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Tuesday Update On Guddan 29th August 2023


Guddan comes to the hall and says let me check Choti, she’s alone. Guddan looks for Choti. She isn’t in the room. Guddan says, baby? Where are you? Guddan screams AJ’s name. Choti is with Durga and Ganga in the garage. The couple is there. Durga is crying and says I can’t do this to Guddan. Ganga says you’re doing a great thing. Laxmi and Guddan look for Choti. AJ says don’t worry we will find her.

Guddan cries. Choti is crying as well. Durga is about to give Choti to the couple. Durga says she’s crying a lot. Ganga says first step is the most difficult one. Ganga says to the couple take your daughter from this house. Choti cries a lot.

Guddan hears AJ crying. She goes outside. AJ says stop. Guddan says she’s there. She is crying. A storm rages on. Guddan comes to the basement. The couple is leaving with her but they couldn’t see. Guddan asks Durga did you see Choti? We looked everywhere. Durga goes inside. Laxmi says did you see Choti? Durga says you won’t ever find her. Guddan says what do you mean? Guddan says answer me. Durga says I returned her to her original parents.

Guddan screams and says I want her back. I want my daughter back. How dare you? AJ says where is she? Durga points at the gate. He says they must not have gone far. Guddan and AJ leaves. Laxmi says DNA reports are here and they are in Guddan’s favor. Choti is Guddan’s daughter. What did you get my parting a baby from her parents? Durga says how? Durga recalls Ganga cried and said I know you choose from your heart and you will do the right thing. Durga says oh God what did I do.

Ganga looks at Guddan and says do what you want but you won’t get her back now. Guddan and AJ ask people in the market if they have seen the baby. Guddan sees a woman with a babu. They stop her. It’s not her. AJ says we are sorry. Guddan says where is my Choti? Ganga says look the whole world but you won’t find her. The couple comes to Ganga. Ganga says you will look in the entire city but you won’t look inside your own house. Ganga looks at Choti and says you will never find your daughter.

Durga says it’s my mistake. I have to rectify it. We have to bring Choti back. Choti cries. Ganga and Laxmi hear. They go towards Ganga’s room. Durga knocks and says open the door. Ganga gives Choti to the couple and asks them to run. Choti holds Ganga’s hand. Ganga says leave my hand. Stop it. Durga and Laxmi try to break the door open. Laxmi and Durga come in but the couple had left with Choti. Durga says Choti? Where is she? Ganga says how would I know? Durga tell them you gave her to her real parents. Durga throttles her and says you manipulated me to do it. You’ve not seen my real face.

You did all this. Tell me where is that baby? Ganga says I don’t know where she is? Laxmi says your saree is wet. It’s a child’s pee. Was she here? Tell me where is Choti. Durga says let me call Guddan and police. Ganga pulls Laxmi in the house. She breaks a vase and says if you call police I will kill her. Laxmi says please leave me. Ganga says I won’t take a moment to kill her. Avinash comes and grasps her hand. He takes the glass and slaps her. Avinash says how low would you stoop? I tried to convince you but you didn’t listen. It still isn’t so bad. Tell me where is Choti? I will fix everything. Please tell me where is Choti?

Avinash says until you tell us where is Choti, you will stay locked in this room. They lock her in the room and leave. Ganga screams. AJ calls the police and says I want my daughter. Lock up the entire city but get me my daughter. AJ says to Guddan, I promise you nothing would happen to Choti. Guddan says we can’t wait for the police to move.

We have to do something. AJ gets a call. A man collides with Guddan. He says why is everyone careless today? I just now collided in a couple who were holding baby like they stole it. And now you. Guddan says who? What were you saying about the baby? He says they were weird people. The baby kept crying but they were just running. Guddan says where did you go? He says they were running towards the car only. Guddan runs in the direction he told her.

The couple is in the car. They count the money. The woman says we will have so much fun. The driver stops the car. The woman can’t you see? He says saw that’s why stopped. Mahadevi is here. They look at Guddan in front of the car. The woman asks the driver to drive over her. She says if we get arrested you will be arrested as well.

Guddan doesn’t move. AJ moves her away from the car. Guddan says our daughter is in that car. The car hits some barrels. AJ brings out the man and hits him. Guddan looks in the car but Choti isn’t there. Guddan says Choti isn’t in the car. AJ says answer me where is my Choti or I will kill you.

Guddan screams Ganga come out. Durga says I am sorry I was manipulated. Avinash says let me bring Ganga. He opens the door but Ganga isn’t there. A woman comes there in a white saree. It’s Ganga with her hair open and wearing white. Everyone is shocked. Guddan says enough. I won’t give you any more chances or respect. Guddan says stop this drama and tell me where is my daughter? Ganga laughs. Guddan grasps her lips and says this isn’t a joke.

Where is my Choti? Ganga says I thought you would appreciate my new look or ask me for the reason at least. I lost my child because of you and then my husband. Then you slapped me. Guddan says you used my daughter for your revenge. Ganga says kids pay for their parents’ sins. Guddan says stop it and tell me where is Choti Guddan. Ganga laughs. Guddan cries and says please tell me. She is your niece as well. Please harm me but tell me where is she. Ganga says I will tell in your style. Should I sing or dance?

