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A 7-year-old girl which name have identified as Mazichukwu have been tortured by her aunt for stealing a chewing gum belonging to their neighbors child in Lagos.

Mrs Loveth Ozoihu, reportedly punished the girl by beating her with a hot knife.

According to reports, a trader, had sent Mazichukwu to give the neighbour the change for the goods she bought from her. The girl reportedly met the woman’s kid holding the candy and collected it from her.

She was said to have returned home, chewing the gum, which she confessed to have collected from the neighbour’s kid when her aunt asked her where she got it from.

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Ozoihu reportedly that the aunt lit a gas cooker at midnight and put a knife on the burner. She reportedly placed the hot knife on the girl’s buttocks, leaving her to groan with pains.

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Candy Tv 7-Year-Old Girl Tortured With Hot Knife By Her Aunt For Stealing Chewing Gum

We also learnt that the Enugu State indigene later took the girl to a chemist’s shop, where a substance was applied to the injury.

A good Samaritan, who got wind of the assault, reported the case to the police at the Alakuko Division and Ozoihu was arrested.

In her statement to the police, the 25-year-old suspect denied assaulting the girl, but claimed that Mazichukwu mistakenly sat on the burner.

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But Mazichukwu faulted her aunt’s claim before the police, insisting that the woman inflicted the burns on her buttocks.

She will be charged to court soon.

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