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Zee World: Wednesday Update On Guddan 23rd August 2023


Guddan introduces Ganga and Avinash to the media. Saru says I will plan something big. AJ brings Guddan to the room. Guddan says what happened? She says party is going on outside. AJ says yes that’s why I brought you here. Guddan says why do you want romance on all the wrong times? He says I brought you here for thanks. Not romance.

Thank you for being so nice to Avinash and Ganga. You wanted to hear anything else? Guddan says I was looking so good you could praise me. We girls are like.. AJ pulls her close and says I am not done yet. He comes close to kiss her. Kishor and Vardan are walking outside. AJ pulls Guddan to a side.

AJ says your lips can’t be described in words. You beauty is unmatched. Guddan says we have to go. Someone knocks. AJ says I have a way. He takes Guddan inside the closet and says you’re my heroine. He comes close to kiss her. Dadi comes to the room and says where did I keep my purse? Guddan giggles. Dadi says it’s in the closet. Dadi tries to open. AJ holds the door from the inside. Dadi says Kishor Vardan tries to open the door. Durga says all guests are downstairs.

Guddan says they will open it. Vardan tries to open the door. They all try together. Guddan says they will open it. Kishor says let me try. He pulls the door. Guddan and AJ fall outside. Everyone is shocked. Guddan is embarrassed. Guddan says I was taking my clothes AJ says and it locked. Everyone laughs. Ganga says where is everyone? They all go downstairs. AJ says sorry. Guddan runs downstairs.

Ganga says hello heroin. Let me sing a little for my heroin. Nothing made me happier when I found out my heroin is my sister in law. I am so lucky. I have so much love for her. I take her name when I wake up. She stood up for us. So in her respect, I have organized a competition, the biggest fan. I am that fan but I want to give everyone that chance. There’s no limit of my love for her. You all have to act like her. And the one who does it best would win the biggest fan award. Saru hits nails on a plank in the store. She says now this will fall on you Guddan. A nail injures her finger. It bleeds. Saru says you will suffer Guddan.

Laxmi says I became her fan before she was heroin. So I will play her real life. AJ and her relation. Vardan says in AJ’s voice, Guddan you changed my files? Laxmi says in Guddan’s voice, yes I did my maths on it. Vardan says it is restaurant accounts. Laxmi says you think I am weak with maths? Vardan says this isn’t second class’ maths. Guddan says I can sing 7’s table in reverse. Vardan says you can’t do it. Laxmi says Guddan can do anything. She sings the table and says never say three things. First, Guddan can’t do this. Second, Guddan can’t do this. Vardan says third? Laxmi says you got it.

Ganga says very well done. This was fun. Now next turn is of the most special person in this house. Our MIL. Dadi. Saru says you shouldn’t have insulted me Guddan. Now you see how you suffer. Dadi says I want to say a few things for Guddan. Guddan seat comes. Ganga says sit. Guddan says after dadi is done. Dadi says I was always worried about my AJ’s loneliness. I wanted to find him a life partner and then God heard me and sent me Guddan. I am her first fan in the world. The first time I saw her I knew she was special. She brightened up our lives. She stood up for us. She loves us the most. I can’t be grateful enough. She isn’t my DIL, she is my daughter and my pride.

Guddan gives a flashback. Guddan comes home. Everyone welcomes each other. Durga cleans dadi’s hand with sanitizer. Dadi says I am glad you came. I was so upset without you. Guddan says it was the government’s order. AJ says she has come with good news. Durga says congratulations. Dadi says we have planned a surprise for you. Guddan says give me fast. I love surprises. AJ says you have to stop being a child. You will be having a child. Guddan looks at Ganga and recalls she said she will take revenge for the slap. Ganga says in heart she can’t do anything.

Dadi does the arti with everyone. Dadi asks AJ to hold Guddan’s hand and comes inside. Durga says we won’t let you come in easily. Saru says what? Dadi did arti. Durga says this sanitizer thaal. Everyone has to be careful. AJ says especially you Guddan. Guddan says I will follow all the rules. AJ says maa you have to be careful as well. Dadi says I have been home for three months. Now use sanitizer and come inside.

AJ and Guddan hold hands and walk-in. The entire hall is decorated with AJ and Guddan’s pictures cut out as babies. AJ says they are so cute. Guddan says but the girl is cute. The guy’s one is so boring. Laxmi says we missed you so much. Guddan says I was upset all the time.

I thought the lockdown is for 21 days only. Durga says who did you miss the most? Guddan says your MIL’s MIL’s youngest DIL’s husband. Everyone laughs. Guddan says what did you all do? Ganga says I have the biggest surprise. I did so much in the lockdown. I learned if I can give such shocks in lockdown, what can I do when everything is open now.