Ganga plays mein teri dushman and dances around Guddan. Guddan turns it off and says stop it. Ganga says already angry? You have to come to the ground from the sky. Why are you sweating? It might drench your fate. Guddan shoves her hand. Avinash says are you crazy? This isn’t right. For me at least tell us where is Choti. Ganga says if you kicked me out of your life why should I tell you? I don’t care about you either now. Or this Guddan or that oldie. Avinash says you can’t talk about my mother like that. Ganga says I can, you can’t talk to me like this either. You have lost all the right.

You’re are dead for me and so is your family. Avinash says what has Choti done? She has nothing to do with is. Ganga says to Guddan, this all happened because of you. He brainwashed him. He couldn’t speak in front of me and now this. Ganga says everyone keeps singing Guddan’s name. Now even my husband, why don’t you all get Guddan tattoed on your heads? Saru says in heart I wish I had popcorn. Ganga says I won’t tell you Choti is. Do what you want to. Avinash is about to slap Ganga. Three men come and grasp his hands. They are wearing masks. Ganga says I am not a woman you can control.

AJ comes in and beats the thugs. They put guns on his head. Ganga says you can’t win this game. Guddan says I will do what you ask. Please I beg you to return my daughter. Guddan cries. Ganga says you were shouting now you are begging. I so want to tell you where she is but I put in so much effort. Let me have more fun. Let me tell you all a story. I got your daughter declared dead. Everyone is shocked. Ganga says but you never knew this.

That’s what the doctor said right AJ Durga? Ganga says I bribed that doctor and he declared your daughter dead. But your daughter was steadfast like you and she came back here in a tempo. So I called those fake parents and told them what to do. I gave role of villain in this story to Durga. I manipulated her into giving away your daughter. You can never find Choti. Guddan says what game, please tell me. Ganga says it’s called save the haseena. Rule no. 1 is that this game will be for 3 days and rule no. 2 only you will be in this game.

You will get your daughter as a prize if you win.. if I win your daughter’s head will be.. AJ screams how dare you. The thugs hit him. Durga says it’s all my mistake. We shouldn’t have let her in this house. Ganga says but you did the mistake Durga bahu. Durga says I am not your bahu. I am disgusted by your name. Ganga says my heroin is silent. Don’t lose senses in anger AJ. You don’t know what it can turn up for Choti.

Ganga says let me show you a trailer of not doing what I ask. She shows her Choti’s video. There are men with her and she is tied. Ganga says don’t worry. My men are there. They laugh. The men are wearing masks. They throw a ball towards Choti. AJ says stop it. Guddan says please I beg you don’t do this. Please. Guddan sobs and says I will be your servant for life. Please don’t do this. The man throws a ball towards Choti. Everyone screams. It didn’t hit her, the man laughs.

AJ and Guddan are in tears. Aj shoves the thugs. Ganga says don’t worry. He’s a little psychotic. Laxmi says she is this house’s daughter. Are you crazy? Have some mercy on that child. Durga says are you crazy?? You will pay for your sins. Ganga says then ask heroin to play the game with me. She says give me all your phones. I learned it from AJ. She asks his thug to check everyone’s pockets. Ganga says let’s go and give them time to think. Guddan is in tears.

Guddan recalls her moments with Choti. Guddan touches her cradle. Guddan recalls her naamkaran. Guddan cries and says my Choti. She kisses her toys and hand stamps. AJ comes and hugs her. Guddan sobs. Guddan says how can I live without her? Who is doing this? Where have they taken her? AJ says I will bring her back, I promise you that.

The thug says I heard you are a naughty child. Aren’t you scared of me? Choti laughs. He says aren’t you scared.
Guddan comes to the temple and says I know you are with Choti. Please protect her and take care of her. Please, I beg you. The man says I know how to create fear. If I spill this hot tea on you, you will scream and cry. Choti moves her hand and the tea spills on his own hand. Choti laughs. He fires up in the air and all the boxes fall on him. Choti laughs. Guddan says you made Choti like me. But don’t make her weak. Please don’t do this to a mother. A peacock fin falls in Guddan’s lap. Guddan smiles and says I know you will be with Choti and she will fight all the evil to be with me.

AJ comes to Ganga’s room. She says why are you in my room at this time? AJ says you know why am I here. Take all the money and property you want but give Choti back to us. Otherwise.. Laxmi says if any of us has hurt you, punish us. I beg your pardon. Please don’t make that child suffer. Durga says I won’t be able to live if something happens to that child. Saru winks and says yes leave her, please. Laxmi says I will even hold your feet. Avinash says stop Laxmi.

I should beg this pardon not you because I have somewhat a part of these sins. I am sorry Ganga. They all bow down to her except for AJ. Ganga says time changes within a blink. Ganga says but what were you saying AJ? Otherwise what? Let it be. Kneel down and beg for your daughter. It’d be so much fun. Come on. Everyone is shocked. Ganga says can’t you do this for your Choti? durga says please don’t do this. AJ recalls promising Guddan that he will bring Choti back. He is about to kneel down.

Guddan holds him and picks him up. Ganga says have you lost your mind? Let me call my Dr. Dain. Guddan says I have accpeted your challenge. I will play this game of death alone.

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