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Zee World: Saturday Update On Guddan 26th August 2023


The baby cries. AJ and Guddan try to calm her down but they can’t. Ganga says to Durga the baby is crying for her mother. How can we take her away from her mother? You’re a mother you can understand as well. This can bite us back. Dadi says I know what’s going on in your minds. God makes relationships with heart. God has sent this baby for Guddan. She is her mother. Guddan says I know what to do. She calms the baby down. Durga says Guddan will be a real mother to her. Dadi says Guddan can do anything. Let’s go prepare for food. Ganga says what should I do now.

Guddan surrounds the baby with stuff toys. Guddan says we can entertain her. He says so your parents used to dance for you? Guddan says no. But my daughter has a hunch for talent. He says we have to do social distancing. Guddan says yeah like you didn’t pick us up. AJ and Guddan dance together. Guddan smiles. AJ comes close to kiss her. The baby falls asleep. AJ says she’s your daughter for sure.

After a six months, the baby has grown up. Guddan comes. AJ is getting ready. Guddan whistles. He says what are you doing. She says romance. AJ says I have to go. Guddan says you killed my romance. AJ says we have to go. Guddan says yeah pick baby’s stuff. She arranges everything. The entire bed is filled. AK says how can we take so many things with us? Guddan says it’s all essential. Guddan says this is her food and milk. We have to take a few little toys.

AJ says how will I carry so many things? Guddan says how did you carry me? He says we are going for a day only. Why do we need all this? Guddan says baby papa don’t care about your things. If we both go this all will go with us. AJ says I am confused if you’re the baby or your mom. AJ ties on the stuff on his clothes and puts it in his pocket. He says we are ready Guddan. Guddan hugs him and says let’s go.

Laxmi says I will massage today. Durga comes with oil as well. Laxmi says I will massage. Durga says it’s of a kid. I am an expert. I will massage the baby. Laxmi says I made this oil. I have more energy. Durga says it’s a baby you don’t need energy. Dadi says I will do it. Saru says I bought the oil so I will. Durga says no I will. AJ says I am the father, I will massage her. Dadi says I am your mother. They all fight. Guddan says how do I handle this baby? AJ says but no..

Durga says I am an expert. Guddan says what has happened to you. Who gave birth to the baby? Me. I will decide who will massage her. I have decided. Everyone tries to convince her. Guddan says stop. Guddan says maa ji will do it first. But please sanitize your hands all of you. Dadi massages the baby. Ganga says in heart this happiness is going away soon.

They all except Guddan receive a photo on their phones of AJ picking the baby from the vegetable truck. Guddan says what happened? Show me. His phone falls. AJ says it’s all cool. Guddan says are you hiding anything? Durga says it was Corona message so we all received it together. We have kids at home so we were worried. Guddan says I know you all care about the baby. Guddan says we couldn’t even do the naming of our baby. I think we can do it within our family only.

Dadi says she’s six months. Let’s do her naming and pooja tomorrow. Guddan says let me shower her. Guddan goes upstairs. AJ says who dared it? Saru says not me. Ganga is silent. AJ says I will find out who did this. Ganga says in heart this is the trailer. The real movie would be during the naming. She will be snatched off her family name before being given a name.

Guddan is with the baby. Guddan says why did you get a cake? AJ says from today, every day is Guddan care day. I know Guddan will not see anything when she has a baby now. She says doctor also asked me not to make me fat. He says this is a sugar-free cake that I made myself. No worries. Guddan says baby, papa has become wise. Guddan says let’s eat together. The baby laughs. AJ and Guddan cut the cake and make each other eat it. Guddan applies it on his cake. AJ says what did you do? Guddan says the baby asked me. She is naughty. AJ says you’re enjoying all this right? She applies it more.

Guddan takes their photo and says I will put it online for my fans. AJ says no. Stop it. People will laugh at me. Guddan uploads it and laughs. Guddan says people are writing very funny comments. You check on your phone. People are saying the baby looks like Guddan. They say AJ gets to live with two Guddans. Lucky him. AJ says give me the phone. Guddan says no. AJ says we need to prepare for the naming ceremony. Guddan says I will make the list. She leaves. AJ says in heart I have to remove the photo from her social media account. I have to find out who sent it.

Durga says to Ganga you sent those photos right? Ganga says are you crazy? Durga says because you are after Guddan. You wanted to kill her. Everyone got it except for you. Show me your phone. Durga sees her phone. She has no sim. Ganga says got it. There’s no sim in my phone. Better stay away from me.