Ganga comes to her room dancing. Guddan comes after her. Ganga says I missed you a lot. You took care of yourself. Guddan says we have when we have enemies at home. Guddan says after a very long time we are together and happy. We are trying to be safe. Don’t start any drama now. Ganga says I didn’t. Guddan says even if you do, you know I can protect my family. Don’t even try to harm anyone and waste your time in planning against this family. Guddan goes to her room.

Guddan says I made so much food in the lockdown. I cooked. Let me make something. She sees all things ready. Guddan says who prepared all this? AJ says let me cook. Give me the lighter. Guddan says I learned to make maal poora. AJ says give me the lighter. You won’t cook. He runs after her to take the lighter. AJ holds her. Dadi coughs and says what is happening in the kitchen? We have a chef in this house. Would we get something to eat? Guddan says I can cook as well.

AJ says but I am the chef. Guddan says it sounds like a challenge. AJ says you can’t make it better than me. You can’t even make it without me. Guddan says I am talented. I learned to make maal poora. Guddan says you’re stuck in the challenge. AJ says maa you talk to her. Dadi says you said Guddan you can’t. No one can stop her now. Guddan says now see how this lioness will win. Ganga looks at them and says I am the real lioness. I won’t forgive you for the slap. I will take my revenge.

Guddan starts cooking. AJ says be careful, please. Guddan says my baby is also excited about this competition. AJ says all the best. I will see how you defeat me. Ganga says a lot of things happen for the first time in life. Ganga says I am with Guddan though. Ganga says in heart, you will know what I am when you drink this poisonous lassi. She says i thought everyone should have this lassi before starting the competition. Ganga makes Guddan drink the lassi. Ganga says in heart you and your child both won’t be able to survive this lassi. Guddan faints. AJ and everyone screams and run towards her.

Guddan faints. Ganga was dreaming it. Ganga says in heart I will make it a reality. She says everyone, we will let’s have lassi. She gives it to everyone. Guddan says stop. Guddan takes the glass and says your timings are perfect. I can show I can make maal poora. Let me prove it from the glasses. She says imagine these are the ingredients. Ganga is worried that Guddan mixed the glasses. AJ says is this how you will make maal poora? Avinash comes and says Ganga you made Lassi.

Give it to me as well. Guddan gives him a glass. Ganga says no stop. He drinks a glass. He says wow Ganga this is amazing. Ganga heaves a sigh of relief. AJ says let me try as well. AJ drinks a glass as well. He coughs. Everyone is worried. AJ I am fine. Laxmi drinks a glass too. Durga drinks as well. Everyone appreciates Ganga. Guddan says I must try as well. Only two glasses are left. You drink first. Ganga says no how can I drink before you? She makes Guddan drink. Guddan is fine. She asks Ganga to drink. Guddan says it is a little too sweet. Everyone asks Guddan to drink. Ganga drinks it. She says in heart oh God, I hope I don’t die. Ganga faints. Everyone is shocked.

A doctor is called. He checks Ganga. Doctor says there was poison in the lassi. Where did it come from? Dadi says how? Guddan says yes there was poison. Guddan says yes there was poison. Durga says she tried to kill you? AJ says she can’t do that. Dadi says it’s pretty clear. Dadi says to Ganga get up, I want to talk to you. How dare you? The nurse says she has lost her child. She can’t talk to anyone. Everyone is shocked. The doctor says she lost her child to bleeding due to poison. Ganga says my child? Durga says you killed your child because you planned to kill Guddan. You paid for your sin.

Ganga cries and says I lost my child. Dadi says you killed Avinash’s child with your own hands. There’s not forgiveness to this sin. Leave this house right now. It was my mistake that I let you in my house. Get out of here. Ganga says don’t give him the punishment of my sin. Durga says leave right now. Laxmi says you thought we would keep you here? Get out right now. Guddan says it’s okay. Ganga made a mistake. Guddan faints. AJ runs to her. AJ calls the doctor.

Guddan gets conscious. AJ says to Avinash we gave you so much love and respect why did you do this? If anything happens to Guddan, I will forget that you’re my brother and she is your wife. Doctor says Guddan is fine. Durga says but she fainted. The doctor says she fell weak. She shouldn’t work.

AJ comes to Guddan. AJ says I asked you to rest. Guddan says I am fine. Don’t be scared. I hope my child isn’t scared like you. Guddan says I am fine. AJ says okay stop. Take rest. Dadi says I won’t change my decision. Guddan is pregnant. I don’t want dangerous people around her. Avinash says I will die ma don’t do this.

Dadi says we gave you so many chances. Your wife will kill Guddan. Keep away from my family. Durga kick them out. Durga drags them out. Guddan says stop. Leave them please. They will live in this house. AJ says but.. Guddan says please. Laxmi says she should be punished. Guddan says she lost her child I can feel this pain. Dadi says I can’t take this risk.

Guddan says she got her punishment. Please don’t keep them away from their family. Her pain is bigger than mine. I can understand her. Ganga says in heart now you see what I will do. I will take revenge of my child. It all happened because of you.

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