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Star Life: Sunday Update On Lost In Love 20th August 2023


Karishma tells Ashwini that her words are proved wrong now as even Sai is looking very beautiful. Bhavani says only Sai is looking beautiful. Vinayak says only her aayi is looking beautiful as he gifted her this sari. Savi says even she gifted a sari to her aayi which baba gave her. Pakhi feels disheartened hearing that and looks at Virat. Ninad tells Virat they should start holika dahan now. Virat performs holika dahan and starts pradakshana holding Vinu and Savi’s hands.

Sai holds Savi’s hand. Whole family follows behind. A guest discusses that she is for the first time seeing current and ex-wife performing holika dahan together, Chavan fmaily’s celebration can’t end without a drama, even this time there will be a drama for sure. Vinu seeing Sai frees his hand and runs to Pakhi.

After parikrama, Sai stands praying holi fire with closed eyes. A spark falls on her sari pallu and it catches fire. Vinu notices that, runs calling doctor aunty, pours water on pallu setting off fire, and then returns back to Pakhi. Sai feels happy seeing that. Sonali praises Vinu for saving his baba’s gifted sari.

Bhavani prays god that as she wished, Virat’s attention towards his real family is growing more and hopes Vinu also pays attention to Sai. Next morning, Virat plays djembe and gathers family. He says he wants to celebrate holi in a special way as he is very happy today; he has made all the arrangements, so they all should get ready in 30 minutes and come out to the lawn. Mohit says he will go and check music system first. Sonali says she has hired DJ Kolte for the party. Ajay Kamble gets ready as DJ Kolte and asks how he looks.

Bhavani and Ashwini prepare gujia in kitchen. Sonali tells them that Virat used to avoid holi since a few years, today he is very excited to celebrate holi. Bhavani says there is a reason for excitement. Ashwini says she is talking about Savi. Bhavani says yes. Ashwini says she should realize the fact that Virat is Pakhi’s husband. Bhavani says they both know that though Virat is married to Pakhi, his heart is with Sai. Ashwini stands frowning.

Pakhi prepares Vinu with facemask for holi. Vinu asks if she is doing this to protect him from holi, he will apply color to baba. Pakhi says he will see many more colors of his baba today. Vinu says baba would be more colorful today. Virat braids Savi’s hair and gets her ready for party. Savi asks if he ever played holi with aayi. Virat recalls Sai coloring his cheeks and saying this holi will bring many colors in their relationship. Sai says colorless relationships can be colored, but not lifeless relationships. Savi goes to bring her pichkari/water gun.

Virat asks Sai if she will not attend party. Sai says no, she attended holika dahan yesterday as she attends it everywhere, but she is not interested in playing holi and anyways its his family holi. Virat says just like its his first holi with Savi, its Sai’s first holi with Vinu; she told he didn’t do anything to remove toxicity towards her from Vinu’s mind, she should attend holi and see if Vinu’s behavior towards her chances. Savi returns and says let us go now. Savi agrees.

Chavans entger holi venue. Balam pichkari.. song.. plays in the background. Vinu and Savi apply color to Bappa. Sai applies color to Savi and wishes her happy holi. Savi complains Virat. Virt says they will take colorful revenge with color. Ashwini stops him and says a husband applies holi to his wife first and Pakhi is his wife first. She calls Pakhi. Virat extends his hand towards Pakhi.

Savi stops him and says he should apply color to her first. He agrees. She runs and stands on a chair in front of Sai and tricks Virat to apply holi to Sai first. Bhavani and others smile while Pakhi’s spportes frown. Sai scolds Savi. Savi says she had tricked and applied color to baba first, now baba applied color to her first, she should apply color to baba now and reconcile with him. Sai extends hand towards Virat. Virat happily closes his eyes. Sai colors Savi and says shew will color her Savi first. Savi asks her to color baba now. Sai walks away. Savi says aayi didn’t color baba.

Virat says she will for sure. Ninad wishes everyone happy holi and starts party. Vinu applies color to Pakh. Pakhi says whether there is anyone in the world for her or not, he is there for her and that is enough for her. Sai watches them from a distance. Bhavani asks Sonali when will her DJ come. Kamble enters with his ade. Constables stop him. Kable says he is DJ Kolte. Sonali lets him in. Kamble thinks Sai slapped him in front of his house, now he will attack her where it would hurt her most.

Virat hand cuffs Sai and says she is under arrest for not applying holi to her husband. Sai asks if he has gone mad, what does he mean by husband.

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