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If a woman is seeing her menstrual period then please do not do these 4 things;

That is:

  1. Do not drink ice water, soda water, or eat coconut during menstruation.
  2. Do not apply shampoo on your head because the pores of the head are open during menstruation and it can cause headache (hit the wind head), it is very dangerous and this effect can be felt when young and later when aged .
  3. Do not eat cucumber during menstruation because the sap present in the cucumber can block some menstruation (blood waste) in the uterine wall and it can cause Barrenness!
  4. In addition during menstruation,
    Your body should not be knocked or hit by hard objects, especially the abdomen because it can cause vomiting blood, the uterus can be injured. And these are the “ORIGIN OF UTERUS CANCER, CYSTS AND BARRENNESS
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NOTE; drinking ice during menstruation can cause menstrual blood remaining in the uterine wall, after 5-10 years can cause “UTERUS CANCER OR TUMOR”.

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