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Zee World: Monday Update On Guddan 21st August 2023


Ganga places Guddan’s photos all over the room. Saru says I met you and I felt like a family. I never got the MIL feeling from Guddan. Ganga says I am your MIL. I got you a gift as well. Let me show you. She shows her the balloon Saru used. Saru is shocked. Ganga says you wanted to injured Guddan right? You tried to harm my superstar. She pulls her hair and says you tried to harm my heroin. I will only be your enemy. She applies black color on Sary’s face and says Guddan is my world. I am her biggest fan. Don’t ever try to harm her. Get out now. Saru runs out.

Guddan is stressed. She says I can’t see everyone upset like this. Ganga comes in and says this is the room of my superstar. She touches the floor and rings a bell. Ganga says when you want something the entire universe helps you get it. I have always wanted you in my life. Guddan is shocked. Ganga is crying. Guddan says don’t cry.

Ganga makes a video. She says hello friends look at my Guddan superstar’s room. It’s a temple for me. She sits here and sleeps here. And here is my star Guddan. Look at all these cosmetics. She dresses up here. Look at how good her perfumes smell. I want to drown in this perfume. Guddan says you can keep it. Ganga says okay I will go. AJ comes. Ganga says come this is our room. She says you are lucky to have my heroin. Why do you look sad? Why don’t you smile? You have the superstar as your wife. She leaves.

Guddan says she said you should smile and show love. He says you think I don’t show love? Guddan say a little weak. AJ pulls her close and says you think I can’t show my love? She says what is going on in your heart? He says just you. Guddan says you’re also thinking about Avinash. We have to move on in life. Let’s surrender in front of the family. You’re the head of family here. AJ says it’s easier said than done. I am trying. Guddan says I will unite you two.

Saru washes her face in anger. She says I will teach this Ganga a lesson. She is the real MIL of this house not a fan only. I will use her to show Guddan and AJ his real worth. I will start a battle between them.

Ganga says to Avinash come to the hall. He says my family won’t ever forgive me. Ganga says they have started liking me. Guddan has called me in the pooja. Guddan says come. They come to the pooja. Dadi and AJ are angry. Durga says dadi please start the arti. Dadi does arti. Guddan sings om jay jagdesh with her. Dadi says Jai ho.. Ganga says Jayy ho Guddan ji ki. Guddan says what is this? She does Guddan’s arti. Ganga says you’re my goddess.

Guddan says what are you doing? Dadi says stop this drama. Guddan says I told. Dadi says to Avinash why are you back in this house? We do arti once in this house and your joker wife did all this? There’s no pardon for you in this house. We don’t plan on forgiving you. Guddan says dadi please listen. DAdi says no Guddan. This relationship can’t be fixed. Guddan says we can try once right? Dadi says I will add the dahi balay you made last night without salt. Now I added salt make me eat. Guddan says but it was out all night. It’s sour and not edible now. Dadi says same is our relation with him.

Guddan says I will fix this relationship at all costs. Dadi says this sourness won’t ever go away. Guddan says it won’t go away but it will turn into sweets. Dadi says it’s impossible. Guddan says you taught me I can do the impossible. I won’t let this family be shattered. Ganga says everyone grumpy MIL should have a smart DIL like you. AJ says you can’t talk like that about my mom. She says I am sorry. I meant my heroin can do anything. Dadi says I will never forgive Avinash. Kishor says relationships are made from heart. Let’s go Durga. He leaves. So does Virdan.

Ganga tries to stand on the balcony railing. Everyone is scared. Durga says Ganga come down. Guddan says please come down. Ganga says this is a scene from your movie. I am adapting that in real life. Guddan says please down come we will all talk to you. Avinash says please. Ganga says you said you haev to live in the sky. I will stand here until I make my point clear. I can do that. There’s glass on the floor. Laxmi says what is she doing. Dadi says what drama is this? You can’t blackmail us into loving you.

