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Yusuf Ibrahim a 45 Year Old Man, has lost his life in jungle justice after a mob lynched him over a car battery allegedly stolen at Nato Park , Tin Can Island, Apapa , Lagos .

After beating him to death, It was later discovered that the battery was found with one Yusuf Yahaya , who works around Tin Can First Gate – some distance from the park.

Our source learnt that the incident happened on Monday, January 7 , 2019, around 7. 30 am .

The victim was said to be one of the destitute people who sometimes passed the night on the premises, where trucks are parked .

In views to the reports that one of the truck drivers resumed duty that morning , he discovered that the battery of his vehicle was missing .

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The Driver raised the alarm and a search party was formed to fish out the perpetrator .

A commercial motorcyclist ( popularly known as okada rider ) in the area , who identified himself only as Salisu, told reported that some drivers suspected Ibrahim and accosted him .

He said ,

“I was on my motorcycle , coming from Liverpool , Apapa that morning when I saw a crowd at the park.

I moved closer and saw a man ( Ibrahim) covered in blood .

He had been beaten to a pulp. I asked people what happened and they told me he stole the battery of a truck.

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“ The man had lost his strength and he was almost dead . Passersby were afraid to take him to a hospital . I later left the scene for fear of being implicated . ”

Salisu said about 30 minutes later , he went back to the scene and was told that some policemen had come to remove Ibrahim’ s corpse.

He said sadness overwhelmed him when he learnt that the battery was found with somebody else.

The Okada Rider Added:

“ It was discovered that the battery was actually stolen by a young man called Yahaya. he worked around Tin Can First Gate ,”

Another eyewitness , who identified himself as Danladi , said entreaties by some people to stop the mob from lynching Ibrahim were rebuffed.

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He said the mob dispersed the scene upon noticing that the victim was dying , adding that some suspects had been arrested by the police .

“ It was very unfortunate that the man was killed for a crime he did not commit. Even if he had stolen the battery, I don’ t see why they should beat him up . I used to see him around the park , but I don’ t know where he lived. The police should bring his killers to justice, ” the eyewitness said .

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, CSP Chike Oti, while confirming the incident said six suspects , including Yahaya , had been arrested .

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