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Candy Tv A 16yrs Old Colombian Girl Loses Her Baby And Ability To Walk After A Tattoo Infection

A 16yrs old colombian girl has lost her baby and could continue to be in a wheelchair for the relaxation of her lifestyles after a tattoo on her proper breast were given inflamed.

Luisa Fernanda fell ill after the tattoo became inflamed and later suffered a miscarriage. doctors advised her that she might by no means stroll once more after the contamination spread into her spinal wire.

Fernanda said: “as i needed to take lots of medicine, i had a miscarriage and lost the son i was carrying.” she is now the usage of her reports to warn other kids approximately the risks of tattoos.

She stated: “as i had to take a variety of medicine, i had a miscarriage and lost the son i used to be carrying. a year ago i had a tattoo performed and it precipitated the bacteria that affected the spinal wire and stopped me from taking walks once more.

It changed into hard after I left clinic because i wished assist to get in and out of my wheelchair and my mum is not strong enough.

I was ashamed of being seen outdoor on the road, because people would point at me, but later i realised it became no longer desirable to stay at home all of the time.”

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