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Candy Tv A Soldier Allegedly Brutalize A CDSS Student For Wearing Incomplete Uniform In Enugu State

A Soldier Allegedly Brutalize A Command Day Secondary School Student For Wearing Incomplete Uniform In Enugu State.

A student identified as Gideosky Gideon, for wearing what they regarded as an incomplete uniform.

The student was reportedly dressed without the school cap and tie to school.

In views to report It was claimed that the soldiers asked him to remove his shirt as they flogged him on his back. The soldier reportedly refused to stop even as blood was dripping out from his body.

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My younger brother (Gideosky Gideon) just came back from school now, only for me to see his body in pieces like how soldiers butcher biafran agitators. “Did you fight?” I asked him

Coz I couldn’t figure out any other offence that would warrant this kind of injury. Even fighting with a fellow student wouldn’t warrant to this extent of flogging. Maybe he must have fought a solider or beaten their Commandant.

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I was still wondering what kind of offense he must have committed while waiting for his reply. “No… I was told to knee down at the gate for…”

For what??? Late coming?” I cut in… “No, I wasn’t wearing my complete uniform. I wasn’t wearing my Cap and Tie” He said… And??? I asked. “I ran away” He said…

Is that what would warrant such level of flogging? He was asked to remove his shirt and was flogged to the level that his body was dripping blood but they still didn’t stop. Even after they finished flogging him, He wiped of the blood stains, wore back his white vest and another set of blood stained his vest to that extent.

I am not in any way trying to defend my brother, Yes I know that he commented an offence but is the offence really worth the punishment?

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If you are coming to this post to comment something like… “Why did you put your child in a military school in the first place?” Thunder will fire you in advance.

Command Day Secondary School Enugu is not Nigerian Defense Academy where parents sign the death warrant of their children before they can will be admitted. It is just like every other school, just that it is been run by the military to increase discipline. Which they have failed woefully.

Even a blind man living in Enugu knows that Cdss Enugu are first class in fighting other schools like Fedi, Unsec, Magnet, etc… The students occasionally chatter buses and transport themselves to another school to fight.

Yet the soldiers cant and wont do anything about it till today. Any secondary school party hosted in Enugu and Cdsse are not attending, Then the party is not legit… Yet the incumbent soldiers can never do anything about it…

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The soldiers and well painted walls of the school is just a packaging to make parents believe the school is quality enough. After paying a huge amount of school fees that increases every year, that school cant boast of 20 well functioning computers. Students are asked to bring their laptop to school during computer exams.

Is violence the only way to resolve issue in that school?

My dad and elder brother went to the school this evening, only for the Admin officer that ordered the beating to tell them that he got what he deserve for running away.

Well… We are bloody civilians, what can we do?

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Candy Tv A Soldier Allegedly Brutalize A CDSS Student For Wearing Incomplete Uniform In Enugu State
Candy Tv A Soldier Allegedly Brutalize A CDSS Student For Wearing Incomplete Uniform In Enugu State

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