiles, Shaurya calls Vicky, Vicky brings mehndi cone, shaurya takes it and makes design with mehndi on her hand, they both share eyelock, she shakes her head at him, Sonal smiles seeing them.

Shaurya says thank you Mahek, today i am sure that no one can break our love, he hugs her, Mahek hugs him tightly, Kanta huffs seeing their hug. Ravi says to Kanta that i will call police right now.

Kanta says dont do it, police cant do anything, there is no use for all these things now, she goes back in house dejectedly, Shaurya and Mahek looks on.

Mahek looks at Shaurya tensed, Shaurya cups her face, and says dont worry, i will talk to Kanta chachi, she says no, you will silently go back to your house, she asks Vicky to give him turmeric milk and medicine at home and if acts tough to not take it then call me.

Vicky says okay, shaurya smiles at Mahek, Vicky starts taking Shaurya away from Mahek, Mahek looks at her mehndi filled hand then at Shaurya, Shaurya keep looking at Mahek while leaving, he puts hand on his chest where Mahek’s name is engraved and goes from her street, Mahek looks on and thinks that between Kanta and Shaurya’s fight, i lost.