Can’t Stop Laughing

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Don’t Make A Woman Cry

Dont make a woman cry! There is nothing as expensive as a womans tears. When a single drop of tear comes out, it first mixes with Loreal Eye Liner; 7,500 Naira and Revlon Mascara; 8,500 Naira, then when it rolls down the cheek, it mixes with Estee Lauder Foundation; 11,000 Naira, Zaron Blush; 15,000 Naira and Mac Powder; 19,000 Naira. Then, finally, when it touches the lips, it gets mixed with Maybelline Lipstick; 12,000 Naira and Avonlip Gloss; 5,000 Naira. A single drop of a womans tear is running for about 78,000 Naira, so please, don’t make her cry. But you can make a man cry, it is only Vaseline; 150 Naira and Powder; 200 Naira. Total for men; 350 Naira.

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