Ganga says but you can forgive us. Dadi says I will never forgive him. Ganga says my heroin said she can get forgiveness like that. Guddan says that was in a movie. It doesn’t happen in real life. AJ says ask her to come down Guddan. Avinash says Ganga please come. Ganga says I can fall on this glass. Dadi says do whatever you want. I won’t forgive Avinash. Ganga says Guddan ji smile like me. I won’t come down.

Guddan sits upset in her room. AJ says what’s the point of being upset now? I know you’re upset but you brought this upon you. You always make everything a challenge and you have to use your three things dialogue. Guddan says it has made me famous. I was trying be a good DIL. Which family comes in installments like this? Why don’t you all come together? First Antra, then this Ganga. She sticks to me. Who will take responsibility if something happens to her? My superstar is dying.

I can do anything so I will. I will fix it. What’s the problem? But you don’t want anything normal. AJ gives her water. Guddan says thank you. AJ says calm down. You created this mess but you will fix it. I know you know how to fix things. I wish you all the best. Guddan says sorry. AJ says asking for help? Guddan says yes. He says go and bring Ganga down. Then I will think about it. I can’t forgive him. He leaves.

Ganga says Guddan ji can do this. Saru comes and says she will ruin your life. I got you juice. That Guddan is useless. She doesn’t do anything. You’re here in this condition while she rests in her room. Don’t rely on her. Ganga throws it away and says don’t do this drama in front of me. She throttles Saru and says don’t dare to speak against my heroin. You can never know what her place is in my life. Get out now.

Guddan gives Laxmi and Durga ice cream. She says I didn’t make. Durga says Ganga ji is outside standing like that and you’re giving us ice cream? Guddan says I.. Durga says you want our help to make Avi and Ganga part of this family. Durga says we can’t go against our husbands. Laxmi says yes. I wish everyone melted like this ice cream. Guddan says how will I unite them. Please help me Lord Krishna.

Saru says this Ganga came here from her mountains and pulled my ear. Guddan comes there and says what happened? Saru says you here? Guddan says I felt like I should see you. Saru says I wasn’t missing you. Guddan says I am a guest in your room. I came to your room to ask for anything. Saru says what? Guddan says you don’t have an option. saru says I can’t help you. Guddan says if you don’t help me I will tell everyone about the balloon you wanted to smash on my face. Saru says what proof do you have? Guddan says you know who would the family trust. So I don’t need proof. She says should I call maa ji? saru says no I will do what gyou ask.

Everyone comes to the temple. Dadi says why did Guddan call us here? Virdan says she called us here but where is she? AJ says she must have planned something. Saru and Guddan are in a black dress there. SAru says please they will kill us. Guddan says don’t worry. Guddan says nothing would happen. Saru and Guddan come there as robbers. AJ says step back. Guddan says we have a dagger. What do you want? AJ asks everyone to step back. Guddan takes Aarav. AJ says leave the kid.

Durga screams please leave my kid. Kishor says leave Aarv. AJ says we will do what you ask. Saru says don’t come forward. AJ says to leave the kid. AJ and Avinash come forward together and say leave the kid. Guddan says finally they took the first step for family together. Aarv bites guddan’s hand and runs. Guddan’s mask falls off.

Everyone is shocked. AJ says you? Saru takes off her mask as well. Aarv runs and falls in a manhole. Aarav screams please save me. Everyone runs there. There’s a snake inside. Aarv is crying. Druga says I shouldn’t have been part of this drama. Kishor says what? Are you crazy? How could you take a risk? Guddan says we are sorry.

Kishor says you did it. AJ says we have to save aarav before all this. Guddan says I have a rope. AJ ties it to a tree. Aarv screams. Durga says we are coming. AJ jumps inside and picks Aarv. Aarv gets on AJ’s shoulder. They start climbing up. The rope loosens. It opens. Everyone screams. AJ is falling down. Avinash holds it. Guddan says Avinash bhaiya. He pulls the rope upwards.

Avinash says I won’t let anything happen to them. Guddan says AJ please come up. Avinash is holding the rope. They all pull it. AJ and Aarv come out. Durga hugs Aarv crying. AJ says I am fine.

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