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Star Life: Monday Update On Lost In Love 28th August 2023


Virat tells Sai that there is one more problem in Vinu’s room. Sai asks what is that now. Virat says there is a mosquito menace at Vinu’s room, so she needs to keep the windows closed. She asks anything else. He says he will bring and fix a mosquito mat. Savi says she loves mosquito mats as it feels like sleeping under a mini room. Virat brings mosquito mat and fixes it on bed with Sai’s help.

Sai slips on him. Tu Mera Koi Na Hoke Bhi Kuch Laage.. song. They both get lost into each other’s eyes. Pakhi walks in and gets jealous seeing that. She says she is waiting for Virat and Vinu since long and they are sitting here instead, do they want to attend school and office or not. Vinu says they got busy in fixing a mosquito net and leaves greeting goodnight to Savi and Sai.

Pakhi asks Virat if she should tell him in a different language. Virat says she doesn’t need to explain him in any other language, he knows what to do. He says he knows he did injustice to her in an intoxicated state and will be careful to her. Pakhi asks if he realized it now. Virat says she is his wife and shouldn’t try to become his mother. He asks Savi to call him if anything is needed and leaves. Pakhi angrily stares at Sai and leaves. Next morning.

Sai goes to kitchen to prepare tea for herself and recalls the moments spent in kitchen with Virat. She thinks she shouldn’t get carried away in emotions and is here just for her son. Bhavani passes by and asks if she is preparing tea, she should prepare some for her also. Sonali walks in next and requests her to prepare tea and kanda poha for her as it has been years since she tasted her prepared kanda poha. Karishma walks in next and requests her to prepare coffee and kanda poha for Mohit.

At breakfast table, Mohit feels happy seeing kanda poha and says it smeels good. Sonali says he knows this smell, Sai prepared breakfast today. Omkar praises Sai and says it has been years since he had her prepared poha, he will enjoy it today. Whole family praises Sai’s cooking skills. Sai says she wants to make an announcement. Pakhi beats a thali loudly. Family asks what is she doing. Pakhi says she wants to make an announcement and says she is DIL of this house and they should ask her to prepare whatever they want to and not outsiders. She tells Sai that she is a guest and should behave like one and not try to take her place in this house. Sai ays she already told her that she is here for her son and prepared breakfast on family’s request, she is not interested in taking over Pakhi’s place.

After some time, Sai leaves for work in an auto. Auto stops after some distance due to traffic jam and when she questions someone, she learns that a lady has collapsed in her car. She rushes out and checks lady and finds an empty insulin syringe. She says the lady is commissioner’s wife and is a diabetic, she must have turned hypoglycemic and collapsed after getting an insulin shot.

A man from behind says its a heart attack. Sai asks how can he be so sure. Man says seeing woman’s face turning blue. Sai says people google and act experts. She asks someone to call an ambulance. Man says he already called an ambulance and its on the way. Ambulance arrives. Sai gets lady into ambulance. Man tries to get in. Sai scolds him and doesn’t let him in.

Pakhi writes guest room on Sai’s room door and tells family nobody should be confused now. Bhavani says it won’t change the destiny, it’s written in Sai’s horoscope today that she will have a new start in life. A man whom Sai met on road walks in. Senior doctor tells Sai that he is the one he was talking about. Man says she can google his name and check his qualification and skills.

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