Laxmi and Saru bring all red things. Laxmi says what is all this for? Durga says it brings blessings. Ganga says I will write her future. Guddan comes downstairs with the baby. Guddan says wow my DILs have decorated the house. Pandit ji comes. He says can we start the pooja? AJ says before starting the pooja I want to show Guddan something.

Ganga says is he going to show her the photo from tomorrow? He takes Guddan’s parents and Revati on video call. Kaushaliya says we can’t be there but we can be a part of this happy moment. AJ says now the entire family is here, we can start the pooja. They all start the pooja. AJ and Guddan do all the rituals.

A couple comes in. A woman says Guddan can’t light this candle. AJ sees the man is the driver. Guddan says why can’t I? The woman says because you are not the mother of this girl. She is my daughter. Kaushliya says what? Bhushan says what are they saying? AJ says it must be some misunderstanding. I will call you back. Ganga says I said this isn’t okay. Now see. Guddan says what did you say? The man says she’s our daughter. Guddan laughs and says you guys are so sweet. My fans are like this. She’s everyone’s daughter. My fans are Lord Krishna’s blessings. My fans love her like my family. See maa ji. They are here to give love. The man says we will give her blessings but as her parents. Guddan says you can be a part of the pooja.

We are naming her today. We won’t let you leave without dinner. Everyone is shocked. Guddan says why are you all in a shock? Let’s start the pooja. The woman says you’re a celebrity and AJ has all the money but that doesn’t mean we will sell our daughter. Guddan says what are you saying? She says we aren’t here to fight. I beg you please return my daughter. You can’t take her away from us, we waited for years. Guddan says what are you saying? I won’t tolerate this drama. Get out of here. The man says she’s right. Guddan says AJ please call police. They are saying weird things about my daughter. AJ says please calm down. He asks them to wait outside. Guddan says I shouldn’t have uploaded the photo. I will delete it. Crazy people.

AJ talks to them. He says what proof do you have that she’s your daughter? The man says how will we prove it? AJ says do you have birth certificate? The man says here are her documents. It has my name. AJ says then why did you leave that girl here? The woman says we are poor. We were scared that she will have rich parents and a good life with you. The man says but staying away from her for a few days made us feel that she is our real asset. We can’t fight with you. We are big. I can only beg you for my daughter. The woman says no one can love her like us. The man says we are here with hope.

The man says here’s her birth certificate. It has my name as a father. AJ says why did you leave her then? The woman says because we are poor. The man says please help us. AJ says you will get the baby but you have to pass a DNA test. After that, you will get the baby. I can’t snatch someone’s child. Guddan says what did they even mean? How can they take my child? Why are you all upset? They’re frauds. AJ will handle them. Let’s start the pooja and let’s think of a name.

AJ comes and says the world’s best name. Guddan says why are they all upset? AJ says relax everyone. They are frauds. Guddan says did you call the police? AJ says didn’t need to. They left. AJ says I have thought of a special name. Guddan says I am her mother, I will decide the name. AJ recalls what the woman said. Guddan says what are you thinking? We are mummy papa now. Let’s start the pooja.

The pooja starts. Guddan says she’s my daughter. I want her name to be interesting. She’s my daughter. I think humans should always be positive. I want her to think the same. So let’s start from today. Our baby will choose her own name. AJ says how? Guddan says we will write names on a paper and she will pick one. Also, no one will name her from XYZ so her roll number in the class isn’t last. She laughs. Pandit ji says wow interesting. Guddan says write the names, everyone. Guddan says to AJ, why are you lost? Write the name I decided. AJ says no, I will write whatever I like. Guddan says she will select mine anyway.

Ganga says in the heart it’s useless. She will be nameless anyway. Guddan says my doll I will never leave you alone. That’s my promise. You just have to select my chit. Dadi places hers in the pot. AJs says let me talk to her as well. Guddan says she will select my chit only. AJ says in heart and says when I look at you, I feel like this is exactly what my daughter would look like. I want you to be happy, wherever you live. They all place names in the chit. Ganga whispers to the baby, you will be going out of this house anyway. The baby holds her braid. Ganga says to leave it. Everyone laughs. Guddan says leave it doll.

Ganga falls back and gets an electric shock. She falls down. AJ shuts the switch. Guddan says I am sorry. Let me call a doctor. Avinash says it’s okay she’s fine. I will take care of her. Guddan says my naughty doll, why do you annoy Ganga chachi so much? Durga says we will call her choti Guddan all the time anyway. She looks exactly like you. Avinash and Guddan go to the room. The baby picks a chit. Pandit ji says the baby chose her name, Guddan. Everyone is shocked.

