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Zee World: Friday Update On Guddan 1st September 2023


Ganga says I have sealed the house in this isolation period. She has sealed the main gate. Ganga says now you have only one option, win this game and get your daughter. Are you scared? Parents are scared when it’s about their kids. I have also suffered. Now your turn. AJ shouts Ganga.. Guddan stops him. Ganga says yes you better stop him. Guddan says I am ready. Ganga says you don’t have another option. Ganga says it would be so much come with me. AJ says either this lock or Ganga’s challenge. We have to think from your mind to get to Choti. Ganga says what are you discussing? Come here, don’t waste time.

Ganga says you have to make butter for Janmashtami, decorate the house, clean it, and do it in an hour. Laxmi says how will she do it alone. Ganga says God has done so much for her, can’t she do this? Guddan says God doesn’t do tit for tat. Guddan says God will take care of Choti and I will prepare for Janmashtami here.

I accept the challenge. Ganga says there’s a difference between accepting and winning. Let me see how you do this. AJ looks around and says there must be some way to get out. Ganga says AJ, stop looking around. No one is coming to help. Make a list of sweets your wife can make.

Ganga picks her phone. The kidnapper says yes, I have done it. Bring all the stuff from the back door. Guddan hears it and says this means the back door is open. How do I inform AJ. Guddan says Ganga there’s an insect on your back. Ganga starts jumping and says oh God. Where Guddan says let me check. Guddan sticks a note on her back and writes on it that the backdoor is open. AJ reads it. Avinash says did you see the insect? Guddan says it was there. Ganga says bring my phone, I will see on the camera.

She sees there’s no insect. AJ sneezes. Ganga says why are you sneezing without a mask. He says I had flu before corona too. He says I don’t have corona. Ganga says how do I agree? Ganga says go away from me. Lock yourself in your room. Don’t risk my life here. Guddan says it’s okay I will handle everything here. AJ says I will be back soon. Ganga says as if you’re going to the mountains.

Ganga says to Guddan, pick stuff from all these things in a minute only. Laxmi says how will she pick stuff in a minute? Ganga says you can take help from your DILs. Saru says I have some work. She leaves. Guddan, Laxmi, and Durga start picking stuff. Guddan says how should I pick it. Guddan places everything on the trolly. The try to move it. Guddan says please move it. We have to do this for Choti.

Ganga comes to parking and sees someone there. She says looks like AJ. Ganga says who are you? It’s AJ wearing a turban and mask. Ganga says take off this mask. AJ is wearing a beard and mustache. Ganga observes his face and says how do you do? AJ says well. Ganga says what are you saying. AJ says please stay away from me. He says we are your neighbors. I came to give parsad. He says I have to go now. Let me go aunty. She says how dare you to call me aunty. AJ says goodbye aunty ji. Ganga is about to punch him. She says go from here. AJ says thank God, she didn’t recognize me.

Guddan starts cooking. Laxmi and Durga are helping her. Ganga says to Saru, go start the game. Laxmi picks the rice. Saru collides with her and all the rice fall down. Guddan collects them in her dupatta. Saru says I only came here to help. Guddan says I know how to fix people like you. I didn’t let a single rice fall. Can you see it? Ganga picks one rice from the floor. She says you can’t handle everything. You will be punished for wasting this one grain. I said I don’t want any mess otherwise, this challenge will end right there.

Ganga says you have to throw this boiling water on one of your DILs. Guddan says are you crazy? How can I burn them? Ganga says if you don’t do it here, it will happen to your daughter. Durga says no, don’t let that happen to Choti. Do it. Laxmi says we can tolerate this for Choti. Ganga says now decide Guddan, if you want to burn them or Choti? Guddan says shut up. If you say a word about Choti, I will.. Ganga says see the setup first. She shows her the video of hot water pot hanging over Choti.

AJ comes to the location and says this is the location. He hears temple bells and recalls Guddan said she heard bells. He says this means I am at the right location. Guddan is in tears. Ganga says tell me who do you want to burn? Get started. Let’s see who do you choose. AJ comes outside the shed and goes in. Ganga says what are you thinking?? Come on, burn your DILs. You became the youngest MIL because of them and you will burn them today. Guddan is in tears. Guddan says I don’t know what to do. Where is AJ?

AJ comes inside and looks for Choti. Guddan picks the water and walks towards Laxmi and Durga. Ganga says come one. Get it done. Laxmi says I am so scared. Durga says I won’t let anything happen to you. Guddan says I am so sorry. Guddan cries. Laxmi says you pour it on me. Durga says no on me. Ganga says come on. Guddan pours the water in Durga’s lap. Durga screams. Guddan can’t breathe. Durga sits dow and Guddan pours the hot water on her. Durga screams in pain. Guddan sobs.

AJ says where is my daughter? He sees a feeder. AJ says this means they were here and they left. The thugs shift Choti to another shed. Choti is crying. The thugs fight over her. He says I am sick and tired. She keeps crying. The thug asks the other, we forgot her feeder there. Go bring it and get butter as well. He says no you go. They both start fighting. They look at Choti and she’s not there. Choti crawled outside and sat in a woman’s basket. the woman walks with it. Motu and Patlu see her in the basket. They go after the woman.

Durga cries. Guddan cries and says I am so sorry. Please forgive me. Ganga says I knew you would choose Durga. She’s strong. Laxmi would have died. Let us party Saru. Guddan gives a tower to Durga and says go to your room and heat up, you will be cold otherwise. Laxmi says what do you mean? Durga says it was cold not hot water.

I am her DIL, I can act. Laxmi says but that steam? Guddan recalls AJ burned his hand once. Guddan said I am so sorry. Let me search. AJ said this is dry ice. It has more steam than hot water. I didn’t burn. It burns the skin. Guddan says I have studied Chemistry. AJ shows her if you pour water on dry ice it creates steams. AJ says I used dry ice. The water was hot but the dry ice made it cool. Laxmi says I thought Durga was in pain. Guddan says I love Choti but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you two. I will never let anyone harm you.

Durga is cold. She’s about to sneeze. Guddan holds her nose. Ganga says now you are pulling their ears and nose as well? Guddan says this is how you stop a sneeze. Laxmi says you’re world best. I hope you bring Choti back as well. Guddan says we will bring her back. Durga screams and says my whole body is burned.

Laxmi says come with me. I will apply anti-burn cream on it. Guddan says you aren’t here yet you saved us AJ. Just bring our daughter back home as well, please.

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