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Thursday Update On Guddan 31st August 2023


Laxmi says don’t do this. Ganga says start the game. Ganga pulls it back and it hits Ganga. Guddan says I am sorry I didn’t know you were standing here. Ganga says start hitting him. Guddan pulls it back, it hits Ganga again. Guddan says why do you do this. You know we have maintain a distance. Ganga stands behind AJ and says I am safe here.

Guddan hits Ganga again. Guddan says why are you coming in my way. Ganga says can’t you see. Guddan says you know I can’t do anything properly. Guddan let me take AJ to the room and hit him so no one else is hurt. Guddan says you come with me. I told you so many times not to get into this but you did. Aj and Guddan come to the room. Ganga says my eyes are inside the room.

Guddan says I won’t listen to you. I hit you here in this room. Guddan closes the door and hugs AJ. Guddan is in tears. Guddan says what is wrong with Ganga. She is getting crazy. I hope she doesn’t harm anyone. AJ says don’t say that. Guddan says I want my Choti back. Guddan recalls Ganga’s phone is in her room. Guddan says her phone must have some clue about Choti’s location. You go there I will do this drama here. AJ jumps from the balcony.

Ganga cleans her wounds. Laxmi says Sasu ma is so smart. Avinash says yes but Ganga is so clever. Avinash says if Ganga gets to know, she won’t leave me. Saru says they are all so scared. AJ climbs towards Ganga’s room. Ganga looks outside the window at the noise. Guddan shouts and says I will hit you. Ganga says carry no. AJ’s recording plays ahh Guddan it hurts. Guddan hits a statue.

Ganga looks inside. Guddan says you don’t care about your daughter. The recording says Guddan stop. What are you doing? Ganga says she must have been waiting for this moment. Give me once chance to hit Avinash like this as well God. AJ’s recording says I am sorry I made a mistake. AJ is looking for Ganga’s phone in her room. Ganga says why am I standing here? I should go and sit. Guddan keeps pretending that she’s hitting AJ. Guddan says I shouldn’t have married you. I wouldn’t have been suffering from all this. I am so stuck. Guddan sits down and cries. Guddan cries and says please save Choti God, I can’t tolerate this.

Choti cries. Teh kidnapper says you keep crying. You have eaten my brain. Stop it. He says you sent my brother to the hospital. You have ruined out name. He picks her and places her near the idol and hides her. A pandit ji knocks on the door. He says yes? The pandit ji says we heard a child crying here. Is there a child here? Two pandits come inside. The man says no, I am alone here. The pandits say can we sit inside? They sit inside and pray to the idol. Choti is hidden behind it. The kidnapper starts singing mantras. Pandits leaves.

Ganga says Guddan why did you stop? I will come inside if you stop hitting him. Guddan says I am continuing.
AJ looks in Ganga’s room. Durga says I hear so many noises from the room. Is Guddan really hurting AJ? Laxmi says you know. She must have something figured out. Avinash looks at someone in Ganga’s room. He says who is in Ganga’s room? Laxmi says it could be AJ. The thugs go towards Ganga’s room to check who is there. AJ tries to check for location in Ganga’s phone. The thugs come outside.

Avinash stops the thug and says where are you going? This is your boss’ and my room. I will tell Ganga you’re invading her privacy. He leaves. Avinash says I have to stop it. Guddan hits the statue. Ganga says why is AJ not moving if she’s hitting him. Let me check. Ganga comes towards the door and opens it. Ganga walks towards the room. Durga says stop. Ganga says who are you stop me? They sit in her feet. Laxmi says she meant we wanted to ask something. Durga says what? Durga says we all need this belt.

Laxmi says this is a good chance for us to fix our husbands as well. Ganga says shut up and leave me. Laxmi says please please only you can plan it for us. Ganga shoves them away. Ganga says leave my feet. They hot her feet. Durga says just one belt of us. Laxmi says only a woman can understand women. Ganga says shut up, if you say one more word I will cut that Choti and give her to dogs. They leave her. Ganga says Guddan, open the door. Guddan is worried.

AJ finds the location and says papa is coming to you my baby. Ganga counts till three. Guddan looks down from th window. She’s worried. Ganga tries to break the door but someone opens it so she falls down. Ganga looks at him. It’s AJ. Ganga giggles. Guddan had closed her eyes. Guddan looks at AJ.

Ganga says I thought you won’t hit him but a mother can hit her husband for her child. Am I right? Guddan hits AJ. Ganga says it’s okay. Would you kill him? This is enough for today. Ganga says to Avinash there are wives like her as well. I let you go so easily. Avinash says you better left me, I won’t have let you do all this I were with you. Ganga asks Laxmi to bring her breakfast. Everyone leaves. Ganga says well done Guddan. A new level is starting. It’s Janmashtami, let’s see if your motherhood wins. All the best. She leaves.

Guddan says I am so sorry. I had to do this in front of her. Guddan says I am so sorry. AJ says you and Choti are my life. Nothing is more important than you two. Guddan hugs him. AJ says I am fine. Guddan says I hope I get my Choti back. AJ says only time is coming ahead. I got her location. I know where she is. Guddan says let’s go and take her. Guddan says thank you Lord Krishna. On your birthday you’re returning our Choti to us. Guddan says thank you so much. I knew you won’t keep her away from her parents. AJ says Choti is waiting for us. Let’s go.

The thugs are eating. Choti cries. They tease her, wanna eat? Pandits come and knock at the door. They say we are here to invite you for Janmashtami’s pooja. The thugs covered Choti with a blanket. She takes it off. Pandit ji says whose child is it? The thug says it’s his child. The man says yes, I really loved my wife. We ran and got married. Then God gave her to us after 9 months. He pretends to cry and says then my wife left the world. My friend helps me since then. Pandits leave. The thug says you said it’s my child. Other says I saved both of us. They fight where is the butter we were eating? Choti picked it and is eating.

Durga says Laxmi, I am really worried if Choti will come back or not. Laxmi says I would have been worried as well if Guddan weren’t going. Don’t worry. She can do everything. She will bring Choti back. Kanha ji is with us. Ganga says take blessings from me instead. Don’t shed tears, I hate tears. Laxmi says those tears are for Choti. Ganga says be happy for your real MIL. Guddan says our Choti will come back on Lord Krishna’s birthday. We don’t need tears. Ganga says such overconfidence without listening to the next level? Guddan says my motherhood is stronger than your stupid game.

Ganga says but you can only go out if you win and then bring her out. AJ says we don’t need your permission to leave our own house. Ganga says you do. I have sealed the house in lockdown. The door is sealed. Ganga says look. She says no you have only one option. Win the game, and take your daughter as a gift.

On Janmashtami, Guddan is given the next challenge. AJ says we have to think from your mind to bring Choti back. Guddan and Durga stick a sticky note behind Ganga. Laxmi says there’s a big insect on your back. Look, please. Ganga says let me check in the camera.

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