Guddan says what? How is that possible? We will both have the same names? AJ says yes both are Guddan to me. Guddan says but how will we know who is calling who? AJ says she chose her name and it’s final. Guddan says but.. Who wrote it? Everyone says we all. Guddan says you all planned this. AJ says she is officially choti Guddan now. AJ says I will always protect you my Choti Guddan.

AJ is upset in the room. He recalls what that couple said. Durga says AJ you didn’t sleep? AJ says I was waiting for a call. Why are you up? Durga says I know you well. I know you’re upset about the baby. AJ says I don’t know what to do. I feel helpless. The couple says Choti Guddan is their daughter and my heart says she’s our daughter.

Durga says her love is blurring the facts for us. We can’t snatch someone’s daughter. Those aren’t our morals. AJ says maybe she isn’t their daughter? Durga says what if she is? We can’t regret this later. Guddan will be shattered if more time passes. More time will increase her love for her. You named her Guddan so she can be lively like Guddan. Trust your decision and let her go.

Police comes and hits fake policeman. They says who sent you here? Tell me the name. Avinash leaves. Ganga says he left me alone here? The man says his name was.. Avinash turns off the light and says I have to save Ganga. AJ goes to check, but the man has run. Everyone looks for him. Inspector hits the vegetable seller. He says tell me who called fake police. His wife says Guddan is heroin. She must have called them from her actors clan. Guddan says I called the real police here.

I deliverd Choti Guddan in this house. AJ recalls the doctor said the baby is still born. Guddan says if Choti Guddan is your baby then I am Queen of England. Inspector says this case is getting complicated. Do you have any documents AJ and Guddan to prove if this is your daughter? Guddan says a mother doesn’t need a stamp to prove her child is hers. I know when she’s sad and happy. The woman says so my motherhood is not real for you? Guddan says okay let’s get DNA test done. AJ says in heart if DNA test is done, Guddan will know the truth. Ganga says oh no. Inspector calls and arranges DNA team at their house for tomorrow.

Next day the team comes to Guddan’s place and says we will take the samples today and will all know the truth. They take baby’s sample. Guddan says AJ why are you stressed out? We will kick them out. AJ says in heart, my heart says Choti Guddan is our baby but we know the truth. Ganga asks the woman to move. She moves and the doctor’s kit falls. Ganga says let me help. I will handle it. She replaces the samples. The hair falls from her hands. Ganga says it fell from my hands. Guddan says it’s okay I can give more hair. Guddan says doctor please take it again. Inspector says results will be with us in 24 hours. You will all be informed.

AJ says God, you sent Choti Guddan to our lives. Then why are you doing this? Why do I feel like she’s our daughter. Durga says there’s a difference between feeling and reality. We all know the truth. We have to return her. AJ says my heart doesn’t accept that. Durga says we all know that DNA will show the reality. AJ says God, please don’t take Choti Guddan from us. She is our life now.

Guddan is worried. So she is eating. Guddan says your mama eats a lot in stress. Why are people like that? You will never be away from mama. But I am strong. My baby will be stronger than me. AJ says their bond is more proof than anything. Guddan says I will be back in a bit. Guddan leaves a banana peel there. Ganga comes towards Choti Guddan, she steps on the peel and slips. Choti Guddan laughs. Masala falls on Ganga. Ganga says I won’t leave you today. Guddan comes and says what happened. Ganga says I slipped and it all fell on me. Choti laughs. Ganga says I havent’ given up.

Ganga cleans her face. She says how does she fight with me. She’s just a baby. This Choti Guddan is four steps ahead of her mom. Avinash says how did this happen. Clean it please. It will go in your eyes. She says it already is. He says let me clean. She says no, Choti Guddan will suffer. I will clean it from her clothes. Ganga comes to Choti Guddan’s room and says your time to suffer. She cleans her face from her towel and says Guddan will burn your face now. Guddan looks for the towel. She comes in the room. Ganga hides behind the curtain. Guddan picks the towel. It’s on the floor. Guddan says I will have to wash it. Ganga goes after her and says my fate isn’t working.

Ganga looks at the stroller and says I will kick you out of this house. She kicks the baby. The stroller falls from the stairs. Everyone is scared. AJ runs Guddan.. Guddan comes there. AJ sits down. Guddan comes there as well. She is in shock. Laxmi and Durga are in tears. Ganga says how did I do this. She sneaks out. AJ picks the tower. Ganga locks herself in the room and sees the baby laughing on the bed. Ganga is shocked. Guddan comes and says what are you thinking?

Guddan keeps an eye on Ganga and taunts her. Ganga takes disguise of a doctor. Akshat asks Guddan to know if Ganga is at home. Guddan goes to check.

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