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Zee-TV: Friday Update On Twist Of Fate 1st September 2023


Ranbir coming to Mihika’s room and falls on her bed. Mihika holds him. Ranbir sits on the bed and says I am really sorry, I should have told you before and says I love Prachi. Mihika is shocked. Ranbir says I am so sorry Mihika, I don’t want to trouble you. Mihika says I am not crying and you don’t need to lie. She says I am so happy that you love me. She says I want to tell you, that I love you. She says I love you Ranbir….and says don’t worry, I will not take you wrong, that you said that you love Prachi.

She says you felt that I am upset that you told me that you love me, as we had promised that we will not love each other, but love happened and asks is it beautiful? Ranbir says I hate your brother and don’t want him to come between me and…. Mihika says I know and nobody will come between us. He falls on the bed and sleeps. Mihika says I know you love me, and I will do something so that you falls in love with me deeply, I will make you love me and you will accept loving me, not just in this birth, but for the next 7 births.

Manpreet comes to Vishaka and Mihika. Servant brings tea and gives to Vishaka. Akshay comes. Manpreet asks Akshay if you are going for business trip or some vacation. Ranbir says may be Prachi doesn’t know that this is not business trip. Prachi asks what happened? Akshay says Mom is saying, why I am taking a big bag for the trip, and says it is business trip and not any vacation. Ranbir says I will leave now. Mihika thinks she couldn’t say what she wanted to say.

Manpreet says your Mom will be happy to see you. Ranbir says all the best for your business trip. Akshay thanks him. Ranbir goes outside. Akshay and Prachi are about to leave, when Vishaka calls Akshay. Manpreet asks why did you call him, and asks Akshay-Prachi to stay for 5 mins and then leave. Manpreet and Mihika go inside. Akshay says I will drink juice. Vishaka comes to him and says all the best Akshay, make Prachi yours, else Ranbir will snatch her from you. Akshay says I will not let Ranbir win. Vishaka smiles.

Dida tells Pallavi that she has brought medicine for her, and asks her to smile seeing something. Pallavi asks why I shall be happy and for what? Dida calls Ranbir. Ranbir comes there and says I have come to my house. Pallavi hugs him. Ranbir says I am fine and standing infront of you. He says my bag is there itself, but I have come. He asks where is Dad? Pallavi says he went outside. She asks why you didn’t bring the bag. Ranbir says I have to go now.

Pallavi asks him to have breakfast, and will make all his favorite things. Ranbir says I have to go for urgent thing and has to take car. She asks Dida about the car keys. Dida says it is on the same place. Pallavi asks him not to go. Ranbir says I have to go, please understand.

Akshay plays the song while driving the car. Prachi says she is making presentation and asks what we will show to clients if the presentation is not ready. Akshay switches off the song. He thinks we are going there not for business, but to extend our family. Suddenly car stops, he says may be petrol is over, I had got it filled up though. He says they have to take lift now.

Dida comes to Pallavi. Pallavi is upset and crying and asks her not to say anything. Dida holds her. Pallavi says leave me alone. Dida says this is life, I can understand your pain well, now don’t say that Vikram didn’t do this with you, so I don’t understand it. She says she can understand being a mother herself. Pallavi hugs her. Dida says your son will come to you, it is my blessing and the elders’ blessings doesn’t go wasted.

Pallavi apologizes to her. Dida says you was very young when you came here, so I know how is my Pallavi and her heart. Mihika comes there. Pallavi asks her to come inside. Mihika says sorry for coming there without calling and says she was missing Ranbir so much. Pallavi and Dida tell that even they miss him a lot. Mihika asks where is he? Pallavi says he had come and went taking car. She asks her to have food with them. Mihika says ok. She wonders where did he go?

Akshay and Prachi are standing on the road. Prachi says a car is coming. She identifies that it is Ranbir’s car and stops. Akshay stops the car and sees Ranbir. Ranbir asks if anything wrong happened? Akshay asks God if he is helping him or not. Ranbir then offers to drop them to resort and says he is going far from resort. He starts countdown asking if they will come. Akshay says he will keep the bags from his car. He keeps the bags in Ranbir’s car from his car and they sit in the car.

Vishaka does puja and asks Servant to go and check on the door hearing the door bell. She apologizes to God, and thinks she is doing puja late, first she stopped Akshay and Prachi when they were going, and is not concentrating on Puja too. She asks God if he is trying to alert her and asks him to handle everything.

Mihika comes inside the house and tells Vishaka that she had gone to Ranbir’s house, and has come to know that he went to his house, took car keys and left. She says I am afraid that he might have left me like other guys. Vishaka asks if he took his stuff. Mihika says he has just clothes. Vishaka asks her not to worry. Mihika is worried and goes.

Ranbir is driving the car while Akshay is sitting on the front seat with him. Ranbir looks at Prachi and smiles. Akshay asks him why is he smiling. Ranbir says his face is smiling always. Vishaka calls Akshay and says she has called him to alert him, and says may be Ranbir will come there and spoil your plan. Akshay says I guess you are late as this thing is happening now. Ranbir says convey my Namaste to Bua ji. Vishaka hears him and ends the call. Ranbir says convey my Namaste to Bua ji. Akshay says it was not Bua ji’s call. Ranbir says ok, I believe. He stops the car and says he is getting vomiting, as he was drunk much (last night). He gets down the car and pretends to vomit. Prachi gets worried for him.

Akshay asks Ranbir if he is really vomiting. Ranbir asks him to see how much he has vomited. Akshay says no. Ranbir asks him to drive and pretend to get vomiting sensation. Akshay asks him to sit on the back seat. Ranbir sits on the back seat while Akshay sits on the driver’s seat. Ranbir asks if I can rest my head on Prachi’s lap as I am feeling headache. Akshay says I will sit on the back seat and you can rest your head on my lap. Ranbir says no, then it will be a problem as Prachi is a bad driver and if she hit the car. He pretends to get vomiting. Akshay asks Prachi to handle him. Ranbir keeps his head on her lap. Prachi gets emotional. Akshay drives the car.

Mihika is crying.Vishaka sees her crying and thinks Ranbir is troubling both her kids, Mihika is mad after him and Akshay loves Prachi. She thinks she has to keep eye on Ranbir so that she can tell Akshay and Mihika, what they shall do and when. She comes to Mihika. Mihika asks her to call Ranbir back. Vishaka says I will call him back and says he didn’t go anywhere, but he was busy. She says he will come back soon. Mihika hugs her. Vishaka pacify her and wipes her tears. She thinks he will not tell her and will not sadden her heart. She thinks Akshay shall fulfill the challenge.

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